Recycle Junk! 10 DIY Home Decor Ideas and More Recycling Hacks

Recycle Junk! 10 DIY Home Decor Ideas and More Recycling Hacks

Madison took quite a while to set up her dominoes ride. And by the looks of it she’s about to break a wall. It’s funny how a small piece like that, can damage something so much bigger like a clock on a wall. Although we can’t reverse time, I think we might not even need it in this case! Firstly let’s remove the actual mechanism out of the broken clock. Search the house for an old unused vinyl. You’ll want to stick twelve domino pieces according to the number of dots. Insert the mechanism through the back of the vinyl and connect the dedicated arrows. Now just set up the clock and hang it on the wall. Perfect, Madison, you managed to create a truly vintage clock! Let’s keep those dominoes moving – shall we?! Jacob and Emily just found out their front yard was messed up, which is a shame because it took Emily quite a few days to set it up. Such a bummer. “Hey kids, watch where you’re kicking that ball next time!” Any chance you can salvage these wood pieces? I’m sure they can be used for something?! There it is, Jacob. Once you’ve collected the sticks, set them aside for a second, and grab yourself an A3 size sheet of paper. Bend it in half and use scissors to cut out a heart symbol. Cut out the wood pieces and lay them down within the outline. Use hot glue to connect all the sticks together. Three wooden pieces should be strong enough to keep it intact. Add a short rope and glue the sides. Now flip it over – we won’t need the paper anymore. Lastly, use acrylic paint with a sponge and layer it on. Acrylic paint works best to color the wood and give it some personality. Good job Jacob, you’ve saved the day and really crafted your way into Emily’s heart. Jess is going through some clothing ideas she found in various fashion magazines. Oops, so much for the newly setup corkboard. It literally got shattered to pieces. Is all of it going into the trash?! I think you just came up with a genius idea there Jess. Lay down the corkboard and use a utility knife to cut out a hexagon shape. Paint it – but make sure to use sticky tape for some cool outlines! The best part about hexagons is that they fit together perfectly, giving you a neat visual on the table while having your friends over for some tea! Sarah just finished hosting a great party. Her last two friends are just about to leave her all by herself. Unfortunately, every celebration comes with a great responsibility… The lonely after party cleaning routine can get you down. It’s a shame we need to throw all of this junk out. Maybe… Sarah can salvage some of these paper cups and reuse them instead? Take a pencil and outline your desired shape on the cup, we are going to make a heart. Next, poke a bunch of holes around the outside using a needle. Focus on the shape and add additional lines or waves around it. With a razor blade, cut out a small plus sign on the bottom of the cup. And lastly, insert string lights through the holes. Do the same with the rest of the cups. This little project will only take half an hour at most Sarah managed to reuse her party cups and cozy up her bedroom with this warm light decor. Every single cup has been customized with a different pattern giving it a unique feel. It’s quite cool isn’t?! Emily is fed up with Jacob messy lifestyle. She has decided to take a stand and is about to confront him over the phone. Meanwhile, Jacob is on the way back from work and has no idea what is about to happen… “Well hello darling” “Don’t darling me… Look at this mess!” Yeah, Jacob, not the call you were expecting right? Hopefully, all of this is going to be cleaned up by the end of the day. Jacob is in a dilemma. How is he going to organize all that clutter? Well, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let’s paint that old wooden ladder. Paint the entire ladder in white. Don’t forget the other side! Next, we are going to attach shelf brackets to the top and bottom ladder rungs. Make sure it’s secure by screwing them in far enough. Depending on the ladder, this might be the tricky part. Awesome, that’s it! Jacob, you need to tidy this area up first… okay don’t mind me… Mark the right height for the shelf on the wall. Safety First. Screw the shelf in. A level will probably help give better results… Good job, Jacob, you’re the man of the house. The high shelf can be used as a box storage or a hanger. After a well-deserved rest. Emily has returned home to a delightful and useful decor surprise. Guys sometimes do get it right. *Mua* Sleep well! Emily starts her day with her favorite comic and a bowl of cereal. Too bad she just ran out of milk. You forgot to buy more, didn’t you? Hmm.. have you noticed it has a lovely bottle shape, though? Any chance that we could make a whimsical creation of our own out of it? First remove the label. Cut out a heart shape window and tiny door. Next step, you’ll want to use PVA glue and paint it all over the bottle. It will help us to cover the bottle in sand. Take out your hot glue gun and use it to cover the doors with tiny pebble stones. Do the same with the window and the rest of the bottle. Continue using hot glue to stick various other sizes of pebbles. In addition, you’ll want some lichen to fill in the gaps and add some greenery to the piece. Or even go an extra mile with a bird nest and a small figurine. Lastly, lay down a bit of moss inside and ad a battery-based candle. Our bird house can be quite flammable and this way we’ll prevent any fire hazards. Perfect Emily, you nailed it! That’s a really cozy looking night light. Alright, it’s time to go to sleep. Wow, that looks magical! Hye Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! And, most importantly, don’t forget to leave a comment down bellow! We read them all! It looks like Emily got surprised by some heavy rain… Well, as long as there’s no wind she should be fine… Oops! I spoke too soon! And it’s pretty strong too! Her umbrella is completely destroyed and neither it, or the newspaper is going to keep her dry. Oh wow… I don’t think you can get any wetter after this one… Finally you’re back! I guess there’s no use for that umbrella anymore. Darn it, even the keys are giving you hard time. This can’t get any worse can it?! This is definitely not your day, sister… Poor flowers… Once the rain cleared out, Jacob comes back home to find the damaged umbrella and the still okay looking flowers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened here… Poor Emily… she got overwhelmed by the dark cloud that just passed by. It would be a shame to throw all of this away. Lucky for us, Jacob is crafty enough to combine all these run-down items. Let’s start with the umbrella. Sometimes all that’s needed are some minor fixes like putting the hooks back into place. Set it aside for now. Meanwhile we’ll need to empty out a sturdy plastic bag. We’re going to use it as a container for our flowers. Let’s pour some water inside and tie a thread around it, in order to keep those flowers fresh. Go ahead and stuff it inside with some additional packs of flowers to fill the rest of the umbrella. And for the finishing touch tie it all up with a ribbon. Make sure it’s long enough. That’s it! Use the handle of the umbrella to hang the bouquet back on the front door. Once the weather clears up Jacob surprises Emily with a delightful door decoration. Nicely done, Jacob! Emily has had enough of Jacob’s late night’s ending up with him oversleeping. Whoops! You went a bit overboard with that pillow, Jacob… And now the picture frame is in pieces! On the bright side, you just won an extra 20 minutes of sleep due to Emily’s enthusiasm for crafts. Good boy, Jacob. Lay down a bowl upside down and get yourself a plastic glass. You’ll need a thermal heater for this next step. Slowly start melting the edges of the plastic. The more wrinkles – the better. Once you’ve finished – lift up the plastic and flip it over. Give it a good wash and you’ll be set with a fabulous glassy looking fruit bowl! Best part is it’s light and fall friendly! Time to enjoy that breakfast, Jacob! Hey, Crafty Pandas, I hope you enjoyed these recycling hacks! Let us know which of them you are going to use next in the comments down bellow! If you wanna learn more, feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring the bell
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