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the Nines”… I am decorating my front porch for fall and I’ve got Rae Dunn inspired
DIYs… lots of pumpkins… and lots of Buffalo plaid if that sounds good to you
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love it if you join me. for this week’s episode I’m participating in Heidi Sonboul’s fall front porch challenge if you haven’t checked out her channel before
she’s got a lot of great DIY and home decor tutorials that I think you’re
gonna love so after you watch my episode I’d invite you to pop on over to Heidi’s
channel check it out check out her episode as well as all of the
individuals participating in this playlist. I’ve got Rae Dunn inspired decor I’ve got pumpkins I’ve got buffalo plaid
and I’ve even got a Pottery Barn dupe so this is gonna be so much fun so let’s
get started the first thing that we’re going to want to do is kind of
disassemble what we’ve got here this is our everyday porch decor I showed you
how to do that in this video right here so if you want to click on that I put
the link above as well as below so the first thing we’re going to need to do is
for me to disassemble the existing decor and give it a little cleanup okay so I am not exactly sure what this
is but due to the size of those handprints I have a feeling that two
very cute little boys had something to do with it I need to switch out the pillow cover
for the pillow on my front bench for something more fall-themed and I’ve had
several of you requests for me to do a Rae Dunn inspired dupe or knockoff and so
I thought this would be a perfect opportunity so I have this pillow cover
that I got from burlapfabric.com a few months ago and it’s canvas really
high-quality I loved it it was a little big so I just stitched it down to the
right size for me super easy sew job I’ve got this printable and I’ll put the link
for it below so that if you want to do this as well you can I just think that
that is such a cute saying it’s really on trend right now I start out by using
the same technique I have used several times in the past and that is using the
graphite paper and taking my printable and tracing it onto my canvas pillow
then I just use a paint pen and go over my tracing marks to do my Rae Dunn inspired lettering so our pillow cover turned out pretty darn cute I think but
I think we can bring up the cuteness factor just a little bit by adding some
cute little pom-poms to the corner so I’m going to show you how to do that I
will put the link for this amazing pom pom maker in the description box below
but how you go about using it as you wrap your yarn around the frame going
back and forth about five times which is what I did on mine then you are going to
want to push your pink part back inside the frame and repeat the same process on
the other side once you have the maker completely closed then you’re going to
take some scissors and snip down the middle as I’m showing you here and then
you’re going to take a decently long piece of yarn and do a square knot and
for added protection you can also add a third knot in there as well and then you
just open up the device and reveal your pom pom and if at that time you would
like to do any trimming you can to attach the pom pom to the corners of the
pillow you are going to start out by taking a piece of scotch tape and
wrapping it around the end of the yarn creating a point with your wrapping or
with a pair of scissors this will help you thread it through
your large needle you do not need one this long this is just what I had on
hand this is an upholstery needle push each strand through the corner of the
pillow and remove the needle then tie several knots cut off the excess but
leave just a little bit just in case such a cute touch for not very much
money I think I’m going to be putting pom-poms on so many things now so I
picked up this antique toolbox a few months ago and I thought it was really
cute the price was really good but I knew that I would need to do a little
something to it so I started out by putting on a coat of white chalk paint
to the entire thing but it still needs a little something else going on and I
decided to kind of give it a modern twist and we are going to go ahead and
stripe it I’m only going to stripe the front and the back of the toolbox the
two sides will be painted solid black I even Lee spaced out the stripes and use
painters tape and this shouldn’t bleed because I’m going to spray on the
stripes I then use some leftover black chalkboard paint that I had for my
charger plates from last Thanksgivings tablescape if you’re interested in
seeing those episodes I will throw the links in the description box below okay
so our tool box is dry and now it’s time to reveal our stripes let’s see how we
did and this is meant to be kind of rustic so actually that did not too bad
so once we pull this off I’m going to sand down the stripes rough it up a
little bit to give it a little more character so on my front porch I am planning on
putting a pumpkin floral arrangement I don’t really know where it’s gonna go if
it doesn’t fit in then this is just going to end up being a bonus normally I
would put in some floral foam and all of that but I’m just gonna actually just
set the flowers in to the pumpkin this is the same pumpkin from my tutorial
I’ll put the link above from last year with the white flower arrangements in it
we’re just going to make a simple mounded arrangement and put our
