Refinishing Wood Furniture : Sanding Furniture Lacquer

Refinishing Wood Furniture : Sanding Furniture Lacquer

Seems like we are doing the same things over
and over again a lot of retrospect we are. But to get the finish built up like we want
it, we’re going to do the same process, we’re going to sand it again and we’re going to
clean it and get it ready for the next coat of finish. And again I am going back to the
electric sander, because I want to get it a nice flat, smooth surface. Ok, we got that all smoothed out. Now we’re
going to wipe it down and get it clean again. And go to the next step. As we are getting
that we are going to prep our gun over here. The next step we are going be putting on,
we’re going to use the spray gun and the fan again.

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  1. I recently purchased office furniture from Italy wood inlay with a laquer covering. It says to clean with lightly damp cloth…but I find it does not clean fingerprints and leave a water residue. What can I buy or make to clean my laquer on a weekly basis.

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