Ring Light Review: Why you SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting!

Ring Light Review: Why you SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting!

– When it comes to video lighting, ring lights have been getting
a lot of attention recently but if you’re planning to use
one for shooting your videos, in my most cases, my recommendation is to
avoid them all together. So in this video we’re
gonna take a look at why you shouldn’t use a Diva
ring light for your videos. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here make sure
you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s just into it. Now ring lights, Diva
lights, circle lights, whatever you wanna call them, they’re a pretty popular type
of light for video creators. Now while they do have some advantages, there are a few downsides that
often don’t get a mention. Whenever I’m asked should I
get a ring light for my videos, typically my answer is almost always no. When it comes to video lighting there are much better options available. So to help you decide if a ring light is really the best option for you videos, we’ll start off by looking at the benefits and yes, there are some. Then we’re look at the downsides to give you the full picture. Now while this is my opinion, some people swear by ring lights
for pretty much everything so let me know in the comments, are you using a ring
light for your videos, what experience have you had, and what are your thoughts on ring lights? Once we’re done with the review I’ll also share my recommendations for best all-round video lighting kits and a link to a tutorial
on how you can use them to get great results every time. So starting off then with
the advantages or the pros of ring lights is that
typically most of them straight out of the box will throw a nice soft flattering light versus a lot of the
cheaper lights on YouTube that aren’t ring lights, they’re not gonna have that
diffusion or throw a soft light. So a harsh light or a hard light is going to give you a lot more shadows, a lot more contrast on your face whereas a ring light or a diffused light is going to give you,
straight out of the box, a much more diffused, softened light which is going to help
hide things like wrinkles or make them look a lot
less prominent in your shot. Now because they do
throw a nice soft light it also means that you can typically sit a lot closer to them which
is why they’re perfect for things like beauty
videos and makeup tutorials because typically you can be sitting a lot closer to the camera to be able to shoot those kinds of videos. But the other things with having
this circular focused light and focusing that light on
the subject of the video, being a nice soft light
it actually softens the background as well so
it’s more of a softer blending between the subject and the background so this can work really well if there’s not a lot
going on in the background or if you’re using just a plan white wall or something like that can
create a pretty cool look. And now for the downsides
of using a ring light in your videos, probably the biggest one is the reflection that it
can create in your eyes. The circular reflection that can look really really distracting and look really really
unnatural and in a lot of cases it’s due to people sitting
so close to the ring light to get that nice flattering light. Now this is something that’s
really personal preference. Some people will love
it and love that look and always try to recreate
that in their videos. Others will absolutely hate
it because it looks unnatural, because it can be distracting and can really take away
from what’s being said or the content of the actual video and this is something that you only get when you’re using ring
lights or Diva lights for your videos, purely based on the shape of the lights themselves. So because the lights
are round and circular with a hole in the middle, then it’s gonna create that
same reflection in your eyes if you’re sitting close
enough to the light. All right, so who are they good for, who are they not good for and
what are my recommendations? Now just remember that
making videos is art. It’s a creative process. There’s no right or wrong with it. It really is personal preference. You might like something
or hate something. It’s all about creating the
videos that you wanna create and that are gonna resonate
with your audience. So if you’re someone that
likes that circular reflection in the eyes and that’s
the look that you’re after then obviously that’s the choice for you is to get a ring light
because no other light is going to give you that same look and that’s really why for most people, when they ask me what
lights they should use I tell them not to get a
ring light or Diva light because of that reflection. I’m not a fan of it. I actually think it
looks really unnatural. I think it’s really distracting and yeah, it annoys me. I don’t think it needs to be there but it is a look that
a lot of people like. So if everybody else that
doesn’t like that look and is after that nice
flattering soft light to still do makeup videos
and makeup tutorials as well, as well as any other kind of video, then there are other lights available that will give you that same
look without the reflection. So an example and the
ones that we currently use and recommend are by a
company called Yongnuo and the light is the YN300 Air. Now these are a pretty
small LED light panel that do throw a nice soft diffused light. You can control the brightness except your resulting video
and the reflection in the eye is going to look a lot more natural. So again, it’s really going to come down to personal preference but in my opinion, I think you’re actually
gonna get better results in more cases with regular LED lights that have diffusion or add diffusion, add a pillow case, add a piece of cloth, add some baking paper or cooking paper to soften your lights down so that you’re able to
get a nice softer light which is a more flattering light but at the end of the
day remember any lights are better than no lights and it really is personal
preference as to what look you like the look of. So there’s two videos
linked on the screen, the first one is linking to our recommended video lighting options and the second one is to
a video lighting tutorial. I’ll see you soon.

99 thoughts on “Ring Light Review: Why you SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting!

  1. Thanks Justin, i was going to buy one of these to improve my shooting. But after this video i'll look for other options. Also I'd like to thank your for your guidance & tips to buy a lens for shooting cooking videos, I bought one and it works so good.

