Rising of the Shield Hero: A Postmortem | Glass Reflection

Rising of the Shield Hero: A Postmortem | Glass Reflection

SEASON TWO BEFORE HE SHAT ALL OVER IT? The world may never know. So Shield Hero is a thing. It’s a Fantasy Isekai anime from January
of 2019 about a guy who gets transported to another world, gets mysterious video game like powers and
is tasked with the inevitable mission to save the world from destruction or else….? The initial premise of the series really isn’t
all that much to write home about and while my words on the topic will probably
seem quite negative on the work, it’s not because Shield Hero is “technically”
all that bad, but rather to me it’s just infuriating… My initial thoughts on the series was that
it was a barebones mishmash of well-established iseki tropes that tries
to disguise itself as something truly good by just having far better production quality
then it deserves. You can also call this the Sword Art Online
effect. Because we have to get that joke in here somewhere. When a well written work gets an above average
level of production it becomes a masterpiece that can transcend all, even years after its release,
Shield Hero did not seem like that to me at all when I first watched it. It’s
pretty, yes, and its soundtrack is phenomenal (which I’m saying because I think it is
and not because I’ve actually had sushi with the composer and think he’s a great
bloke). But as far as a piece of entertainment I felt like Shield Hero was just an example
of someone chucking a bunch of money at it with hopes that over-producing it will have
a good effect. Which arguably it did. It’s still trending relatively well on Crunchyroll’s
popular anime tab despite it being 3 months since the show ended, sitting just
under a show that is STILL airing. or was when I took that screenshot. Also the fact that the Shield Hero ad loaded
while I was taking this screenshot is just *chef’s kiss* But here’s the thing, I wanted to try something
new with this video, while it should be very clear that I have
major problems with this series, and if that’s not clear yet it might be
soon, I do realise that it does still hold a semblance of popularity and interest. So rather than
simply disregard the likes of those people for whatever reason, I wanted to see if I could figure out if some
of my major problems with the series are just personal gripes that I have. Are
there highlights to the show that potentially could be major positives for some people that
I can’t see because I can’t get over either my own problems or biases? And really
I just want to know, to be able to explain to myself why people like show in a way that
I can rationalize when I personally had to stop multiple times during my watch
through because of things I found insufferable. So Ladies, Gentlemen and others, my name is
Arkada and welcome to Glass Reflection where today we are looking at the first season
of the 2019 adaption for The Rising of the Shield Hero. Let’s Jam. Hey, if you couldn’t figure it out by this
point, there’s a decent chance I’m going to be spoiling things about the
plot of the series for a variety of reasons. If that bothers you feel free to stop now.
Otherwise carry on! Let’s start a bit backwards so that we can
properly begin with the obvious good points; the things that I’d like to hope are objectively
positive. The animation production was handled by the crew over at Kinema Citrus,
coming off the successes of both the depressing fantasy adventure that was Made in Abyss from 2017,
and last year’s musical extravaganza Revue Starlight. As such it shouldn’t be controversial to
say that Shield Hero looks gorgeous, from top to bottom the designs of the characters
and backgrounds alongside the action animation and even UI elements
make the series land on a step higher then its genre contemporary’s. I’m using contemporary’s like this is an old show, what’s wrong with me… The music and sound design is equally of high
quality, though this here is even where I start getting into my issues.
Listening to the soundtrack on its own, you can get the feeling of the kind of show
Shield Hero wants to be, but the issues I have are two fold even if
they are personal gripes. One, while listening to the soundtrack after
having watched the show I could never get that like playback feeling in my head
where I can imagine what was happening in the episode at the time this
song was playing. Contrast that with Made in Abyss by both the
same studio and composer and that’s very different as I can joyfully recall the majority of narrative
beats from the series just from hearing the soundtrack. While I don’t claim to be an expert on music
or how it can benefit the narrative, but in my layman opinion, especially in the
early episodes I kept feeling like the soundtrack wasn’t given room to breathe in the same
way that others do. I went into the series knowing that I would
probably love the soundtrack given it’s pedigree but could honestly say that after the first
3 or 4 episodes that I didn’t remember any of the music from those episodes. I can listen
to the OST on its own and love it but I just felt in the show itself it got pushed
to the sidelines, which is a real shame. What I’m saying is go listen to the soundtrack,
it’s literally like the best thing here. Alright so, with the obvious good points out
