15 thoughts on “Renowned architect I M Pei dies at age 102 | Al Jazeera English

  1. To be very honest , The Doha art museum is such an ugly looking building , I understand that this was designed by one the greatest artist of modern times,IM Pie, but that doesn't help this building in any way. I mean consider Taj Mahal, the epitome of Islamic Art or other great sites of Islamic Art and architecture ,AlHambra for instance and campare it with this , such a lost opportunity . Some of the most beautiful Islamic artistic treasures are stored in the most ugliest buildings in Qatar .

  2. Chinese ingenuity should be recognised acknowledged and accepted by westerners. China for thousands of years have invented many things, some get publicities some don’t. Today Huawei is the leader in 5 G , the western countries should accept it. Don’t go around by being a sore looser!

  3. .Wiñazki: "(…) Cristina Fernandez se robó DIEZ MIL MILLONES DE DÓLARES, lo dijo Manzanares (ex-contador K) (…)"*

    Nota: El Juicio a Cristina Fernandez empieza el martes.

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