Resident Evil Four: Interior Designer Leon - Part 17 - Bittersweet Bros

Resident Evil Four: Interior Designer Leon – Part 17 – Bittersweet Bros

prettiest neighbor uh no Street no cuz Freddie who message oh right yeah yeah I got a message from him today and I feel so comfortable who is this Freddie I wish I knew some random guy who sends them test text messages about things that are happening like you just like you want to keep your friend say this summer sure it's like I know your family that would make sense yeah pretty sure it was like some self-awareness thing yeah it's an automated message but it's he always says that it's Freddie he's like hey Freddie again I actually got one for them yesterday I care what it was but but just that one those do you want to keep your friends safe that was like three friends safe this summer winter rolls around David already still be safe red and the artist do you want college tuition type Y to get it or like Oh Ashley good job guys I have nothing to say you need a sniper rifle like one of them Iraqi guys Marines in Iraq we gave them each a sniper rifle and a dog treat a dog free to use mostly to eat but also to load their Ohio you're going with something else like the president bush did funny things like handed people like candy all the time like snuck candy to them so I don't I don't know did you could you imagine that you're the front lines also the president's like sneaking a candy dog peace walk people are expensive bicycles were two thousand three thousand saman dollars and he bought a bunch of these and he gave them as gifts to people and there's a lot of yeah it's four thousand dollars of like space of like thing that's just gonna like devalue just like these people are gonna use it together to go to work and to get around and go to school people are like yeah I'm gonna sell this it is weird how we always essential rooms to be the strangest thing yeah it is truly like robes can like have like so many different meanings it's like oh look it's like monks in their robes or persons probably going to kill me that's why there's a lot of atheists or Britain to my right Oh what Wow that's daddy brutal oh yeah yeah she's just like okay about it I'm pretty sure oh yeah if I could I like how he's not even like the one firing just like chilling there yeah I don't know once he damned okay I'm gonna I'm gonna pop oh yes I use a first-aid spray wait have you like taking it back to the good old days with Roxanne all great numbers wait but he doesn't have a barrel next what do I do just gosh shoot the boy what do I do but everybody all said barrels pop a cap in hey you look is that do the campaign to drop ammo I do like to think that Leon Kennedy like bolsters and he like tries to pump himself up while he's doing he's like crawling he's like yeah the hotter leg around with this like hand on his stomach bleeding is like you're cool it's like I'm helium you a dog oh you're a curious gods did that gives me the hugest sense of urgency I'm not gonna lie well I love that this game is legitimately as quickly as you tap something and like do that action because you saw like with him swimming away from like a shark thing no but you weren't square upon they say it's a detonated and detonation like little TNT things in it it was all planned no it was an inside job is what you say he left Ashlee behind I heard your whisper I read your whisper across the court I also completely forgot to do the thing that's like hey man a nomina got some rad things on so strangely just cells either things it's like the old school oh not this again oh no it was because I kept hitting no so threatened skin cast it yeah does anybody else remember the chump line of things like the chump line of like no sound clothes oh so like Versace and Prada and yes but like like more like a like it was looking it was like a quote unquote name-brand like his like chump was like a was you know just the thing with you I say at the time in Yatta Yatta so it wasn't actually the brand name I mean I literally have a green visor that says chump on it and it has a little dude on it yeah I did you not hear me oh my whispers she's flying to this guy like a nightmare he's talking to her oh my god a nuance now the president I know who did this yes this part is yeah it's difficult from what I remember because there's like one person in here it can like one shot well I don't feel like I didn't want to take that no you you have to have it I just would just like it's not it's so hominis okay since I'm inside of a building you fool good idea to equip the shotgun that can hold the ten fucking rounds oh god yes you say so scared like I was just money sitting on the table I pull the trigger as soon as I pull the trigger it's like this oh god that guy's holy shit dude they came up good moving Ashley move it Ashley wait I don't know why that guy's running like way around but okay oh wait here great I wish you to directly shares yeah would be nice to roll shit take my estes do crazy things I'm pretty sure if that thing munches on you it just kills you automatically I just say like I don't think that's the thing like this game is like weirdly like difficult but also there's a lot of speed suck it Rebecca you go this way I go that way go do it they're all just chained to you you just walked in on like one of the chance sessions that's what were so angry they're like we still gotta get in practice while you hum you're like even in combat isn't getting monetize we're in the Western finals of the choral group take the golden sword yes giant swords it was very limited in my options actually maybe they do in fill the smile that guy wasn't there before what the right guy no that's a guy oh yeah they're just keep coming on well I mean you just have to receive back into my head yeah I also still love the fact that no matter where you're at with the shotgun in ammo you just put it in two two shells and you're like okay cool it's great like damn that that is some next-level reloading and I am impressed pop jeez you put them in the same way yeah I the gold one goes there what the foot okay listen I I clearly did it wrong but I swear to God I was like okay put the opposite one here okay can I put the platinum one do you want to rearrange these people's houses because they did this poorly yes yes yes please guys please don't send your zombies after me okay now we go back up the stairs here you work for the US government and we just happen to have the US presidents daughter here wow that's weird yeah but I'm a contractor for him I do interior design for them for the president yes he sent me here not to take the daughter back I actually didn't really help you get it more fun when I was running away from them he was playing with your carriers you've been coughing up blood right it's a weird mix my just quit the bad way what did he drop did he drop the thank you you guys are curious right you've been coughing up blood yeah well now that you mention it there's a lot there's a lot of them come through there it's locked slot sheet oh my goodness no please don't worse mm-hmm if you told me that's how I died I would have done it earlier end it there and you might get me just right with the fucking head crunch just that's where it ends you are deaf just

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