Relaxing in a Japanese Hot Spring | 24 Hours in Kagoshima

Relaxing in a Japanese Hot Spring | 24 Hours in Kagoshima

okay Mishima guys refused absolutely amazing the view is so good just view it’s just the best view like the site is just so amazing I’m sorry that the arts are so good yeah really good dude [Music] [Applause] since the dawn of time and space I’ve been travelling across Japan my journeys taken me through wind and rain jaw-dropping landscapes together we met the most amazing people hell we even got some free biscuits but the never-ending journey that started many weeks ago in Yamagata prefecture in North Japan has come to an end and against the odds we’ve reached our final destination the city of Kagoshima in South Kyushu how is my journey affected me though did I actually lose any weight and do I regret it at all these are all questions that need answering in detail but not today even though the answer is yes yes and yes because today we’ve got just 24 hours to explore the city of Kagoshima from becoming the most elite swordsman who ever lived in just two hours and sampling Kagoshima is award-winning wacky beef – lazing around in a traditional Japanese public bathhouse Kagoshima has one of the most unique and instantly recognizable skylines in all of Japan thanks to the smoldering Sakurajima volcano lurking out in the bay regarded as Japan’s most active volcano and eloquently translating as cherry blossom Island it’s not uncommon here for the locals to walk around with umbrellas in defense against the raining ash that often falls down upon the city Sakurajima is one of 16 volcanoes on a UN special watch list alongside Italy’s Mount Vesuvius which famously destroyed Pompeii although fortunately Kagoshima has yet to face such an event in the meantime though the volcano in its seismic surroundings could be as much a blessing as a curse as we’ll find out later on during our day our first stop though is to meet up with Alex fellow British expat living in Kagoshima who’s promised to finish off what’s left of me off my lengthy journey by introducing me to the local martial arts [Music] well dig em here is the leap school of swordsmanship dating back to the 16th century and unique to Kagoshima started by an undefeated swordsman who is said to have 146 jewels at the core of GE mu is the one strike strategy whereby practitioners are trained to incapacitate opponents in just one brutal strike so important is this technique that unlike other martial arts practitioners aren’t even trained how to lure or defend against an opponent after all there’s no better defense than chopping your enemy clean in half before they’ve even had a chance to make fun of your mum under the tutelage of Alex of master Ali murder sincere I’ve got just one morning to learn the key techniques so someone joins GG I knew they’d have to do this kind of basic practice for about 6 months before they move on to the next next stage six months of this affecting this sea buddy does a lot and you don’t really notice until you kind of focus and you know trying to find out those bad habits all the little things I’ve gotta try and take to consideration your posture your hand where your hands are the end of the blade it’s all those things at 10 o’clock in the morning to become amongst the most formidable swordsman in all of Japan historically a master of G game you would practice daily by striking a wooden post not once not twice but 11,000 times a day 3,000 times in the morning and 8,000 of nine pretty good stress relief and yet for me the hardest thing was plucking up the courage to carry out the unnerving scream that accompanies the attack so you can either say and never doubt the first strike the second strike will lose so you put everything behind the first cut kaboom which [Music] so the reason we walk like this in pseudo yashi is because if there are any obstacles on the floor like rocks or glass or something like that you can kind of feel them out before you step on them also to kind of keep your movement from going up and down like this it’s better to have like a no balance where you’re walking so that you can strike at any time so they’re kind of main reasons for doing Sidious [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] my legs have been finished off from cycling and now my arms are screwed as well my hats how many of these are you supposed to do in a day in the morning and then 8000 in the afternoon or the evening 3000 in the morning 8,000 evening 11,000 times I’m not struggle to do 11 times much Christ even though I thought Christine so after practice just sweep the floor cover your tracks and that requires a little bit of concentration my favorite thing was the foot movement like their reasoning behind the foot movement for feeling out the ground before you feeling for glass or anything that could ng where you saw slide across glide across the ground as you do this you could see why it takes so many years to perfect and become perfect huh something I can’t read in one morning having become the greatest swordsman who ever lived in just two hours I reward myself by escaping to one of Kojima’s public bathhouses [Music] Oh haven’t done this enough on the cycle sit in a hot spring this is a public park and sent off in the middle of Kagoshima City just around the corner for we’re doing the sword fighting and it feels like it feels a little bit like I’ve gone back to the 1950s or something 1950s style adverts and artwork it is about 1 o’clock in the afternoon so not do people come here this time of day and the whole place to myself in recent years sent a public bathhouses have become a bit of a faded tradition with people choosing to bathe at home instead I tend to find the suburban bath houses that remain today of something of a nostalgic atmosphere have faded glory and that faded glory comes at a reasonable price as well this one cost just 370 m to enter and comes equipped with an old-fashioned massage chair and of course a fridge packed with Pocari sweat perfect but here it’s the hot spring water that takes center stage and kagoshima may live in the shadow of a constantly smoldering volcano but living upon such a seismically active landscape does come with some benefits essentially the city is one big hot spring with over 2,000 hot spring sources spread across town and so whilst most public bath houses in Japan simply use heated tap water this bath pumps the mineral-rich hot spring water from deep beneath the city it may look like your average cent a bath house but it’s actually a premium hot spring in disguise it’s funny normally when you come to a place like this and ask the owner for permission to film they say no especially during the day you have to come in at 3 a.m. at night which is why most of my onsen hot spring scenes are filmed at like 3 or 4 a.m. in morning this place the owner just didn’t care no there’s two guys are in it out but the owner is like yeah I feel why we won’t do it you are yeah people who kind of she must feel a bit more relaxed laid-back and open-minded towards cameras I just don’t care I if you find stripping down naked in a Japanese bark house a bit too daunting though Kagoshima does have an exciting alternative it’s the only place in Japan where you can be buried alive in geothermally heated volcanic sand it all comes down to personal preference would you rather relax in a soothing hot spring bath or be buried alive in a pile of sand what would you rather do leave a comment below if the hot springs or the steaming sand hasn’t piqued your interest so far though the 1950s retro massage chair definitely will on a scale of 1 to retro massage chair is 30 M 30 tents is it a retro massage chair or is it a retro torture device find out something quite creepy about most japanese massage chairs very sophisticated this bit is hidden concealed behind the chair itself this just looks like I just picked wrong let’s do this I can’t really sink into it like a proper massage chair because this picture stick it out it’s manual so use this handle here feels like administering some sort of torture device to yourself because he could oh my god just gotta find the right spot oh wow he knew something so simple to bring you so much joy first thing I do when I get back from this never-ending journey across Japan gonna buy a massage chair because I the one thing I really needed my life a massage chair I fired a massage chair anything would be possible best now if you’re a regular viewer of the abroad Japan channel you’ll probably know I don’t eat a whole lot of wacky beef it’s er it’s incredibly rare yeah but seeing as Kagoshima is Wagyu beef recently won the Japanese Wagyu Olympics it makes sense to try it just this just this one time favorite dining experience law in Japan takoyaki every single time it’s both an art form watching it theatrically being cooked before you and torture because it’s so damn close and you want it now but you can’t and it’s just art but then when it’s here before you beautifully laid out like artwork it’s worth the wait entirely the people of terashima are very proud of packaged movies and they should be it’s won the Japan Wagyu Olympics for the next five years this is the number one beef in all Japan as chosen by the experts of Lucky beef across the land there we go holy crap Astro good it’s really good oh wow you know what guys my picture today my mind for weeks months on end the last day of the trip what’s it going to look like I pictured rolling into Kagoshima the red car felt the crowds cheering the fireworks display and the labyrinth I let’s display know that and yet today’s been better than all of those daydreams I have eating why do you be having a sword fight relaxing and on set even if I can’t hold the beer straight because my arm shaking is the sword fighting earlier it’s been an amazing day and I’ve really enjoyed them I’ve got a list of places I made their list of places I visited on this trip that I’d like to go to again Kagoshima is right near the top like I’m definitely coming back here to explore it more this is what it’s all about sitting alone being Wagyu beef relaxing in a room whilst my team of four or five people sit around me in Envy looking in envy and anger and despair as I eat this one of the beef we’ve got Chris Hocking out there John over there I may just have to sit there and stand and watch as I just enjoy myself it’s the way isn’t well guys I’ve had such an amazing day in kagoshima waited so long for this to be stood here looking out across the bay towards Sakurajima it couldn’t have ended any better thank you so much to all of you for being a part of journey across Japan for following me across 2,000 kilometers we’ve seen so much we’ve met so many incredible people thank you to all my guests as well and thank you to every person every stranger we met along the way the food’s the place is the people it’s been one hell of an adventure there’s gonna be one more video coming out after this when the dust has settled in a few weeks the ethyle up to the trip where I’ll talk about how it affected me spiritually mentally physically but for now guys huge thanks are being a part of journey across Japan I’ll see you all again very soon they’ll roll the credits one last time play that amazing song [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] at last old friend we meet again

