35 thoughts on “redoing my room for summer!!! vsco inspired room decor

  1. I knew i liked this girl as soon as I heard the song reckless and then followed up by sunday best ahh

  2. damn girl u need 1billion subs ur content is amazing! you came up in my feed and i’m happy! just subscribed🥰

  3. Where did you get your bed frame it’s so cute and I hope you get to 2 mil cus you definitely deserve it❤️

  4. I wish I could redo my room. But I’m a 13 year old with no job, and no money. (I mean my own money I’m not poor.) My parents don’t “have the time” to redo my room. Which they don’t. So I’m stuck with my purple walls and fairy decor 🙂

  5. Haven’t watched this yet but already subscribed. All these comments hyping you up so I’m sure it’s for a reason👀😂💛

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