REDOING MY ROOM 2019 | complete makeover

REDOING MY ROOM 2019 | complete makeover

hey guys what’s up it’s Audrey and today
I am filming a long awaited video that I am so beyond excited to be doing that is
my real makeover and if you follow my channel you might know I posted a room
makeover not too long ago and I was really not happy with how that turned
out like it wasn’t even really a room makeover so today we are going full out
we are going for it we’re doing a real just room makeover like a hundred
percent my room used to be really disgusting like I cleaned it up a bit
but it used to just be a mess like a complete and total mess
so it’s honestly taken me about a year to get to even where my room is right
now it sounds really sad but that’s just how it be sometimes now my room it’s a
lot cleaner I move things around I got everything x situated in a general area
of where i want it so that it’ll make putting all the final pieces together a
lot easier and hanging up the decorations a lot easier basically
there’s a game plan step1 painting so yes I’m finally
getting rid of the ugly off why yellow walls I wanted to get rid of these since
I haven’t been in this room which has been at least like five years and when I
went to Home Depot to shop for the paint I was absolutely shocked by how many
different types of whites there are so it took me a while to sort through all
the lights and figure out what paint color I wanted to use and I finally
picked it out and it’s in my closet right now basically put back all my
furniture put it back where I want it like put it back in the spots that I
think it looks good decorate I’ve literally been scrolling through like
hours and hours worth of online decorations it’s actually pretty intense and I’m really excited I’m so excited to
get rid of how this room was I really hope it turns out like how I’ve always
wanted it so yeah this is gonna be a really fun time it’s gonna probably take
a while but I’m really excited to document this and bring you guys along
and hopefully it turns out looking good let’s get on with why to be fuck alright guys I am back oh my gosh is a
lot later they spent four hours at IKEA I ended up getting a shelf some plants
decorations I got this really cool mirror I’ll show you guys later ready to
move all my furniture in the middle of the room I’m gonna go ahead and throw on
some painting clothes let’s get going so I just got done painting I think I
started at about 4:30 and it is now 10:30 it took me a hot minute to finish
everything and halfway through painting when the pants are did it dry I realized
this doesn’t look like white this looks like blue the paint did not match this
watch at all and I literally have paint all over me all of my stuff is just
piled out in the family room of my basement so next step is to take off all
of the tape and yeah once we take up all the tape we can go on and move all my
furniture back in the room and that’s probably gonna be one in the most fun
part so basically what just went down was I worked all day today and on my
one-hour lunch break I ran back here pulled most of the tape off the walls
made literally a huge pile of tape I use so much tape but now I’m gonna be
building this some IKEA furniture basically I got a shelf and a mirror
we’re gonna get on building that and yes that’s the game plan right now so let’s
go i watch puppy why’d you hide we love when the music i used gets copyright claimed so youtube made me remove the audio from this portion of the video and now there is some amazing royalty free music playing & you can’t hear me talk woohoo great stuff! thanks so much youtube 😉 but I’m not sure if I like how it looks
yet so now I’m gonna have to build the mirror which will go right in that
little corner I’m gonna move that table I’m not gonna keep that table in my room
anymore but yeah I got to build the mirror we’re gonna see how that goes and
that should be the last piece of furniture that I’m putting in here no
way my dog wanted to join do you really have to light up here
she’s a winner I follow easily that was the most like
extra thing I’ve ever seen so I didn’t actually like film any of me building
this mirror here’s what it looks like it’s super cute right and you can hang
clothes on it jewelry on it rings earrings like it’s so cool and
it’s gonna save me like a lot of space on my vanity so basically at this point
in the video you’re not gonna have high quality footage basically what what what
went down is I changed the computer I changed the password to my computer to a
password that was all numbers and I guess whilst changing it I mistyped the
number not knowing which number I mistyped so that locks me out of my iMac
and my memory card was in my computer and in order to get my memory card out
you have to eject it or you’ll lose files so I couldn’t film on my nice
camera because my memory card was stuck in my computer which was locked so a lot
of this stuff that you’re about to see I had to film on my phone because I just
didn’t have access to my camera but finally I do in the end so I will get
access towards the end don’t worry you won’t have to deal with the awful
quality for much longer just bear with me because dumb stuff like that happens
to me all the time so I’m sorry about that but continue on with the video don’t make a brick wall
do not make a fake brick wall I don’t care how aesthetic it looks don’t do it
all of the tutorials on YouTube they’re lying to you it is not easy it was
probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life which is why
there’s little to no footage of it whatsoever it’s because the whole time I
wish I’m stressed I’m stressed I couldn’t focus on anything else it
literally took me three days so I’m sorry about the lack of footage on the
brick wall but it just um took a lot out of me so if you’re watching a video of
someone making a fake brick wall on YouTube don’t do it don’t just don’t
like plain and simple it is so freakin hard like just don’t do it you

100 thoughts on “REDOING MY ROOM 2019 | complete makeover

  1. 9:38
    This is y i write down my passwords but this one time I got locked outta my phone with a pattern type password so I can relate

  2. I think the paint looks better when its not completly white because it adds more contrast with the brick wall and the white furniture

  3. I need to stop watching these because I'm moving into a new house and I know that my dad won't buy me a new bed so I will have to save up money to buy a bed for myself because it's years and years old and used to be my dad's. If I want to buy anything actually I have to buy it myself do I should probably stop watching these and making me jealous and wanting to do it 😥😥😣

  4. Im thinking of repainting all my furnitures to white then start rearranging them🤔 i super love the idea of your room and so with the faux brick wall😍❤️

  5. with all due respect, yOu can’t recommend not doing a brick wall when your room turned out so so lovely 😍😍

  6. 4:42 imagine the amount of effort and time to put into painting a room, thank god I don’t have to do that

    realizes my new house and rooms are drywall and I have to both prime and paint


  7. Soo every time I go to a store I say imma get that for my new room momma (we moving in tomorrow ☺️) (which is August 29th) andd then we had finally say it I was 😐 idk what imma get ma 😶 she was like but at first you was “IMMA GET THAT” and “THIS” but I need help what should I have in my room ??
    (Imma girl so pick girl things please ☺️☺️)

  8. Last year I watched every single girl aesthetic room makeover I could find and made the decision to redo my room completely, like paint the walls cause they were a ugly pastel green and redo the flooring with hard wood floors…so my parents and I kept putting it off…it’s 2019 and it’s about to be 2020…. I am watching all the new room makeovers and I still didn’t do a single thing about my room…1like = telling me to get myself off my booty and do something about my room I have had since I was 9

  9. Omg so I’m redoing my room and I feel like imma cry because I’m getting rid of some of my stuff that has memory to me. ;(

  10. I should have made a video of when I re did my room lol I love watching these maybe someone would have liked watching mine lol I re did my entire room for under $200 👏🏽 #thriftyyy ALSO be careful with those lights on the styrofoam!! When they get hot they can melt it!

  11. Oml, our dogs are like too alike lol, they look alike, is yours a Boston terrier? The act way too alike, mine doe stat exact thing with the pillows as Well!

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