of the way I wanted to move onto the elements I personally had a lot of problems with. I
know what a lot of other people have problems with as far as the narrative of the show is
concerned and rather than regurgitate the majority of that I wanted to elaborate on my issues
which in some ways aligns with those people’s thoughts but maybe just from a different angle. I’ve been able to pair down my problems
with Shield Hero to two main issues. We could argue and discuss other issues and
their relevance and be here all day, but most of them in my mind come down to two
factors: The Pacing, and the Main Character. The Pacing is…..*sigh* Well to bring up the SAO comparison again,
it too decides that time jumping and quickly moving from major
story beat to major story beat in leu of actually taking a moment to breathe and
let us see how the characters live in this world, is the right way to have us enamored by its
characters. The plot as a general “we have to save the world” story is restricted
in that the end of the world comes in waves. Literal waves of enemies appear after a set
amount of time and they are either defeated by the heroes, or the world is destroyed.
With each wave scaling in difficulty like this is a Tower Defense game the waves
would almost make good bookends on various acts but the writing has other
plans. The characters could spend the arc either learning something new about the laws of the
world, building up to a brand new challenge of the next wave. But we don’t get that. The first wave we experience is after,
what can best be described as a montage. Time skips forward like a month in the third
episode just so we can get to the wave and hopefully progress the story beyond it. Now you can argue that nothing interesting
could happen in that month and doing a training montage instead just saves time
to get to the more meaty bits of the story, but I would instead argue that this month
would have been a perfect time to do a bunch of world building. Like at this point we are only at the third
episode, we know very little about this fantasy world and even how the gaming mechanics properly
function. Naofumi keeps getting new functions for his shield but we never get to see him
use much if any of them. He just sort of has them for future battles
like a McGuffin that comes in handy with just the right shield for the situation
that they happened to pick up off screen. We haven’t even really by this point explained
what the shield hero is exactly, so what’s his purpose or place in the group
of heroes? Are there other places in the world besides
the country they started in? and what I thought would have been super important
for Naofumi to try and find out around this time, what is the history of the Shield Hero and
why were people against him before he even showed up? The slightly more frustrating thing in hindsight
is that most of these questions aren’t even answered after the whole first season.
But instead of any of that, the pacing of the story suffers because the
story keeps trying to skip ahead to what it feels like is the more interesting
bits, without realizing that well at least for me what Shield Hero thinks is important storytelling
is the same kind of thing that enrages me as a viewer. Which leads us
to our second point. Naofumi is an asshole. What is the purpose of the main character?
Especially in an action series such as this? The main character is one who the audience
is supposed to either relate too in experiences or at least show empathy toward and want to
cheer for. When our main characters eventually find themselves
against almost impossible odds, we the audience want to be able to cheer them
on, to hope and pray for their success even if, well of course the good guy is going to win
in the end. But that fact doesn’t matter because it’s the willpower and gumption
of our hero that wins us over. I didn’t get that with Naofumi. Like at
all. Hell when a new villain shows up to utterly
smack down the heroes into the dirt I should not be cheering for HER, pleading
YES JUST END THIS ALREADY. No I’m not biased because her name is Glass. This is like walking into a showing of Jaws
just to cheer for the shark. Like you can do it but it’s in no way what
the creators intended. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why many
people sympathize with Naofumi and why the show wants ME to be sympathetic.
He got dealt a bad hand. Nothing really goes right for him, he’s
ridiculed at every turn, and the story against him becomes stupidly predictable in a way that
is sighingly obvious. Like Any time, ANY TIME Naofumi is having
a good day, that exact scene leads into a brand new horrible situation
where the world is out to screw him and the question of WHY? Is one that the show pretty much refuses to
answer in a satisfying way. The king of the land has a bone to pick with
him from almost day one, seemingly with some kind of history or belief
that the Shield Hero is responsible for something tragic in his family but the
story, at least in the show, never wants to explain this. Malty is the first real antagonist for the
series, both by stealing all of Naofumi’s belongings and beginning his initial fall into disfavour
by all after falsely accusing him of sexual assault. But her motivations are never really explained. After the accusations she ends up joining
the Spear hero’s party as his second in command and she ends up wrapping him in her little
