Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!

Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!

Manliness Here’s the thing: you’re manly. Your shovels break Your pipes leak Your muffler falls off ‘Cause a Manly Man… Will not be muffled! So you need a Manly Solution, For those Manly Problems! Duct Tape is temporary And only gets you so far. It keeps the pieces together, without actually making things work again… Like my birth did with my parents’ marriage The hardware store may have new shovels and fresh pipes… But a Manly Man doesn’t want to spend his Saturday at a store! Unless “Store” is a code word for a Big Screen TV that feeds you nachos while you fart. You could call a Handyman or a Plumber But they’d charge you for a consultation… Plus the price of any new parts… Plus labor, plus your dignity… And your Wife!  Depending on how Sexy your Plumber is… Well now there’s a Manly Solution for your Manly Problems! FiberFix! FiberFix is a special tape that’s as Strong as Steel! That’s NOT an expression… It’s LITERALLY As Strong As Steel! I’m not Prone to Hyperbole. FiberFix can be used ANYWHERE Got a Busted Pipe?? FiberFix It! But only if you want that pipe to function properly for the rest of your Mother-Loving Life Boy!  Because FiberFix is Strong, Permanent, and 100% Watertight. Repairs like that can cost hundreds of dollars Fix it yourself with FiberFix and spend the rest of the savings on something Manly Like Hunting Equiptment Or a diversified stock portfolio that’s sensible yet aggressive enough to expect a reasonable ROI.  Because that’s Manly too. A quick FiberFix can Save your Saturday! Tool Broke? FiberFix it! Saturday Saved! Broken Stool? Yeah, that’s FiberFixed! But sanded to be smooth…  And painted to be beautiful. Like the toenails of a brawny woman. Camping in the middle of nowhere with a broken tent-pole? FiberFix it! Saturday Saved! Exhaust Pipes? Water Heaters? FiberFix can fix it ALL! And it can withstand temperatures of up to
850 Degrees! If it were any stronger… You could use it to repair a Volcano. FiberFix is 100 Times stronger than Duct Tape Because it uses Fiberglass technology Just Dip it in Water… Wrap It… And Wait 10 Minutes! BAM! FiberFix!  Tougher than Nails and Softer than Nothin’ Because it’s FiberFix! It wasn’t made to be Soft! You want Soft? Go buy a puppy and tissue to blow it’s nose Into! You want Tough? Buy FiberFix! So if you Break things and would like to Un-Break them Click HERE to Order FiberFix Today at! FiberFix is like a First-Aid Kit. You shouldn’t wait until you’ve cut yourself before you go out and buy one, ’cause you’ll bleed out and die! According to what I know about cuts. You gotta have that kit ready the moment you need it! Just like you need FiberFix BEFORE somethin’ breaks In your House! Your Glove Box! Your Tool Box! Your Fanny Pack! So when the poop hits the fan… You can wrap that poop in FiberFix! Heaven help that Fan… Or maybe you’re thinking: “Do I Have to Buy FiberFix?” Sure. You could totally do that. Or maybe you’re thinking: “FiberFix is tape, that can’t be a permanent solution” Well you should stop being such a Tape Racist! ‘Cuz this is nothin’ like any other Tape you’ve ever SEEN BEFORE! YES this roll-cage was held together by nothin’ but FiberFix And NO, I did not weld it. It’s called Fiber…Fix! As in PERMANENT Fix. Like when you get your Dog fixed. There’s no goin’ back Sorry boy, here’s a tissue. Is FiberFix for women too? Just ask my smokin’ hot wife! Yes it is!  Back to you husband. So click HERE! And we’ll send you our Manly Man kit! Complete with FiberFix Repair Wrap! …Heat Wrap! …And Patches! So you’ll be ready to… So you can spend the rest of your time winning your wife back from the Plumber. So unless you’ve never broken ANYTHING in your life ever… Click here to try FiberFix today FiberFix. For Every Man. Including Women.

100 thoughts on “Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!

  1. i was watching Taras Kul on youtube as he was using the fiber fix on a shovel, and typed it in on google, then saw the home link to fiber fix, watched it, had to open up the page on youtube to leave remark…… XD SUPER FUNNY oh my guts, i lafed so hard. most excellent advertisement for a commercial.

    awsome vlog commercial !! 100 thumbs up !!


    try using carbon fiber as the tape, results will be immaculate.

  2. Freaking amazing and hilarious ad!!! Even if I didn't want the product before, this video would sell me for sure.

  3. Hmmm… Looks like Flex Tape might have some competition… Or maybe… If I stack Flex Tape on top of FiberFix or vice versa, the fix would be even stronger!

  4. This is the only commercial I have seen that's both funny in a non-cringy way while also featuring a genuinely useful product. You guys are amazing!

  5. I'd like to try Fiberfix, but I'm in Europe, so I can't do that and I doubt they ship to Europe…
    Very few American products are available in the EU.

  6. I bought this ages ago and forgot about it. Then my sons gamers chair broke. Now the strongest point of that chair is the fibre fix. Holy shi** this stuff is strong. Ordering more right now guaranteed.

  7. FiberFix. The only commercial that gives you permanent brain damage, but I can fix it with FiberFix because it is a strong as steel, and can almost fix a volcano, unless you count the fact that they never included wether it was in Celsius or Fahrenheit, nor did they consider that saying that fiberglass is stronger than steel is like saying a pizza oven is just as hot as a volcano. ;/

  8. @fiberfix you should sponsor my #gambler500 car with enough fiber fix to put an exo cage around my 83 celica and see how much bussiness you'll receive. Over 100k gambler 500 members in the world. #fiberfix

  9. Your mum f**** that was dirty I poke fingers ever leave me again and now so you could aid I know. Take your visible you could die breach

  10. One of the best ads ever. No company ever loses when Matt Meese, Mallary Everton, and Jason Gray are involved in the ad planning/production/performance.

  11. Me calling fiberfix
    Me:hello do you have tape that can withstand 1255 degrees
    Them:sorry we only have up to 895 degrees
    Me:oh ok
    Them:why do you even need that
    Me:I need to repair a volcano

  12. Awesome to see so many Studio C people behind this commercial 🙂
    Or JK! Studios, should I say, as Jeff Blake (Mr. Gandalfini) is in it too.

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