  2. Hi Justin! Thank you for taking your time to do this. Lighting is a good subject and glad you did this thorough video. I only do videos for conferencing at home so this helps alot.

  3. Have a close look on the light reflections on your eyes in this video… I don't think that's better than the ring reflection.

  4. You can still use ring lights but just put them on an angle not straight in front of you like you to with the other ones. Defeats the purpose of them a little but if you have them already, it's fine to reuse them of course.
    You can also soften them WAY down.

  5. When I see the ring reflection in people's eyes, I always think it looks like they are trying too hard. I picture them sitting in front of the diva ring. It looks forced. I can see why the beauty creators use them, though.

  6. I found LED works for me. I aim it with a reflector type fixture just to light mainly one spot. Now off topic, WTH was wrong with that womans lips?

  7. I checked your link those lights u refer to are super reasonable price wise. Thanks! I always just use a floor lamp w a daylight bulb

  8. I was advised early on that with wearing glasses the ring would reflect in the video and it would make it look like my eyes are glowing. I've always stayed away from them.

  9. I have the DIVA ring light and for doing webcam type videos its indispensable and no, because of the angle I don't get the wolf-eye effect.
    As for the light you recommend how many do you use and how close are they relative to you and camera? Thanks Justin!

  10. I don't use them, but I have imagined that for someone who wears glasses, that circular reflection effect would be magnified even more. I watched a video recently and immediately noticed the circular reflection in her eyes, and throughout the rest of the video I kept looking at it and thinking about it. So yeah, very distracting for me.

  11. I find the ring reflection in the eye's of those I'm watching very distracting, and miss what's being said, so I'm with you on this one… Thumbs Down on the ring light…

  12. I'll never be able to watch a video again w/out looking for the circles in the eyes – I never noticed them before lol

  13. Thanks for sharing. I have a ring light I use and i don't mind it very much because I use a webcam for my videos. I do notice the glare in people's eyes when they are so close to the light. There are two cons i've found so far with ring lights for me One is that it can reflect on products when your filming. The second is some LED models aren't replaceable so you have to throw the entire light head away. To me that's just wasteful. Thanks for all the info.

  14. I use x2 ring lights positioned either side of the subject to shoot all of my video – albeit mostly top down art and craft style content so the ring lights work perfect for this – also they were much more affordable compared to other led panel lights I could find. I can see how it could be a problem using one light and getting that weird reflection

  15. Thank you Justin for your recommendations on lighting, I was thinking of going live and wasn’t sure what lighting to use great information 😊❤️

  16. Bottom line, anything that called a "Diva" is something that is most likely going to end-up a pain in the neck. So I wouldn't choose to use them for anything short of wanting to waste money.

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  18. I have a ring light. Just got it. Only days before this video came out. 🙁

    Now that I have it I will be using it, as it is the only light source I have at this time.

    However, I was trying to use my lapel microphone by connecting it to my smart phone, and it created this terrible buzzing sound! I know it is because the electronics are too close. What can I do to solve this issue? I see so many other women using their smart phones and ring lights together, but they don’t get that awful buzz in their videos. Please help!

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  20. I use a mini diva ring light, it works great! Its perfect and affordable when filming on a phone.
    Edit: however there are a few flaws, for example with the shine in my glasses, but I have found a few tricks to fix that

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    Really want to thank you ☺️
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    Really appreciate ur support

  23. I use it and I think it is great. But I use it off to the side to get more shadows on the other side of my face instead of directly at my face. My opinion i like the light in the eyes. I think it gives it more detail and in the film making they call it a catch light. Just my opinion but great information Justin! Been enjoying your work my friend.

  24. Hi Justin, I’m starting my YouTube in some weeks already purchased one of the lights u recommend the YONGNUO but found out I needed a battery to power it. I purchased the Logitech C922 do I need one of the the lights for great lighting

  25. The biggest problem with ring light is that you need to stand very close to the lens which might yield unnatural face proportions. This "fisheyeness" is the reason why pros shoot portraits from afar using longer focus lengths. The ring reflections are not a big deal, personally, I find them kinda cool.

  26. Thanks Justin. I love your videos and content, they help me a lot. Btw you look very skinny on this one. Hope you good. May just need some holidays… 😉

  27. I was considering a ring light. But that unnatural look is distracting. Maybe good for certain shots like vampire or supernatural movies.

  28. I just bought a Neewer ring light at an incredible deal… less than $70 dollars, with all the bells & whistles; that can't be beat. For anyone newly starting out or simply on a budget, I plan to share exactly what I got for my basic starter kit and how I found great deals on my channel. 😇

    With what you mentioned about the zombie-halo-eye effect with ring lights, I personally think that if you work it properly that can actually look kind of cool. Yes, it's an obvious "flaw," but technically so are freckles; and I happen to think that freckles are probably the single-most attractive abnormality that humans have.

