Range Rover Autobiography 2018 NEW FULL Review Interior Exterior

Range Rover Autobiography 2018 NEW FULL Review Interior Exterior

this is the all-new Range Rover
autobiography this one has also the land rover terrain response system a rear
camera and the hands-free tailgate and 360 degrees around
camera system signature LED headlamps are now standard 24 way adjustable front
seats it has a 5 mode massage system including simulated stones the towing
capacity of this car is three thousand and five hundred kilograms the steering
wheel buttons have been replaced by touch sensitive sensors drivers can
leave a hand by the rear view mirror to open and close the mesh sunroof shade
for the first time there’s also a blind spot alert on the rear doors for the
rear passengers when they exit the vehicle it produces 258 horsepower and
600 Newton meters of torque 0 to 62 in just eight seconds and the top speed is
210 km/h that’s 135 miles per hour it has an 8-speed automatic transmission it
has a four-wheel drive system the engine is a 3 liter v6 diesel engine the fuel
capacity is 86 liters the car weighs around 2,000 250 kilograms the trunk
space has 550 liters when you folder s it’s down it’s 2030 liters and when we
take a closer look you can see the new beautiful LED matrix headlights with the
automatic high-beam and corner lights they are very bright and good-looking
the daytime running lights are the same I really like the design of the
headlights and the tail lights now the fog lights are integrated and due into
this system there’s the new grille the headlights are now smaller new design
for the front grille this one has also the
under than 60 degrees camera system new design for the front bumper lets more
air into the view arches to cool the brakes it has the huge panoramic sunroof
it has the steering assess the lane assess everything you need four by four
system or wheel drive system this is the autobiography you can also buy it with
the 22 inch rims Santorini black color it has the cameras underneath the
mirrors it has the Blind Spot Assist the dimming mirrors of course we will take a
look at the interior and a few moments beautiful interior 24v adjustable seats
with the massage and cooling system recline in your seats you can also buy
it with the entertainment system and the privacy shades if you want new design
for the rear taillights all LEDs just like the front the brakes the turn
signals are LEDs beautiful design there’s also the washer system for the
rear view camera which is new split tailgate of course new exhaust very
beautiful looking exhaust now now let’s take a look at the trunk automatic trunk
of course you can also open it with the gas control the split tailgate just as
we know of a Range Rover for me it is a beautiful SUV capable of going really
offroad if you need it to be there’s a spare tire which is really important on
such a car you can also lower the back of the car this one has the air
suspension it can go over sand mud stones we will look at that in a few
moments you can also buy it as a 4.4 liter
diesel or the most powerful petrol engine is a five liter SV autobiography
and the driver seat of this beautiful range / looks beautiful eliminated logos
at the door sales and this is the interior of the brand-new Range Rover
there’s a blind spot assist in the mirrors this is also dimming it has a
beautiful head-up display it has a touch sensitive buttons on the steering view
with the extra functions which is also new 360 degrees camera system dual
screens all arm rests are heated there’s also a cool box down here which is also
illuminated you have the SD card USB HDMI inputs
huge store Cheria you can slide this away and you have of course the
cupholders different colors and trim levels available you have the electronic
at break automatic mode for the off-road function air suspension hill descent
this is the gear leaver dance rise up and you can select drive sport reverse
or park this is the second screen this is the biggest screen you can get this for the seat and comfort settings
it has also the massage system it’s now turned on for example you have the
heated seats front climate control settings car settings with the car
settings you can choose between eco normal comfort the grass snow mud sand
and rocks this screen is new the climate control settings of course and over here
you have the infotainment system you can tilt the screen if you want this one has
a 360 degrees camera system side view deck panorama front top view is also
available you can zoom in and zoom out this is the main menu of the car three
pages here you have the cruise control settings of course here the trip
computer this one is fully loaded dimming mirror it has the huge panoramic
sunroof of course I really like this interior of the Range Rover there’s the
beautiful head-up display the quality is amazing leather you have the seat
adjustments with memory and the massage system also the memory for the seats the
mirrors and steering wheel fully loaded it has all the safety systems you can
get vehicle settings information media these are the assistant systems fully
loaded push button ignition of course keyless entry and keyless start I am a
fan of this new design it looks just brilliant automatic lights automatic
rain sensor you can also buy it with the Meridian sound system just like this one
it has the Alcantara headliner it has the panoramic sunroof with LED lights
and the interior do associates even this is leather beautiful car even this thought screen folding mirrors
it is also the air suspension every part you see and touches quality does even
the ambient lighting these are the languages available for the Range Rover
which is a lot to glovebox this how the key looks like with the Range Rover
batch it has a keyless entry until the start you can also turn on the lights
and this is the view from the backseat looks fantastic I’m a fan of this new
design of the interior two screens one for the comfort settings one for the
infotainment there’s a huge panoramic sunroof plenty of space this isn’t even
the long wheelbase and one me turn 83 here you have the four zone climate
control settings with heated seats automatic mode of course LED lights and
the interior reclining rear seats this can be a armrest and cup holder space if
you want what you can also remove it it will also available with a 2 liter
engine the p400 a plug-in hybrid

