Coming up on this episode of Designed to
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I’m going to be doing it for a tiny fraction of the cost if that sounds good
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several collaborations I am participating in today’s episode is a
part of DIY mommy’s a fall DIY and decor challenge and I love her channel so
after you’re done watching this episode if you haven’t already pop on over to
her channel check it out in this episode I’m going to be showing you how I
knocked off the Pottery Barn pumpkin patch sign that was featured in my fall
front porch video if you haven’t seen that episode I’m going to put a link
below as well as up above and definitely check that out
I believe that I can do this for under $3 under $3 $3 a three dollar price tag
is a huge improvement and I’m going to show you how you can do it as well and
on top of that I’m going to be doing it two different ways one way that I think
is going to be more authentic and a closer match to the original and then
the other way I believe will be a little bit more user friendly aka a little bit
easier to do the first thing I needed to do was figure out how to do this pumpkin
patch design because it was pretty intricate lots of different methods that
I went through what I did is I actually designed a printable I think this
printable is an extremely close match to the Pottery Barn version … stick with
me to the very end because I’m going to tell you where you can get this
printable for free … yes I’m going to give it away to you for
free I’ve got you covered so that will be a little perk that you can get and
they’ll tell you how to get it at the end of the episode so I’ll be using this
for option two which I’ll explain a little bit later but I think the way
that we’re going to get the most authentic looking result is doing an
image transfer I could be wrong it might not work out but if all goes according
to plan I really believe this will be the more authentic look so what I had to
do for that is actually do a reverse image of the original printable I will
give you access to both versions and tell you how to do this as we go along
so stick with me hang on and I will explain how to do everything I am
starting out with some free scrap wood that I had leftover from my outdoor
bench that I built so this is free to me it is totally possible to get free
plywood if you don’t know someone who has a pile of scrap wood you could hit
up a construction site and pick through their dumpster
you could dumpster dive but I’m not going to tell you whether to do that or
do that that’ll be up to you but if that makes you a little uncomfortable you can
definitely pop on to Facebook marketplace a lot of free scrap wood
that people are willing to just give away for free and you could take a
couple of pieces and save them for future projects that we may be doing or
that you might have that you want to do worst case scenario you do have to buy a
small piece of plywood which shouldn’t cost you very much if you’re buying it
in a small quantity the original dimensions of the Pottery Barn version
were 13 inches by 17 inches mine’s going to be 14 by 18 my plywood it was already
14 inches wide so I just decided to make it an inch wider in both directions just
for ease the first thing that I’m going to do is paint my wood it’s just to
create a nice base for this to go onto so I’m just using some chalk paint
because I kind of want it to have a flat matte finish to speed up the painting
process I just go ahead and dump the chalk paint right on the board and
spread it out with my brush some is that our white chalk paint is dried
and now we are ready to proceed with the next step so I have this liquitex
product it’s a gel medium in matte and this is leftover from my monogrammed
lazy susan tutorial if you haven’t seen that one I will put it up above as well
as below this is a gel medium that helps you transfer images there are some other
image transferring mediums out there I prefer this liquitex product I’ve tried
some of the other ones this one seems to get the best result so what we’re going
to do is very carefully just brush it on somewhat generously onto this wood and
then we are going to take our image and now lay it flat down and rub it onto the
gel medium and then we are going to let it sit for at least two hours for the
image to really transfer well and fully dry now it’s time to remove the image
transfer I am expecting this part to be pretty tedious I’m going to start up top
and we’re gonna wet the paper and then I also have a bowl of water in case we
need it I’ve got a rag and we are gently going to start rubbing away the paper
and hopefully it will reveal our image you want to make sure you rub a hard
enough that the paper comes off but not so hard that the image also comes off so
we just got to apply the right pressure we are done with the image transfer
portion of the project and I’m really happy with how it turned out you will
see some like scratching from when we removed the paper but that’s actually
perfect because there was also those streaks in the original one so my
pumpkin ends up being a little bit oranger than the original I over
saturated the image on purpose because I believed that it would lighten up a
little bit more than it did in the transfer process but that’s okay because
I’m really happy with this color I actually like it a little bit better
than the original which was a little bit more