    The simplistic packaging and relatively low-cost of ring lights make them hard to argue against. Like, there's literally nothing that can be said to reasonably dispute that a $70 lighting solution that's plenty good-enough for a new YouTuber is a GREAT buy. Starting-out with simply my personal story as a survivor of suicidal depression, moving to some daily vlogging, and also some other fun & casual content, a ring light is exactly the "no-brainer" simple setup option I was looking for; I needed to get started quickly and easily, otherwise I may have procrastinated or talked myself out of creating…

  29. The advice you and Mike gave for lighting on the go was EVERYTHING!! With Ring lights and pricey constant lights (with soft boxes, umbrellas, etc) being all I've known, I doubted you. Needed a better traveling option to teach Branding with Livestream video and your recommendations for the Yongnuo was a GAME CHANGER, OMG!! 🌟

  30. We call them cameo lights in LA. I used one for an interview with Janet Jackson, and that was in 2006. her glam team came in and loved how her face was lit for the shoot and so, its an acquired taste and a special light i would say. use it for a reason-glam interviews, fashion shoots, music videos, and confessional interviews. I would say it's not for ENG shoots. they add glamour to the look, so think what is your motivation before you just throw it on.

  31. I agree with this. If the light is too close it can look unnatural. But When I used the ring light I always add some distance. Keeping it at leave four feet away and slightly dimmed has worked for me perfectly.

  32. Thank you so much for this video.
    I was just about to get the diva ring.
    But now I sew I wont.
    I dont like the Circle I see In
    Peoples eyes that use it.
    I will get the other light you Recommended.

  33. You're so right. I made the mistake of purchasing the complete set including 3 point lighting beauty dishes years ago and then tried to use for videos recently. The studio lighting is too concentrated and I would constantly have to move them near or far depending on the type of video I'm shooting. It's only good for closeup and close-up and portrait photography. Definitely terrible the farther back I am – uneven lighting and it's really obvious that the background is not well-lit.

  34. The ring reflection makes eyes look great…this is absurd. Adding an overhead softbox will help as well, but this is by non the worst reason not to get one. Its called Halo eyes and its a very desirable effect if done properly.

  35. but I want the reflections of the ring light to appear in my eyes. I want a heart-shaped light or even a star shaped light.

  36. Ring light is cheap so I'm considering it. But I decided to get aputure m9 instead because of how portable it is. I think it is as good if not better than Yongnuo one.

  37. A variety of uses for these lights . Clearly for the YT vlogger talking to camera. But a variety of very expensive films have used the ring light for specific goals .
    The very expensive film LUCY used a version of a ring light for certain scenes. Take a look… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQYq-ovBp_U
    But of course all ring lights are not created equally. As for the issue of a round circle in eyes as others have pointed out … the guys at Rotolight have argued that a round light reflection in ones eyes is better than a rectangular one.

  38. The fact that a ton of creators have white circles in their eyes is why I am on this video. I was searching for solutions to it even though I don't make videos myself. It baffles me why someone would prefer the ring eye look.

  39. OMG first I just have to say, LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! Secondly, thank you so much for this particular video. I purchased a ring light and while I love how it illuminates my face, I agree…the ring in my eyes is annoying. Also, when I go to hold up a product to show to the camera, it shows that same annoying ring reflection in the product, especially when the product has a glossy cover or case. I will definitely be checking out your recommendation! Thank you!!!

  40. Hated it, BURNED my eyes because of the brightness, gave me a lot of shadows and was just awful. Thank you for this video.

  41. The circular catch light doesn't bother me and I think the same goes for most viewers. For me the biggest disadvantage of a ring light is that you have to be pretty close to the lens to use it and therefore you have to shoot pretty wide. I prefer to have the subject further from the camera to compress facial features.

    Thank said, if you are starting out ring lights are fantastic because they make it really easy to get a soft beauty look without having to think too much about lighting. You only need one light and no soft-boxes and light modifiers. For that reason alone I wholeheartedly recommend ring lights for content creators who want to focus more on the content of their videos and not worry about lighting until they're a bit more experienced.

  42. I'm late to the party, but came across your video while researching. Justin, without having looked at your other videos for the answer, what do you suggest for a mobile interview setup? Some time has passed, do you still think those small panels would work best being so small? Thanks for the video!

  43. I wish I had seen this before I bought a ring light! For years I used an umbrella light, but it's too big for my current space. The advantage of the ring light is it doesn't take up much room and the warm lighting is great. But the reflection in the eyes/eye glasses is horrible! Will the YongNuo work for my desktop videos? Thank you Justin! ♥

  44. Boi I'm just trying to get a phone stand that comes with a light for cheap cuz I ain't trying to do no professional looking shit XD RAR

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