finger to help achieve her desires for more power among the nobility and potentially
the crown itself, but nothing makes it clear that framing Naofumi was necessary
for any of this, and her antagonistic attitude towards him just comes off as trite
and forced. Her schemes almost become laughable by how
cartoonish evil they sound and the only real explanation the show gives
is well… there’s no other antagonist and we don’t want to treat the waves as
this evil force without a face sooooooooooo here’s this bi**h! Now it also doesn’t help that virtually
everyone else in the show is an asshole too. The other Heroes keep moving on a scale from
just obvious, to negligibly incompetent. Naofumi makes a comment at one point that
they treat saving the world like it’s a video game and that’s pretty much dead on. Their behavior
both to the mission, their party, and each other is recognizable to anyone who’s been in
hard-core MMO raiding team before. But not the parties that actually get world
firsts. Which is half the problem. From the moment they take two steps into the
world they have an air and attitude like they know exactly what they are doing,
that they are the best people for the job, and that everyone else should bow before their
awesomeness. Because they are the heroes! They get it set in their minds what the best
way to do something is and they will smack their faces into the wall continually
despite any evidence to the contrary. They have gaming knowledge and experience
sure, but I got the feeling like they are far more used to following the guides of other
gamers and re-iterating it back to their party like they came up with the
strategy in the first place. Like the guy who shows up to a blind run of
a savage raid, having already seen a walkthrough, and lambasts anyone else for not seeing the
“Obvious” mechanics that they themselves “just innately knew”. which is all bullshit Problem being in this case there is no guide for
them to follow, so they muddle their way through and take all the credit
at the end. The Second wave had them be completely incompetent
and help with exactly zilch in defeating both the actual boss and Glass
when she makes her appearance. You’d think that this would be the sobering
experience for them, telling them that perhaps their current strategies need improvement
and that if the guy without a weapon who’s under-leveled to boot could do so
much better then them that something needs to change. That they need to, what’s the words? But no, they don’t change, if anything they
double down. When the third wave comes around we see them
get blasted away and need to be saved by their NPC party members.
Only to infuriatingly waltz up at the end expecting the good loot. Several characters constantly state throughout
the series that the four heroes need to team up to even have a chance to save
the world, but at least in this first season having not looked at the manga or the Light Novel there’s no concrete evidence shown that
this is a winning strategy at all. But how does everyone else being an asshole
make Naofumi an asshole? Is he not just a victim of circumstance, who
like almost every action hero before him overcomes adversity to prevail against evil?
Or something like that? True, yes that does happen, but in the most
spiteful and begrudging way possible. Now this is where and why I feel like my enjoyment
of this show is hampered compared to actual fans of the series. I have particular notions as to what a hero
is and how roughly a hero should act. While they are not as rigid like the D&D Alignment
type rules where one expects heroes to be Lawful goodie goodies, and I
don’t deny the role that anti-heroes can have in stories, there is a particular
way I expect heroes to take the high ground when possible. Naofumi is the kind of guy that goes
low at pretty much every opportunity. Again, the argument in his favor is that most
of the time he is only responding to people with the same level of antagonism that is
shown to him, and why should he attempt to be respectful or show any level of decency
when he himself is given none. Why take the high ground, when he can go low, get what he wants and then still have the satisfaction that he was able to toss that last little bit of extra dirt. and if you want to go that way, sure. For me this is why I can’t relate to him,
why I can’t cheer for him, why there came a point when I stopped looking
at the actions of those against him with a belief that they were being completely
unfair and started just thinking. Yep. That’s rough buddy. Because Naofumi has already shown me that
there’s a good possibility that if he had the power and ability from
the get go, he’d probably be just as spiteful as those he is against. He just never seems to have the upper hand. Now I want to somehow think positively for
a moment. I also like to think that a character under
the right circumstances can be redeemed through their actions. I’d like to think that someone who started
off as an absolute asshole can properly heal turn in to a half decent
human being by the end. There are plenty of examples throughout popular
culture where real villains and antagonists can become if not lovable heroes, but at least
understood entities that even if we can see why they are evil
and understand that they can’t ever be good, we don’t fault them so much as the experiences