or yellowy and this one’s a little bit more Orange-y which will fit in my
decor even better and then I went ahead and took some matte Mod Podge because
this is going to be outside and I did a coat of that over the top of it just as
an added protection if you stick with me till the very end I’m going to tell you
how one of you can get this sign for free so stay tuned for that okay so now
it’s time to do option two honestly this is going to be super easy all we’re
gonna do is take a matte Mod Podge and put some matte Mod Podge on the back
stick it to our piece of wood and then do a protective layer of matte Mod Podge
over the top and let that dry the Mod Podge on our option two has dried it
looks great it actually settled way down a lot of that puckering and bubbling it
flattened out as it dried there’s a little bit towards the edges in the
bottom but actually that’s going to be covered up by our frame which we are
gonna do right now so how we’re gonna go about doing this is we are going to
first get it out of the package… should’ve done that before
okay so we’re gonna take our paint sticks we’re gonna line it up with the
edges and we’re going to start with the top and bottom piece first again we’re
not mitering these ones because the sticks are not long enough if you want a
more accurate look go ahead and get some strapping or some kind of flat molding
and do the mitre edge but since these are not long enough we’re not going to
do it that way so we’re going to put it underneath and then we’re going to just
trace it and that gives us our cut mark if you don’t have a power saw they sell
these at $1 hacksaws at the Dollar Tree and just very carefully make that cut and there’s our arm workout for the day
just kidding actually that is a pretty nice cut and you may want to take a
sanding sponge and just kind of gently sand off any rough spots on the edge it
fits perfect we’ll just do it all the way around now it’s time to stain our
frame so I debated many different ways of how to get that old aged barn
weathered look and feel I have put together like a watered-down mixture a
warm grey and then I put some dark grey in it and then I also put in a little
bit of brown but I’m pulling out my bottomless pit of trusty gel stain in
Kona and what I think I’m going to do first is kind of do like a very light
dry brushing with the gel stain and then go over the top of it with my
watered-down grey and then hopefully the combination of the two will create like
a nice depth and richness and still have that aged weathered feel that we really
love but before we dry brush anything I’m going to take a metal bristled brush
you could probably find something similar at the Dollar Tree and kind of
run it with the grain of the wood it’s kind of running some grooves into the
wood and that will just kind of add to the effect of the barn wood which always
has kind of like a really rough texture you could nail this on if you wanted to
I don’t want to pull out my nail gun and I think that this will be just fine and
so we’ll do some e6000 and then a little hot glue for the instant stick that
instant gratification but the e6000 holds up better over time it’s a much
stronger stick okay and then we’re gonna just glue it down
and make sure everything is even and then just do it all the way around if you plan on hanging it measure down a couple inches on both sides and mark
where you want to place screws then screw some short screws in about 3/4 of the
way then connect them by wrapping wire on them and once you have done that
screw the screws in tighter and that’s it we’re done! all right
my Pottery Barn pumpkin patch sign is done and I am thrilled with how it
turned out I honestly feel like this dupe might be one of my best yet but
you’ll have to let me know in the comments section below
also let me know in the comments section below if you liked the mod pod version
or the image transfer version this one’s a little bit easier to do I think this
one is a little bit closer match to the original so as far as how much each one
of these signs cost me to have them printed out at Staples was about 70 to
75 cents and then of course the paint sticks you’re going to need four of them
that’s about a dollar 33 my plywood was free and the stains and the paint I kind
of already had on hand so if we add in a little extra for all of the supplies
that I had on hand the Mod Podge version would probably come in about $2.50 to $3
(US) this version came in about $3.50 maybe 4 dollars if you include the gel
transfer medium the amount that we used anyways so cheap if you want a chance to
win that Buffalo check rug and your choice of either of these pumpkin patch
signs then let me know in the comment section below what is your favorite
knockoff that I’ve done to date also subscribe to my channel below don’t
forget to turn on the bell notification and don’t forget next week is my girls
can use power tools challenge it’s being co-hosted by Jessica from measure and mix
I’m so excited to have her co-host with me on this awesome challenge I hope you
enjoyed this episode if so let me know by hitting the like button thank you so
much for watching I hope to see you again real soon the Amazon guy just came
during this video I think he was a little nervous to approach me because he
didn’t know what was going on poor guy I love Amazon presents so
you can interrupt me anytime Amazon guy


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