QUT Architecture Studio

QUT Architecture Studio

The architecture studio is all about experimenting
and exploring ideas. Imagining and postulating, about trying new
things out. I think that would be one of the major strengths
of the studio, this opportunity to be able to share and collaborate. Students can really have a taste of the professional
environment. This communal environment where students are
really working together with mentors with tutors, and it’s really trying to give them
a taste of what they are going to experience when they are out there actually as practicing
architects. In industry it’s really important to work
in a group. Learning to do that and being able to be flexible
and communication within the studio environment is really important. Students have the chance to apply the theories
and knowledge they have acquired. So this is where students get to own their
ideas and actually experiment and explore all sorts of exciting and rich concepts. You know you work on trace, you work on your
ipad and you got your laptop and it’s a real hybrid of ideas. One day I had a set up, I had the computer
here, a huge big sheet of butchers paper, and then a physical model here. And it helps you to change from media to media,
to be able to just explore concepts, and in doing that you really develop your own process. You really have your own style and ideas,
so its a really great, loose environment. It’s a really nice light casual environment
you feel free to create and express and actually make progress. You’re all working towards the same goal
but you’re all coming from such different angles. As a studio culture it’s really
a great place to be in. You kind of really do learn about yourself
and how you work as a person and in that you can capture that in your designs and your
design process. I think if you are that way inclined and if
you’re thinking about doing, it’s definitely something to go for and go do it, I think,

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  1. Wish my school was like this when I was in school….. This is what Architecture school is SUPPOSE to be like, this is what I thought architecture school was going to be like!

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