through which they went through to get to where they are. Redemption arcs are very much a well-known
thing so I’d like to assume that one of the reasons why people find enjoyment
with this series is because unlike me people can forgive actions Naofumi
makes because a future redemption is presumed. That his actions towards Raphtalia and Filo
end up changing his attitude for the better so that eventually, when distanced far enough
from the elements of the world that gave him so much grief, that he can slowly
over the course of the story become a better person. But in this case it’s not something the
story had anywhere near enough time to showcase. While I can try to be optimistic and think
that the recently announced seasons 2 and 3 will be able to take a semblance of character
redemption and properly put it into place, not just for Naofumi but for the rest of the
Heroes as well so that they eventually can become a team and save the world, I have
nagging suspicions that it won’t happen this way. Which, is the underlying issue that I think
really factors into if you are both likely to watch and enjoy the series, as well as look forward to more of the show
being adapted. There are plenty of people who dropped the
show after the first three episodes or didn’t even start the show at all because
they heard of both what happens to Naofumi and how he reacts. How the show and the characters frame him,
both narratively and literally, and how the series tries to set itself apart
from others in the genre. I think there is a line for most people of
how far a character can go before they are considered irredeemable and for many
Naofumi and Shield Hero as a series crossed that line almost instantly. But there are
others who can get through the series and either believe that a kind of redemption for Naofumi
IS in the cards, or believe that he has been completely justified since the
beginning. Their line is a lot further out, Maybe a lot further out. and the show hasn’t or may never cross the
line for those people. I can’t speak for them. I can only speak for my own personal opinion
on the series and whether I am looking forward to more.
Something which, I can at least say for now I’m not EXCITED for more shield
hero. But I don’t carry the same rage and frustration towards it that I did at the beginning. I
am of the mindset that even if Naofumi gets redemption or moves in that direction there’s still
plenty about the world of Shield Hero that stops it from being an enjoyable show
for me. Outside Naofumi’s party and really the proper
otherworldly antagonists, there is almost no one in the supporting cast
I care about. The other heroes are continually acting in
idiotic ways, and in fact my opinion of them has only worsened with
every appearance. The Queen’s actions and choices have been
extremely questionable, I just feel like, even if I can come to like
Naofumi, which is an extremely hard sell, then I still might want him to fail anyways
because I keep finding myself cheering for the “bad guys”, so really that’s my problem, I just don’t care enough. What would I say to watch instead? Oh boy,
I’m not sure. There are plenty of other shows in the genre
that I think do similar things but just better like Log Horizon or even Re;Zero. So check
those out if you haven’t. Really though, I think one recommendation
I have might seem a bit out there. But if you haven’t watched Bokurano yet,
I’d highly recommend it. Mostly because when Shield Hero has been giving
us a taste of where it’s going with Glass and her party against Naofumi and the heroes
of his world, I can’t help but think that it’s going down a very similar path
that Bokurano did, but nowhere near as good. So while Bokurano is far more drama and mecha
focused the events that happen to that world and those elements might play
a factor in Shield Heroes future plot. So it’ll be a good comparison if Shield
Hero does indeed go down that route. If I’ve interested you in Shield Hero enough
for you want to check it out yourself and form your own opinion then you can check
it out over on Crunchyroll Also, should you prefer the manga and Light Novel upon which all of this was based perhaps to see if that would give you a different outlook on that material as a whole Both of them are available from our good friends over at Bookwalker! There will be a coupon code in the description
for first time users of their service should you require it. So please check that out. I am very sorry to people to love Shield Hero
to pieces. I know you are out there, and don’t think
worse of you, but there are just things about it that I can’t get over, can’t
forgive, and while I’m leaving it open for perhaps the later seasons to impress me, I’m really not
optimistic. But I’ll give it a shot. Why? because I have the support to be able
to do so from the wonderful people who support me on Patreon! Man that was a horrible segue… Specifically though, I want to give particular
shout-outs to patrons Hector Montemayor, Siri Yamiko, Ryefan Boneapart, Rune Jachobson,
Calhoonboy , and Richard Bradley for being especially awesome. You guys are
great! So that’s it from me, feel free to go down into the comments and tell me how wrong I am. Tweet at me too! I sure as hell won’t block you. And ladies,
gentlemen, and others – watch more anime…and stay frosty.