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  1. Alaatin kardeşim , emeğine sağlık severek takip ediyor Ve Yen’i model tanıtımlarını sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum. Senden ricam orta segment SUV lerden Öner’in nedir ( Volva xc60, bmw x3 audi Q5 veya mercedes modellerinden biri )?

  2. Bunun bi önceki kasasında Overfinche binmiştim ve adamlar cidden yapıyor abi. Range Rover hayranı değildim ama bindikten sonra cidden hayran bırakıyor. Ama biz her zaman ki gibi anca bakarız bunlara…


  4. The Atlas trimming in both sides are different, loool. Front Right side passenger door has old Tri-lane and the driver door has the new mate 4 lane design.

  5. If you buy this RR Autobiography with a 250 HP diesel , you are a fucking idiot. if you dont have enough money to buy one of the bigger petrol engine then buy a nice version of a cheaper car like the RR sport or something , dont be like the guy who buys a Mercedes S250 4 cyliner diesel.

  6. the last 30 cars on this have been cars over 100 grand . bored of it now. it did have a good mix of cars that the every day man could buy.

  7. thank u alaadin for every single video. a big gratitude to u from korea. seems like you are turkish, brethren nation of south korea. thank u again.

  8. regards from me again, nice views, simply – clever /not skoda :-)/ , i like a lot your reviews, basic information, incl. place inside a car – remember of your height (of course great info. for imagine), languages of system, etc.etc… .

  9. Abi hep bu arabanın türkçe veya Türkçe Alt yazılısını arıyordum bulamadım fakat senin Audi 55 TFSİ Quattro inceleme videonu izledim daha sonra bu videoyu gördüm Audi videonun varya orda tanıdım seni iyikide tanıyıp abone olmuşum ayrıca şu Audi inceleme videonu görmesem böyle harika bi kanalı kaçıracaktım iyikide görmüşüm

  10. As a former rep for both BMW and MBZ. this is the most complete SUV I've ever seen. Most automobile give up something. Nice front grill and lights but ugly rear. Nice front and back , ugly interior. And get rid of those Ipad screens you see now. I'm so glad they took the interior screen and front and rear tail lights from the Velar, major game changer. If they made this electric..Game over.

  11. Range Rover is dehşet-ül-vahşet now, by the way, your narration is very nice, Congratulations!👏👏👏 alaatinn..👌👍

  12. Again ruined the front look, now it looks like an ACURA with those lights. big L on this update. No longer buying.

  13. i recently watched a video of the new 2019 RR coupe. man that thing is awesome. what i wanted to know is what's the difference between this model & the coupe? the inside looks a tad bit different but other than that i don't see any difference. which will cost more?

  14. At 6:08 screen did not behave!! They say that this car looks good inside out but is not reliable. It seems that it would take you to the service shop too many times. I wanted it though. But I’m kind of skeptical right now. I mean does anyone own it and can share their experience?

  15. Did u say 258hp?? Can't be for this car. Please revise. 258hp… That's 192kw! No ways. That's too slow for a range rover autobiography. Must be a mistake my brother. Great car though.

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