Relationship saving room makeover – Your Place is a Deal Breaker video

Relationship saving room makeover – Your Place is a Deal Breaker video

JESSICA: We need to make
this more functional. This is supposed to
be an office. JEREMY: I don’t see anything
wrong with it. JESSICA: There’s a coyote
in the room here. You have all these animals
staring at you, and it’s just not a comfortable feeling. At all. JEREMY: It’s like memories,
in a way. You know, some people keep a
scrapbook or photo albums. I keep deer heads and antlers
and turkey beards. [DOORBELL RINGS] VANESSA: Hi, guys. JESSICA: Hi, it’s so
good to see you. VANESSA: Good to see you. JEREMY: Hi, good to see you. VANESSA: Beautiful drive
up, by the way. Let’s see the room. JESSICA: OK. Come right this way. VANESSA: Whoa! What are these? JESSICA: Interesting, right? VANESSA: So I think it’s safe to
say that you’re the hunter. JEREMY: Yes, I’m the hunter. These are my achievements. Some of them. VANESSA: So this is the only
office and you want to kind of commingle in the
space together. JESSICA: Yeah. I don’t spend much time
in here at all because of his trophies. VANESSA: Right. Are you willing to part with
any of your trophies? JEREMY: Um, no. VANESSA: No? OK. OK. I’m just trying to see how I can
find a compromise between the two of you. JESSICA: Maybe if we could get
rid of some of the antlers and random miscellaneous things
hanging around here. I just want something
warm and inviting. This doesn’t look inviting
at all to me. This looks college dorm
room, thrown together. VANESSA: First order
of business. Get started. Let’s get this stuff
out of the room. Let’s clear it out. I need a clean slate. JEREMY: OK. JESSICA: OK. VANESSA: All right? Let’s do it. JESSICA: Now that we met with
Vanessa, I’m feeling really optimistic. JEREMY: Yeah, I’m
excited, too. I just hope that it’s not
too drastic of a change. . VANESSA: Good morning. JESSICA: Good morning JEREMY: Good morning. VANESSA: All right. It’s a beautiful day outside. It’s time to build furniture,
paint these walls, and start organizing. Are you ready for this? JESSICA: Yeah. JEREMY: Let’s do it. VANESSA: So this is
our game plan. We’re going to do a yellow
and grey scheme. I’m going to use some decal
to bring in some trees in your office. But it’s tastefully done. He just rolled his eyes. It’s tastefully done. And it’s a room that you both
are going to come in here and feel comfortable equally. OK. So we’re going to start
painting together. JEREMY: Right now I guess I’m
just nervous that some of my animal heads might not be
coming back into the room, but we’ll see. JESSICA: I love seeing all the
dear heads come out the room. I think the room looks
great right now. The color is really exciting. It’s more vibrant
and colorful. It looks great right now. VANESSA: OK, Jeremy. You can’t do any hunting
in here, OK? JEREMY: OK. Wow. JESSICA: Wow. VANESSA: Now is this a forest
in your office or what? JEREMY: That’s– that
really looks good. JESSICA: I love it. JEREMY: I love it. JESSICA: I love it. It’s great. VANESSA: OK. JESSICA: Wow. Awesome. This is much different. JEREMY: Totally different,
that’s for sure. VANESSA: Different good
or different bad? JESSICA: Very good. JEREMY: Different good. VANESSA: OK, good. I want to take you
around the room. So behind you, flowered pillows,
just for a little bit of the accent. A beautiful yellow
sofa, because that’s our accent color. So we have yellows,
greys, and whites. You come turn around
towards me. We have this beautiful Venetian
frame that surrounds your trophy. What’s his name? JEREMY: Bambi. VANESSA: Bambi? Ohhh. JESSICA: I love the way
the room came out. It looks great. More welcoming, inviting. I feel very comfortable here. And I think it still has a nice
touch of Jeremy with the deer heads and everything
like that. JEREMY: When my friends and
family see this room I think they’re going to be amazed. It’s 100% better than
it was before. VANESSA: Each of you have
your own separate desk. JESSICA: Awesome. VANESSA: OK? So you can pick and choose, but
I think Jeremy, that would be where you would prefer
because you’re used to it. And Jessica, welcome
to your new office. OK? So on either side, we have these
great antler lamps that I found, with a white shade, and
I spray-painted the bottom just to kind of that whole white
flow into the space. JEREMY: You know, now that you
have your own desk, I don’t want to see you sitting
at my desk, OK? JESSICA: Don’t worry. I won’t. VANESSA: I hope you
enjoy your space. And that’s it. Enjoy! JESSICA: Thank you so much. JEREMY: Thank you. Thanks. VANESSA: Take care. Bye. JESSICA: Bye. JEREMY: Bye. JESSICA: Are you happy? Do you love it? JEREMY: Yeah, I love it. It’s really nice. JESSICA: Really nice. I’m happy too. VANESSA: I’m Vanessa Deleon,
and you’re watching Spaces. [ANIMAL CALL] CAMERAMAN: (LAUGHING)
Keep going. OK.

35 thoughts on “Relationship saving room makeover – Your Place is a Deal Breaker video

  1. the decals are beautiful! Great transformation, not a fan of taxidermy but I think Vanessa did the best she could with them.

  2. How incredible clever was this redesign? Really like how she had a very difficult constraint and was able to work around it so elegantly. Bravo Vanessa.

  3. What a fabulous redo. I love, love, love the frame around the deer head. The decals really fit the rooms theme and also love the color scheme 🙂 Nice job!!

  4. Lovely job! I was unsure about the color of yellow with the gray when I first saw it, but it turned out wonderful.

  5. serious? You totally emasculated the guy….he should have at least his own room to do as he wish with that f%#ing house he pays for.  yikes….and its a fuggly room.

  6. To kill an animal and then hang their heads on the wall is telling one what kind of person they are and that they have no consideration for the life of animals.

  7. Nice transformation. The yellow & grey color scheme is energetic. It would be pleasant to work in the room. I like that the designer listened to the husband and honored his hobby. Too many people are intolerant of the culture of others. Good job.

  8. Why can't the wife let him have his room. I'm sure he doesn't go through her jewellery box and say throw this out or keep this.

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