100 thoughts on “Rising of the Shield Hero: A Postmortem | Glass Reflection

  1. I don't know, feeling like the whole world is against you, desiring to spite everyone back, and taking your anger out on random people… feels pretty relatable. It's a place I've been consistency when I was younger.

  2. Naofumis character type is reshteshingly new. The take the high road type is so good dam over washed that its borderline infuriating. This new type of asshole hero from shield and world's strongest are just a breath of fresh air

  3. I have had a couple of people on Reddit tell me that this show is a masterpiece. I watched up to Ep. 17, and I have to be honest, past episode 5 or 6 the production drops off heavily. Dialogue is absolute trash, and that isn't the studios fault, it's the source content. The CG they use is embarrassing for an anime that had such good 2D animation in the first couple of episodes. The plot is absolute trash, obviously. Overall, I couldn't figure out why people say this show is a masterpiece, and I highly recommend you don't watch it.

  4. i love the show love the main.i feel like him and understand his hardship.u fully connect to the main and see many parallels to my life and the stupidity of the characters is how my life feels.and yes i am slitfull.

  5. I actually think the reason the other heroes never "learned" was because they came to that world by video game vs the shield hero who came there via book. To me it's actually one of the smartest elements of the show. They think of this not as another world, but a story put in place for their benefit and amusement. Ie the people aren't "real" just they wouldn't consider an NPC real.

    In contrast the shield hero has been treated like absolute trash, so he understands this entire situation on a personal human level. So the people there are very "real" to him. Vs the d bags who think they are playing a game for there own amusement. To me that is actually one of the most genius elements of the show. They took a a basic idea of this genre and thought about it really seriously.

    TL;DR You are always the main character in a video game, but in a book 1 character is just 1 character in a larger story, even if he/she is the main hero.

  6. I think the entire story would be better if they held on to the MC hatred of the world after being betrayed and basically became a true anti-hero. However his untrustfull nature is just words as he ends up trusting everyone.

  7. Im kinda am an odd case, I really only liked the first 6-7 episodes and then most stuff after that is a bit down hill to me. The whole assassination of Mel and the church fight left a bitter taste in my mouth. Oh and I hated every moment of Raptalias arch, I skipped like 70% of her backstory because I got Bored of the episode (Before the dinosaur battle) and the message "slavery bad, m'kay" was just so dumb.


  8. Shield Hero is Ok not amazing. I do understand people siding with the antagonists like glass because atleast the team she has is better than naofumi and maybe their world is also better. Maybe the world that is suppose to end is the world where naofumi is and maybe the ending is the death of shield hero .

  9. I do appreicate how you judge the show on the quality of writing character. art and sound instead of the buzz word sourounding it. I hate people hating or loving things on politics. i watch anime to get away from that.

  10. Bruh, you should not jump to conclusion fast, sometimes story needs break and the question "whyyyyyyyy?" of yours will explain later.
    Have patience bruhhhhhh.

  11. Hey GR when you mentioned you liked 7 Deadly Sins did you mean the one about british knights or the one about large-breasted demon girls?

  12. I think you simply don't like it… and well I'm glad you actually stated that during the first part. That spared you a bunch of shitstorm lol

  13. Uh… by the minute 9:25 mark I have to ask… did you even bother to watch the entire thing or pay attention to it?

  14. I won't blame you for not liking the anime does a horrible job on showing whats actually good about the series since the director wanted to do the story in a 180 direction and ruins alot of the points the series is trying to do. The show really destroys Naofumi's true mindset and downplays everything.

  15. Hey man, dont apologise so much, its okay to dont like shield hero.

    In fact its okay to dont like anything, you even give us a lot of explanation about why.

