Real Life Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment – Only In Reel Life – INspaces Video

Real Life Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment – Only In Reel Life – INspaces Video

ever been watching a TV show and you see the character, and
then you see where they live and you just go, yeah,
you don’t live there. And that is why we are going to
profile sitcom apartments and find their real-life
character counterparts, and see how people actually live. It’s a new segment we’re doing
called “Only In Reel Life.” If you were alive in the 2000s
and you remember Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the
City” and her gorgeous, super-cute junior one-bedroom,
supposedly steps off of Madison Avenue, huge living
room, separate kitchen, hallways of closets. And she was a freelance writer
and a weekly dating columnist for a daily newspaper, which is
why I’m here with the real real-life Carrie Bradshaw,
the lovely, the talented Miss Nora Bass. NORA BASS: Hi. Nice to meet you. ERIKA STORM WASSER: You too. OK, so tell me about Vixely. NORA BASS: We focus on women’s
core topic of sex, and dating, relationships, and we sort of
look at ourselves as a “Sex and the City” for the
future, on the iPad. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I like it.
“Sex and the City” 2.0. NORA BASS: Yeah, we’re– yes, exactly. ERIKA STORM WASSER: We
have Carrie on the wall inspiring us. So Carrie lived in a junior
one-bedroom, you live– NORA BASS: In a two-bedroom
apartment with my roommate. So this is, first
and foremost, is actually our office. This is where the Vixely team
meets and works, and writes. And then this is also
where we live. Let me show you around. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Let’s check
out the living room. You have the zebra going
on, the white. NORA BASS: A lot of this is
artwork from my roommate, and we have a painting here that
we really love that’s by a Brooklyn artist, Harrison
Fraley. Oh, one of my favorite pieces
in here is a painting by Sherre Wilson Rae who’s one of
my mother’s favorite artists. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Tell me
about this ghost table. NORA BASS: Ghost table goes with
a set of chairs as well, by Philippe Starck. There are things that are worth
spending good money on and design is definitely
one of them. It’s all about mixing what
you have with what you can easily attain. To the bedroom. ERIKA STORM WASSER:
To the bedroom. NORA BASS: Let’s go. This is the bedroom. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I love it. NORA BASS: I do do a lot of
writing here as well. We’ve got Ralph Lauren, pillows
and a mix of things that are sort of fun and easy. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I’m obsessed
with your two-tiered nightstands. NORA BASS: Those are
1920s deco pieces. This is where I work. We do a lot of writing and for
inspiration from some of our favorite books. ERIKA STORM WASSER: The one
thing that everyone remembers about Carrie’s apartment
is that crazy closet. Tell me about yours. NORA BASS: It’s I don’t think
as extravagant as Carrie’s. I definitely have an
eclectic style. I have Ralph Lauren blazers
and a Chloe bag. One of my favorite pieces is
this Elie Tahari leather jacket just because I wear
it all the time. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Some vintage
Louis Vuitton luggage. NORA BASS: I’ve lived in London
for a few years and traveled in Paris extensively
and so it’s– outside America you can
get some great things. ERIKA STORM WASSER:
This is great. NORA BASS: Thank you. ERIKA STORM WASSER: But you know
what is bigger than this closet is your supposed
outdoor space. NORA BASS: That is true. ERIKA STORM WASSER: OK,
this is amazing. NORA BASS: It’s a fantastic
outdoor space for sure. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Your
apartment is better than Carrie Bradshaw’s. So maybe it is possible that
Carrie Bradshaw lived that way if this is the Vixely pad. All that’s missing is Mr. Big,
or do you have a Mr. Big? NORA BASS: I do have
girl has everything. So now we know this is what
real life looks like. Carrie Bradshaw could have
been living real life. Love home and design? Make sure to subscribe to
SPACEStv on YouTube.

35 thoughts on “Real Life Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment – Only In Reel Life – INspaces Video

  1. OK. I OBSESSED over a lucite trunk I found years ago that somebody had beaten me to the punch on — I see it in this apartment and am having trunk envy as it's such a fab design piece that's functional and light on the eyes. Oh, how i want that trunk!!! Ebay here I come…

  2. do not feel bad!!!! you too can travel the world, collecting art and furniture?… jk. seriously dont feel bad, your apts probably awesome.

  3. I was going to write an overly critical assessment of Nora's apartment and what she spends her money on. But i realised if she wants to spend her money on these things that I feel to be unimportant. Who am i to judge? I've probably made questionable decisions of what to spend my money on as well. If it makes her happy to own all these things then good for her. I would say Nora if you're buying these things to fill a void they probably aren't going to fill it.

  4. Is New York this expensive to the point that even a celebrity has to have a roommate? Maybe I should abandon my dreams of moving to New York after all.

  5. Dunno…  Sars of Tomato Nation also is a freelance writer, and SATC irked her because she knew from experience that there was no way she could have afforded that apartment.  Mind you, I think that the one thing glossed over here is that Nora lives in that apartment with a roommate.  Therein lies the difference.

  6. I don't quite get it.  Carrie lived in what was basically a largish studio.   This woman lives in a 2 bedroom with a roommate.  Obviously, a 2br is more expensive than a studio.  I though we were going to se a rabbit warren. 

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