Rei Germar’s Minimalist Bedroom Makeover // by Elle Uy

Rei Germar’s Minimalist Bedroom Makeover // by Elle Uy

One.. Two.. Three… Open your eyes!!! (Rei) Aaaahh!! It’s so cute! Hi! This is Elle. And welcome to another makeover. I’m super excited about this makeover
because this bedroom belongs to… …Rei Germar!
Come on over. (Rei) Hi!!!
(Elle) There you go. We’re twinning. (Rei) Hello everyone! (Elle) When she messaged me,
I already know the space. I watch her vlogs, so I’ve seen her room already. I knew it’s perfect because it’s a blank canvas… (Rei) It’s really bare. (Elle) … bare and very white. (Rei) I’ve been wanting to fix my room for a while now. (Rei) But I did not have time in 2018. (Elle) You were so busy. (Rei) And also, I find the actual shape of my room weird. (Elle) But it’s nice! (Rei) And I feel that I want to have a lot of things,
I want a vanity… I want this… I want that… (Rei) and I do not know how to arrange them. (Rei) So during the time I was looking for DIYs,
I came across your channel. And then I thought it would be perfect…
so that’s why I messaged her. (Elle) What style do you want for your room? (Rei) Actually, I don’t know the style. (Rei) Usually, other people have an era
and a theme in mind already. But for me, I just want neutral colors,
so it won’t look cluttered. Because I’m a messy person,
I don’t want it to look messier. I feel that if I put a lot of colors,
it might seem untidy already. So I want it in gray scale. (Elle) Very basic, simple, clean.
(Rei) And… (Rei) I want it very chill because
there’s a lot of things going on in my life. (Elle) So at least when you enter your room,
you’ll feel relaxed already.
(Rei) Chill. (Rei) That’s true. (Elle) I’m super excited to fix this up.
(Rei) I’m really excited too! (Elle) So we’ll shop first.
Hopefully she can come with me.
(Rei) Yah, hopefully. (Elle) I’ll share with you everything that we’ll shop for
and what we’ll do here. And I’ll tour you around the room now. (Elle) But before that, please do subscribe to my channel for more home makeovers, design tips and advice.
(Rei) Subscribe!!!!! (Elle) And you may also follow me on Instagram.
There you go. Let’s start the tour. (Elle) Thank you!
(Rei) Thank you! (Elle) When you enter the bedroom, you’ll see this.
To the right is her CR and walk-in closet. It’s a blank canvass so I’m very excited. We’ll keep this bed because it’s new.
But the rest will all be removed. Please don’t mind her stuff.
She’s waiting for the make over so she can arrange
all her belongings. So now, let’s do this. I super love her ceiling.
Because she’s on their topmost floor… …the ceiling is sloped. It’s so nice. And there’s a skylight effect. It’s so cute. So basically, we’ll change almost everything. I mean, when it comes to the furniture.
Except for her bed because it’s cute already. But the layout and the function of the space
will all change. Except the space for the vanity
because it’s perfect already. She bought a new table and a mirror.
That’s where we’ll place it. What she ordered was so cute. So there, I’m so excited to see it. This is so nice! Look, it’s such a blank canvas. It’s so plain. Watch out for what we’re planning to do for this space. I’m here at SM now. I’ll look for furniture, whichever one I see… sofa, side table, coffee table and beddings. Come and join me. I’m actually looking for a gray sofa.
There’s a lot of options here. This one is so beautiful. There. This one too. Let’s look for more options. I feel that this is the perfect sofa
because the shape is lovely. The bed that Rei bought feels glam and classy, though the look that we’re going for is minimalist and simple. So we need a sofa that will match the bed. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same… …but it should be substantial and not so petite
but just right. This is perfect.
I actually I measured the space available. This is my cart.
I also have a sofa, a rug and a big mirror. It’s so nice, see. This one too.
Cute! I’m back at the bedroom again and
we’re setting up already. There’s not much renovation to do. We just need to re-paint and fix a bit of the ceiling because there are some rain stains on it before. But now, the leaks are fixed already. We have a gray accent wall here. The new furniture were delivered already.