    It was a good watch arkada keet it up

  16. I actually liked Naofumi as a character. He isn’t a hero, he is an antihero. In the first episode, he was an innocent nerd. He was framed for rape and then he turned into a cynical douche. I liked the fact that he only does stuff for money because that’s how the real world works. Then eventually Raphtalia wore him down and he regained some of his humanity.

  17. I WAS going to say "Why so angry"" (or at least that is how you come across in this video to me) but then I started thinking… I have those days too. So I won't. (Even though I theoretically just did anyway 😛 ) Look, I will not argue that Shield Hero does not have flaws (like Sword Art Online) and that it is not the BEST other world story out there but like with SAO I found, if not fulfillment at least enjoyment in watching it. Shows like Log Horizon is FAR superior in both story and scope. And Shield Hero can be a d*ck at times yes but personally I have seen him as having a good heart and really want to help people unde the guise of being an asshole. I also enjoy the parts where he (at least tries) to fix the messes that the other three "heroes" make out of their so called heroism.
    Will I remember this series fondly thrugh next year? Probably not. Not really anything to write home about and I will certainly not buy it on DVD/Blu-ray but it was entertaining to me while it lasted.
    I can get why you got frustrated thiugh Arcade, and can get where you are coming from. And there have been many excellent shows I have watched and now own as part of my growing collection thanks to you and your channel so thank you. I value your judgement on all things anime. I just can't ALWAYS see eye to eye on a few things. But that is fine. 🙂 I will still watch your videos even when they do not always align with my own views on things. Like this one. I'll see you in the next video.

  18. The reason why you dislike naofumi is the reason so many people love him. He’s not a “hero”. He’s a person who accepts that he can’t go home and responds to people the way they respond to him. And honestly it’s a breath of fresh air. I’m tired of the same hero lay out. It’s predictable.

    I love that he goes out of the way to protect the helpless but I love that he’s also an asshole to those that deserve it. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. Whhaaaaat?
    A random person on the internet talks about one of the anime adaptations that I like the source material of and he has a DIFFERENT opinion than me?
    Joking aside, can we agree to disagree?
    Since this is an anime adaptation, it TRIED to adapt the source material BUT it failed in some aspects.
    I have read the Novel, so I can say that A LOT of the problems in this adaptation are NOT there. Like the other three Heroes – the awkward timeskips – the grind of how he acquires the shields or the magic system of the world.
    Personally, main characters like Naofumi from Shield Hero and Hajime from Arifureta, are people and series that got WORSENED because of their bad anime adaptations. Their novels and their manga adaptations, on the other side, are REALLY good and you should give them a try.
    This is from someone that is currently watching less and less of the seasonal anime and instead is reading novels(light or web) and is delving deeper and deeper into the ocean of wuxia and xianxia novels.

    Just my 2 cents.

  20. It seems like your starting from the premise that he was an asshole from the beginning, when its shown that when he arrived at the world he was a humble and kindhearted person, and he became an asshole through his interactions with the world. This is different than starting from the premise of his character being an asshole at its core, when it also shows throughout the anime that while he does take the low road towards people who have harmed him, his good nature does come through

  21. Not only is taking the high road in these kind of situation laughable. It is actively irresponsible and is a display of cowardice not heroism. A hero is someone who takes on the labors of the day and conquers them. The conduct beyond that is meaningless. If taking the high road leaves the scales unbalanced. Then they have failed. Not only should a hero be capable of destroying their adversaries at every level, it is the only just way to conduct oneself. TL;DR Punisher > Batman = Hero > Coward in a flying mammal outfit.

  22. Basically I’m an sjw or don’t like the narrative of this hero because it doesn’t fit my narrative of a hero. Also complains about things in the world that gets revealed in season two which was the authors choice.

    And I wondered why I didn’t like your opinion on anime :/

  23. These are valid criticisms, and if you approach the story with the ideals of a noble hero from the get go you're definitely going to be disappointed. For me though, I look at it less as a hero, but rather just some random guy who got thrown into a crazy scenario, just to have it all blow up on him specifically. Men falsely being accused of rape and then being imprisoned for years is a very real thing, and I can't imagine most people taking the morale high ground in that situation. If you were in that kind of a mess, could you honestly tell me you'd take the morale high ground immediately without a few months to think on it at the very least?

