Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Fortnite Creative Mode • Professionals Play

Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Fortnite Creative Mode • Professionals Play

quick little stop right there and then just sit there and meditate my name’s Andrew McClure and I’m a designer and I’m here to check out the new fortnight creative mode a lot of this stuff in this seems like it’s pretty relatable even though it’s a video game I mean I’ll probably stick with something that’s you know residential kind of a cool house from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of kind of industrial materials and objects and buildings so it might be kind of cool to do something that’s sort of in that vein a contemporary concrete bunker in the mountains or something I don’t know all right going through the portal this is pretty cool you get to see everything from the aerial view so the first thing is probably gonna select a site to build whatever we’re gonna build this one looks good right here it’s got some accessibility to it you know so if this were a driveway or something you know somebody can walk up think the first thing is go through and kind of select what building materials we have at our disposal this is pretty cool the prefabs like that’s that’s an architectural term you know if you’re using prefab materials it’s already built off-site so you’re bringing it to the site there’s so many I’m just throwing these little pokeballs bunch of items show up everything is like got its own materials or textures let’s start with like the foundation let’s try to do this somewhat systematically you know I think this kind of flat area appears probably a good building pad I mean you’ve got this view Mount Olympus over there and then you’ve got these views back over the valley I’m gonna kind of cantilever some of this stuff out over the rocks just kind of setting up the whole floor plan for the building footprint yeah this feels a lot faster then then what we do every day I’m gonna try to keep some of the the interior of the footprint kind of as a courtyard maybe to soften it up throw in some wood flooring this is like shop copy so we’re kind of creating a little walkway garden walkway that would just kind of run around the perimeter of the courtyard try to make this like a little zen-like architecture it would be contemporary but there’s a couple buildings that have some Asian architectural influence to them and some cool bamboo and so maybe we’ll throw some of that stuff in there you’re going to get a stone wall yeah that one likes having the same family maybe this was like quarried from the island so this is you’re gonna be the primary exterior walls or leave an opening for the entry so when you come in you know you’re coming in centered on that courtyard space I’m gonna add the floor above now all right so I’m just kind of leaving the courtyard space open on the second floor to let light down into that space maybe somehow we can tie in the garage here kind of underneath yeah it’s not some steel stuff maybe we’ll use this as the wall that’s good kind of just slices into the terrain there kind of like a bat cave inspired garage so let’s add some stairs now pokeball go these stairs a little bit more monolithic and like Grand Place these at the entry so one thing I wanted to try to get was like more of it Steel’s there try this one actually that kind of works perfect that’s a little bit more industrial let’s kind of start placing maybe some interior walls for those I want to use something that the wood window frames that kind of ties into the courtyard everything frames that courtyard now so this would be like bedroom one and then this could be like bathroom it’s a bathroom for that room bathroom for that room we’ll keep the stone just on that middle floor we’ll take the concrete on the third floor make the roof I like how it the geometries are kind of all offset from each other it’s not it just doesn’t feel flat I like the idea of like the entry having big huge landscape planters kind of right as you walk in you can see that and then maybe just to soften up this elevation here where it’s all stoned which I really like we could add some kind of lower planters that flank the entry see I think they’re a little tall it would be nice if you could just shrink them down a tiny bit go back to the drawing board here I like this temple that’s sick now let’s get some bamboo going that’s awesome it’s like lettering in the wind now get to some of the interior this is perfect for the entry quick little stop right there you can just sit there and meditate another thing we could do actually is add some railings flowers let’s try the house I’ll probably have some items that we can use for the interior I like those chairs see this light school like they need to have more lights you get a little bit of a a glow off the wall there our plants are already growing through the cracks of the walls this is bothering me yeah perfect that desk is good this kitchens pretty wack whoever lives here is not very clean I really don’t want to use this in the kitchen look at those like cabinets they’re just falling off a little drafting board but that’s going up here it’s obviously an architect that lives here oh I like that though let’s see what else they have big ass TV that’s going up I like this bench even though the leathers coming off trying to kind of select the most contemporary looking pieces available we could go ahead and add some whips to the garage like this one classic Oh garage door it’s a little small they’re not quite tall enough yes we’ll do this bed I’m just kind of trying to detail out some of the bedrooms I was thinking instead of use all the pre-built furniture maybe we can use some of those cubes it looks like they have a few interesting materials like stainless steel maybe we can do something like this where so that would be like your long commercial type kitchen make it like a big sushi bar or something so and then maybe these are just like chunks of blocks stone or something you know it’s custom built these could be your your upper cabinets there’s a kayak you can just use this one we got to get security camera on this thing I definitely wanted to grab that tree that’s pretty cool I just put this boards head on a wall real quick this is the club they’ve got these dope dance floor there now we got like some cool lighting over each car for all the Bugattis and the Lambos and stuff but we got to find some other I know the dune buggy yeah [Music] so with the finished product here you’ve kind of got this layer cake of floors this garage here that has this steel bracing with glass in between so you can see all the cars on display we put in some overhead lights that are somewhat disc up and you get a view of those bedrooms and bathrooms and then the third floor as a roof deck office and master bedroom space and it all kind of is just set up on this interior courtyard so yeah from this side you’ve got your living room the big-screen TV on that wall you’ve got your dining room set up on axis with the with the tree and the courtyard and then you’ve got your kitchen over here and then up above we’ve got an interior bedroom master bedroom space and then an outdoor covered space with the structural column just kind of dropping that up come up here I like these big huge planters just framing the whole entry security-camera checking to see if I can enter that courtyard space so when we come into the living room you get those views and then back to these bedrooms and we’ve got our primary circulation but the two sets of stairs one going down to the subterranean garage there’s all our whips as we come up the stairs third floor we’ve got the office over here drafting board we’ve got the courtyard with the railings you can look down into those spaces that’s really cool and I’m the master bedroom over here your master bedroom with this view of all that stuff outdoor deck area which you get that view that big mountain right there it’s pretty sweet I think that the the ability to kind of take all these components that are pre-built I just see that growing and being able to you know add more and more and it’s fun it’s it’s easy to just be creative and kind of do whatever you want I think it’s a pretty cool house it’s kind of got that Iron Man a little bit more more Zen kind of industrial feel to it but like you know perched up on top of the cliff and and having these like sick views yeah I mean I lived there for sure [Music]

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  1. I love how in minecraft he tried to make it as realistic as possible but in fortnite there's a dance room with security cams the size of your body

  2. Kinda sad that nobody told him he can actually shrink things and enlarge them but maybe get him for a part two fortnige session and let him know

  3. Client- "So how does the garage work again?" Architect- "oh simple just drive your car through the living room turn left go down the stairs and you can park it there, we built you a fancy light for each of your expensive cars except an access driveway."

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