We have most them here, some are placed outside. While he’s painting, I’m giving this guy a hard time
by letting him assemble this desk. (Elle) How are you doing? How much time do you need?
(Kuya) 10 minutes. (Elle) Really? 10 minutes? I’ll be timing you.
What time is it? It’s now 3:20 PM.
Let’s see if he’ll finish in 10 minutes… It’s almost 5:00 PM, he just finished installing the desk. (Kuya) But you asked me to do something else?! (Elle) What will I do? He asked me to buy paint.
I asked how much do you need? They said 1 liter. So I bought 1 liter…
but it turns out they lack another liter. We’re almost done with the accent wall and desk. We’ll be back here for one more day
then we’ll reveal the space already. I’m on my way to fix, finalize and shoot Rei’s bedroom. I’m with my brother, Cheston. I told him to meet me at 12:30PM.
It’s already 1:30PM. I still have to arrange things but there’s nothing much. Hopefully, we’ll get to finish everything today. (Cheston) Yes, I’ll help out.
(Elle) Yes! So we’re putting up the frames. I printed these out.
I designed them myself. The gray wall is so cute. We’re almost there. This is the neon sign and
Kuya will install it behind the sofa. Cuuuute!!! Finally, we’re done fixing Rei’s bedroom. And I can finally reveal to you her minimalist bedroom.
Let’s go and have a tour. As you enter, there’s a small corner to the right. She requested for various storage spaces
inside the room because she has a lot of PR packages and other knick-knacks. So when I bought this, I knew it was perfect
for this small corner. It’s just 24 inches and it fits the wall perfectly.
She can put things here like her keys. I placed an artwork here. I just made it in Photoshop.
The theme for this room is white, black, gray
and some accents of blush and pink. This is her bed area.
She bought the bed prior to the makeover. It’s cute and it’s in white, tufted leather. If you remember, the bed’s layout was different before. When I reconfigured the layout,
I thought it’s best to transfer the bed to this side
to fully utilize the other half of the room. With this she can still have a space for the living,
make up area, study area. So this fits here perfectly. And since her headboard is white,
I wanted it to contrast the wall. So we painted the accent wall in dark medium gray.
It looks lovely. The side table was originally in gold.
Later you’ll see I matched it with the vanity table.
It’s beautiful. For the beddings, she wanted it to be minimalist
so this is her bed. It’s very cozy. Then I just placed accent cushions in pink and blush
so it’ll have a cute pop of color. On the other side, I placed the work area
where she can edit and use her laptop. I also placed hanging shelves here. These are pre-made. We just installed it. I displayed her silver button here.
Beside it, I printed out the logo of her channel. I placed a lamp here. It’s just Php800. It’s cute and it’s perfect
because has modern and minimalist style. The chair is nice as well.
Everything was simple in white and black. I wanted to have an accent with some details.
As you can see it has a grid pattern,
just for added texture. Beside it is her living area.
She really wants to have a sofa in her room. Since the room is spacious enough,
the sofa will definitely fit in the room. Since we pushed the bed to the other side, this area freed up. She now has a living area here. And this is the sofa that we bought earlier. Isn’t it cute? These are the throw pillows in blush and pink. And most of all, here’s the custom-made neon light sign.
It’s cute. It says “Conquer.” She requested for it because she has it as a tattoo.
So we placed it here. It’s lovely, right? (Elle) I want to have a photoshoot here later.