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  1. NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Unbelievable. It’s finally over. I’m free at last. Freeeeeeeee.
    Thank you to everyone who’s watched along and been a part of the adventure; I know it’s taken almost a comically long time to finish, but now it’s finally over I’m delighted to have a relatively well produced 28-part series to be proud of. The people, the places, the food, the energy jelly – despite all the hell I’ve gone through for this, it’s been worth it to create all those memories and to share the ups and downs with you along the way.
    There’ll be one more epilogue episode released after this, talking a bit about what happened behind the scenes (for example, why I ended up cutting out cycling scenes in Kyushu), as well as the highlights and what effect it had on me physically/mentally (quite the effect tbh).But for now guys, I’m looking forward to moving on and without the burden of editing a massive unscripted series, we’ll be seeing more regular uploads going forward. I’m both delighted and shocked that it’s finally over. If you have a favourite moment from the series, go ahead and let me know below. I’ll be reading through them over a cup of tea (it’s what all the English people do innit).

    Also 05:40 is the undeniable highlight of everything.

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    Also footwork is also quite similar as well as using kiai.

    Would love you to try out or visit a police kendo squad and experiencing this martial art at least by watching.

    The one thing that distinguishes kendo from many arts is the fact that its beautiful in form while 100% applicable. You actually fight and what you learn you will be able to use while looking good (ofc after you spend at least 10 years since it takes super long to look good doing kendo)

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