    I like that the show incorporates such a despicable aspect early on (although it can get a little edgy, I admit), drawing from some real world narratives that most stories ignore entirely (we as a species can be pretty horrible to one another). In general people can have their ideologies twisted and painted by those around them, and so the world views him through a tinted window, much the way we do when we see a celebrity whose been accused of something heinous. Even if they're eventually cleared of these charges, plenty of people are still quite dubious, regardless of the truth of the situation. The Protagonist here is not a hero, he's a guy who keeps getting screwed over by the world around him, and it's a story of him slowly rising up to become a hero despite all of these things.

    That said, as I haven't read the LN's, I don't know how the story actually unfolds, but I have hope that the main character will slowly become more likeable as the series continues, and not just an asshole acting out against an unjust reality.

  24. My own two cents on the topic
    This series reminded me that there is more then one way to be a "hero". We are meant to empathize with the protagonist but what if we as an audience member are not a "go getter" and we are placed in this circumstance?
    The best way I can describe it is making a comparison to "A silent voice" at the end each of the characters is a better version on themselves but they are still that kind of character, the agreeable friend still will likely be more agreeable than others and the Tsundere is still a Tsundere but with a little more experience and hopefully wisdom, heck even Ishida, while no longer a bully is still an insecure child (like at the beginning) just shown that there is a better way of dealing with it.
    I take comfort in the fact that this show Illustrates that the "other" we see Naofumi as can still be understood and that's OK

  25. Glass, babe, I love you but you’re wrong about Shield Hero. You say you aren’t looking for a stick up the but goody goody hero, but you actually are. You seem to be looking through a fantasy lens that shows a hero doing good and saving people out of the goodness of their heart while skipping away into the sunset. Except, being a hero doesn’t pay your bills or put food on the table. Naofumi is like an American capitalist hero. More along the vein of Hero Academia. Those people get paid to save people. But I don’t see people jumping down that show’s throat waving the ethics stick. Naofumi is doing what he needs to to survive.

    His pettiness is what I LOVE about him. The king and bitch are awful people. I think the show went easy on them. The villagers are stupid and lazy. By being petty and charging for services, he is making that country think. The hardest lessons learned are financial. Those people would be better for it in future. As for your wishing the world ended and the bad guys win is very American sociopath of you. Did you forget about the people Naofumi’s party had saved??? Did you forget that Raftalia saw her parents murdered in front of her because of the Waves?? And you think Naofumi is an awful human.

    The flaw I see with Naofumi is his helping the slaver. His constant business helps that horrible man get wealthy. That’s my negative on the show.

    Remember, he got dropped into that world with the least knowledge of it. And he wasn’t able to hold a sword to protect himself. He started with only one party member who betrayed him. ALL of the other “heroes“ turned their backs on him. He was LITERALLY alone in the world and everyone hated him. I know you have no idea what that’s like, but trust me, that feeling exists in this world too. And it sucks.

    I think you should give the show another watch. This time, no judgements, no analysis. See it from Raftalia’s perspective and listen. This show is way better than you give it credit for.

  26. only thing i disagreed is your vision of what a hero should be of always taking the high route. that gets boring but otherwise, yeah shield hero got progressively worst after episode 4 or something

  27. Ahh yes the anime that tries to make a distinction between "good slave owners " and "bad slave owners"

    Also are all the characters written to be stupid in the light novel as well?

  28. Basically everything you listed as bad writing and annoying I thing is amazing writing and the exact opposite of annoying XD

  29. Toaru accelerator became a good guy. From index 1 to the end of index 3, I find it hard to they are the same person. He admit he wanted to stay with last order

  30. It's just soo satisfying to watch by the end of it all. like it seemed like it was worth watching or something. idk it's weird.