hydrangeas you know hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers those and peonies
or as somebody said… I was saying it wrong peonies peonies peonies you say
tomato I say tomahto I blame that on growing up out west so I’m just simply
just going to put these in nothing special to it. break it I almost gotcha I got it! don’t you worry. so nothing fancy
at all here that in fact this might be the most simple pumpkin floral
arrangement I’ve done I just wanted the softness of some flowers out on my front
porch and I think that this is going to serve that purpose. I seriously
considered doing another fall themed sign for right left of my door that
would translate into the seasons and then I realized I already have something
that it’s perfect! I already really love this sign that we made in my last front
porch video and I can make it transition into all kinds of seasons by switching
out the wreath so that’s what we’re gonna do today this time I’m actually
not gonna switch out the wreath completely but I’m just gonna add some
tiny little pumpkins that I picked up at the dollar tree that were on a stem
already we’re just going to tuck them into this wreath and then put it back up
but think about all of the possibilities I could put up a Christmas inspired
wreath I can really change this sign out already for the seasons by just simply
switching the wreath. it’s time to decorate which is obviously my favorite
part! so if you saw my last front porch video you know that I love the double
layer rug look and of course I’ve still got my Buffalo check plaid rug I’m going
to lay that down now and then I picked up this one at Joann’s it says come in
and get cozy and I think the orange will pop off nicely at the black and white
plaid with our welcome sign all updated for
fall it’s now time to place that so this So this adorable pumpkin patch sign is actually
a knockoff of Pottery Barn version if you want to see how I made it and learn
how you can make one for yourself for less than three dollars then check
back on my channel on September 21st that will be that episode here is our upcycled tool box that we gave a new life to date this is my all-time favorite
sign ever from the Dollar Tree and I didn’t want to attach it permanently
just because I wanted to be able to use this toolbox at different times a year
so I simply just took some tacky putty and used that to stick it to the toolbox
I’ve also just filled it mostly with old grocery bags and then I put some
pumpkins on top of it to add a little height variation I just grabbed a basket
from inside and I’m going to put that underneath our pumpkin arrangement for a
little height and then we can set our lantern right in front of it so I’ve had
these jack-o’-lanterns for several years I think I picked him up on clearance at
like Home Depot now when Halloween passes and it’s time for Thanksgiving I
can just remove the jack-o’-lanterns and the look is still good I’ve got our cute
decoupage pumpkins from the hurricane pumpkin episode if you haven’t seen that
I’ll put the link above as well as below but they are so gonna look so cute on
this porch. our last but not least element is our pumpkin wreath from the
ultimate fall wreath playlist episode we’re going to hang that now It’s blue skies right?! Yeah… Only in Florida! our fall front porch is done and I am
just thrilled with how it turned out I love everything about it I love all of
the pumpkin accents I love the Rae Dunn inspired items
I love the Buffalo check it just screams fall in the grandest possible way this
is a look that will get us through Halloween and then if we just remove the
jack-o’-lanterns it will carry us into Thanksgiving so I’m really thrilled with
this look I feel like it’s really on trend it’s really a designer look I want
to thank Heidi Sonboul for inviting me to participate in this challenge I had a
blast putting it together what was your favorite element on the porch was it the
pillow was that the pumpkins did you have the favorite? let me know in the
comment section below now for a very exciting announcement of course the last
Monday of every month is girls can use power tools challenge and this month I
have a very awesome co-host Jessica from “measure and mix” is going to be
co-hosting that challenge at the end of this month that is on September 30th 2
p.m. eastern time if you want to participate in that challenge I’d love
to have you the playlist is an open invite so you are welcome to join and
the only stipulations is you have to do something for your home home decor or
DIY and you have to use a power tool on camera and I hope you have fun use your
creativity it can be a big project it can be a small project there are no
limits on the size I hope that you found value in this video if you did if you
wouldn’t mind hitting the like button below thank you so much for watching
again if you haven’t already done so consider subscribing to my channel below
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the place this month which means a few extra episodes for you and just one last
thing happy fall y’all!


  1. What was your favorite part of my front porch? So when the video rendered… the making of the POM-POMs ended up being a little faster than I thought it was going to be, so let me know if you would like me to do a slower, more in depth tutorial?

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