Quick Technique for Portrait Dual Lighting Effect in Photoshop – Photoshop Dual Lighting Effect

Quick Technique for Portrait Dual Lighting Effect in Photoshop – Photoshop Dual Lighting Effect

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this video I’ll be showing you the right way to do this Photoshop Dual Lighting Effect. If you have fun with this video make sure you hit that Like button, and also Share, you can support this channel through Patreon, and don’t forget to Subscribe. I’m doing a lot of videos each week, there’s my current schedule, and I’m even putting up some more videos on the in-between days and as well. You can learn a lot more about working with Photoshop from my complete training course and the link for that right down there in the description. Okay let’s get to it. This Dual Lighting Effect in Photoshop is actually pretty easy to do. Let me just erase all of these layers over here I’ll go back to just the initial file just delete those layers out there we go so there’s the initial file now for this to work well it helps if you have lighting this kind of on two sides of the face and it’s a bit darker in the middle this lighting is underneath but it gives us that same basic kind of lighting effect now the first thing I want to do is to adjust the values in here on the image so just do a little adjustment layer for that go up to layer come down to new adjustment layer and levels right there she’s okay now in this I just want to lighten the image up a little bit so I’ll pull the mid-tone here over to the left just a little ways doesn’t need to go very far see that’s too far right there begin to kind of break things up but just a little bit maybe about 150 or so 155 that’s not too bad in there so just lightening up the image a bit I’ll leave the black and the white sliders alone and let’s do all your control here from the mid-tone they’re just a little bit lighter right about there that’s pretty good 1.79 for this particular photograph the sitting of course will change depending upon the picture that you use that’s pretty good want some nice brights in here and keep the darks fairly dark it’s going a little bit light down there on the bottom I think that’s okay if you don’t like that you can always do a layer mask on this and just kind of block out some of that area that real fast when you put in one of these adjustment layers you automatically get a layer mask white shows black hides so let’s just have our black as a foreground color grab a paintbrush I’ll use the right bracket to make this a bit larger and let’s set this at a soft brush a hardness at zero there we go and now let’s paint some black right in here right on top of that layer mask and then just block out that shirt there we go okay that’s nice and clean now let’s now put in our our coloration the coloration is all done with just a couple of layers go up to layer come down to new fill layer and gradient right there you can leave that unchecked that’s fine shoes okay there’s the basic gradient I’m going to set the angle here to zero so it gives me a left to right gradient click on the gradient itself right here let’s just choose that one there just a standard gradient purple left-hand side orange right-hand side and we’ll work with this will bring us back up in just a second but right now click on OK click OK here and then I want to change the blend mode for this gradient layer right there and change that to color that puts the colors into the image without changing anything else let’s now go back to that gradient that will click on the thumbnail for that layer click on the gradient again right here and now we can work with this and get this set up the first thing we want is to have transparency in the middle of this image that’s easy to do just come over here and just click in the middle someplace the top row up here these are your opacity stops so here’s our first one set this right at a location of 50 so it’s exactly in the middle and then change the opacity here to 0 just pull it over like that zero opacity ok now we have a lot of nothing in here and then solid colors on the answer need to bring back the opacity on those so these opacities on the ends here that one end this when these are at 100% and it’s zero right here so grab this opacity slider on the left hand side pull this left one in all the way over to 37% kanashii just type that in if you want to there’s 37% on the right hand side bring this one in to 61% there we go 61% now let’s match these stops to those stops this first one here this was at 37 matches that says just type in 37 pulls that one in this stop was at 61 so I’ll type that in 61 and that pulls that stop in and that’s it’s in our basic dual color if you want to you can move the transparency stops in a little bit like this and that just brings down that clear section in the middle I kind of like those at the same points as the color stop so I’ll just reset those there we go and choose okay now it’s a little bit weak still we can strengthen this up very easily by duplicating this layer and then changing its blend mode just a little bit so right click where it says gradient fill 1 and choose duplicate layer which is okay there we go now at this point you’re not really seeing a whole lot if I showing high this one there’s a little bit more orange right there not the effect we’re looking for so change the blend mode here to the overlay and it gets a lot stronger as you can see they’re way too strong actually so let’s bring down the opacity on that overlay down to 20% and there we go there’s without and there’s what they’re just kind of richens up those colors and that’s all there is to it that takes care of this dual color look and as you can see pretty easy to do now it’s getting a little bit light in here it is kind of down there a little light there a little light down there all you have to do on that is just to take this layer mask down here hold the Alt key pull that straight up and choose yes and the same thing one more time pull it straight up and choose yes and that copies up that layer mask from the first layer here upon those layers and that kind of darkens that down just a bit so there we go that’s the fast easy way to do this dual colour effect if you want to change your colour because we’ve done this as fill layers all you have to do is double click on the thumbnail that brings the effect back up here click on that and then you can change your color just by clicking this little icon right there and there’s your color stop that’s the purple over here is the orange click there and there’s a color picker and there you go the quick and easy way to do this dual lighting effect [Music] you

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