Revit Modeling exercise – Curved furniture exercise

Hey guys, today we are going to model something like this. It can be a stool or chair… I’m just going to create a generic model family. Create a sweep, draw path first. Create 1 edge first, center to the reference plane. Mirror, then rotate(copy) to create the rest. Fillet with radius. It looks like I can not move the edge to change the size… It’s fine, the path is done. Now edit the profile. The idea is to at least have a bit of horizontal line so we can later join the geometry nicely. I had some trouble creating a curve here… Please ignore this attemp. Let’s just make it straight for now… Offset to create the thickness. Let’s have a look in the 3D View and find out what is wrong. It looks like the project is too big relative to the path. Let’s re-do the profile… It works this time. Now go to top view and create an extrusion to match the sweep. Use Join Geometry to these 2 form. Go to a side view, to adjust the extrusion to match The join line automatically disappear when their heights match. Now go to a side view, pick a vertical reference plane as the work plane, and create a void to cut the solid. Done, but it looks more like a part of a milk bottle… Let’s see what we can do to make it better. Let me increate the curve at the edge and add a curve to the vertical part. Better… but still … I need to adjust the extrusion sketch…. I need to unjoin the geometry so I can see the edge of the sweep for the skech of the extrusion. Maybe I need to adjust the path of the sweep as well. Better I think. Adjust the skech of the extrusion to match the sweep. Ok, that’s it. I think you can make it parametric if you like. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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