(Cheston) Sure. We also have a gray rug here and a black coffee table. So she has a decent living space
in this corner of her room. Over on this side, across the living area, is her vanity. Sorry, I sat on all her chairs. This is the original location of her vanity table before. She requested for it. There’s a window up there,
so there’s better lighting on this side. This corner is really nice
for putting make up on…for beauty stuff. She already bought the table and mirror beforehand, including the bed. For the rest of the furniture,
we were the ones who bought it for her. This furniture is so cute and simple in white and black. I matched the side table with this vanity table,
white top and black legs. I also placed some artworks here
with the same theme of blush, gray, black, white colors. I asked her what she wanted for the decorations… She said she just wants it simple
as long as it matches her room’s vibe. This chair is so cute. It’s blush and it’s velvet. It also has gold legs. It’s beautiful, right? It’s really perfect for a vanity space. Another request she asked for was to have a mirror. (Cheston) I’m here again. (Elle) You’re here again, my official videographer.
(Cheston) Yes, for support. The mirror is nice for OOTDs. Also, it’s in white because we have a lot of black accents on the other side already. Wait, sorry, I need to emphasize this. This is so nice. She had an existing light here before
but it was already old so we changed it. It’s beautiful. Look at this metal grid pattern,
it matches the chair for the office area. So we really intended to put a plant here but it did not arrive in time for this shoot… so we borrowed this plant from their garden first. It’s cute and live plants brightens up an all-white space. I installed curtains on this side because the bed is here. It makes the space cozier. On the other side, I did not install curtains
because the roof is angled so it will look awkward. Plus there’s an aircon installed there
so it won’t look nice. So this is our “Minimalist Bedroom Makeover.” She actually requested for the bedroom
to be simple, clean and serene. …because she’s a busy person and she does make up too. It makes the things she does so colorful already. So she just wanted her bedroom to be in white, black, gray with a few touches of blush and pink. This space makes so happy. It makes me feel relaxed when I check out the room. So we achieved our goal. I’ll reveal the room to her later today. Let’s wait for her. For now, please subscribe to my channel for more home makeovers, design tips and design advice. And you can also follow me on Instagram. That’s it for now.
Let’s just wait for Rei. Bye! She’s here! Let’s reveal the room to her! (Rei) I can’t see anything.
(Elle) Wait, I’ll guide you. (Rei) I feel like we’ve got a lot of storage laying around.
(Elle) There’s none! The space is spacious. Do you remember how your room looked like before? (Rei) Yes, oh my god. Yes.
I remember it clearly in my mind. So… One…Two…Three… Open your eyes!!! (Rei) Aaaahh!! It’s so cute! Aww you installed my mirror already. And I like this too. (Elle) Very minimalist and it’s so spacious.
(Rei) We have space! (Rei) I remember how this looked like.
It’s like a dump site. The lamp is so cute. It’s my play button and my logo! It’s so cute. I’m so happy. (Rei) This is cute too! Hi!!!
(Elle) Hi, lamp! (Migy) It’s beautiful already! (Rei) Babe, do you remember how it looked like before? It looks like a stock room. (Migy) It’s super beautiful.
(Elle) Thank you!
(Migy) Hi! (Migy) It’s so nice! I did not imagine it to be like this.
(Rei) Me too! I was so excited to see the room.
It’s different when your room is clean. To be honest, part of the reasons why I get lazy
to film videos is because my room is untidy. So when I film, everything is messy
except for this area because it’s seen in the video. If I’ll film here, I will transfer all my stuff on this side.
The clutter just shifts from one side to another. (Rei) But now I have options.
(Elle) You can now shoot from any angle. (Rei) That what I told you, right?
Every angle should be vlog-worthy,
even for Instagram posts. (Elle) Even that corner is nice. (Rei) This is cute!
(Elle) It’s nice right? And it matches the chair. (Rei) Did they see what this looked like before?
(Elle) Yes, I shot the before look. (Rei) Oh my god, it’s so fun to film here. Yey! Thank you!
(Elle) Yehey! (Elle) Hope you’re happy!
(Rei) Yes, I am. Super. (Elle) Thank you! I’m so happy that she’s happy.
(Rei) Thank you. I’m really happy. (Elle) You’ll see this room in all her vlogs.
(Cheston) Nice, nice. (Rei) I’m so excited to film.
Later tonight, I’ll start filming here. (Elle) Thank you! Bye bye!
(Rei) Thank you! Bye guys!

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