  31. First: if someone F*ck with you sometimes you want to F*ck them back (thats naofumi philosophy in my opinion
    second: the 3 heroes are the representation of the isekai protagonist that common in this genre
    third : (in my opinion naofumi is not a main character but hes the audience prospective in this cliche bulshit world)

  32. So listening to your review it’s ok to not like a show but I think that naofumi as a whole clashes with your expectations of a hero this is the opposite for me because I think of naofumi as a dude first and yes I do sympathize with the ideal you mentioned of him being a victim of circumstance but I think the biggest reason I love the show is that I know what it’s like when it feels the whole world is against you I know why he’s bitter and angry and acts like an asshole I used to do it to so I think the biggest thing limiting you from enjoying the show is the lack of that life experience and you may not have that reaction to it if you have had that so I think the show appeals to a certain type of person out there that does in fact hate the world but at the end of the day naofumi wasn’t always an asshole look at episode 1 he is what the world made him and he has no apologies in that regard and I don’t blame him but I agree with him which is that whole low blow last word thing you talked about him being spiteful most people would not in fact take the high ground in those positions like you’d expect but I agree with you on the pacing so much was left out and it was so disappointed when I noticed it

  33. While I enjoy the shield hero, I don't really remember much about the anime itself other than thinking "man they skipped a lot". As a reader of the Light Novel, the story is much more enjoyable to me. Though I do have to agree Naofumi is an ass, Raphtalia sees what little good is left in him and tries to keep him in check. I can see why people don't like the show and that's fine. I'm just glad to hear you're willing to give the second season a shot after it not jiving with you.

  34. I can understand your criticisms, but to compare it to SAO is kind of a low blow man… There aren't many "bad guys" in Shield Hero except for a couple side characters. It exists in more of a grey of good and evil which makes it a lot more enjoyable than most other iisekais

  35. call me ignoranr i dont give a shit
    shut up mothers basement 2.0

    Nanbyakkai datte nanbyakumankai datte

    Kizu kasanetemo yuzurenai my faith

    Sonzai no shoumei itsudatte myself

    I gotta make a change

    (make a change yeah)

    Yuganda sekai de ashiato tadotte

    Koe ni naranai sakebi wo osaete

    Nanbyakkai datte nanbyakumankai datte

    I Find & Create myself

    Now or Never

    Just fight it out…

    its a fucking joke

  36. The biggest problem in my mind is that naofumi try to be the bad guy one moment and then the hero the next if he just choose one side, then you could side with him or not now he's just annoying

  37. your points are valid, cuz its true, am starting to read the manga and am eye the novels, and yes they cuts a lot out of the manga, like there like 12vols incomplete, but a lot happens in does 12 vols, and I don't even know what happens in the novels, there's a rumor that season 2 will take influence more from the novels but i don't know, and second Naofumi us just a broken man, i wish he has more motivation, like something cliché like "am going to get my life back " or "am going to rise from this shit" cuz yea its cool that he's trying to survive, that's one of the best parts is seen him grind, but half of the times he does not have a reason, he only gets fired up is when best girls, Filo and he's cart are in danger, other then that's he's just doing shit for the fuck of it, to the point that i felt that Filo didn't need the slave mark, like i know he does not trust people still, but it happen after Raphtalia hugged him and he got he's taste back, so some trust is back, and he gets a reason to fight like at the end to protect there world, and 3, yea, Myne ruining he's never got a reason, maybe to get close to the spear hero, or maybe it was the church, who knows, i know it that she is still fucking the heroes over, and she never lets us know why, the only one who actually informs shit to Naofumi is Best Milf, the Queen who tells him why they really hate him, and that in that other city, they worship him to the point if they seem him, female demi humans will throw themselves at him and form a harem, it was better not to go cuz i don't want best girls to be left out, but again,  Naofumi, is a broken man, who might never love again. and finally, in the manga Naofumi is more hateful, like yes, like the blacksmith said, is the kingdom who is fucked up, or the kids just got corrupted.

  38. we absolutely get all those questions answered in the first season, i don't know if you just didn't pay attention or something

  39. Did you take issue with how they kinda did the same thing with Demon Slayer, where the MC did training montage and gained those 10 ultimate sword skills in such a short period of time?

  40. You dislike Naufumi for not being heroic enough, I dislike the anime for not allowing Naofumi to be the mean S.O.B that he's supposed to be.

  41. I had a longer comment but it's not worth writing out all I have to say is you missed the point of shield hero if you think Naofumi is anything like the other characters such as the heroes in particular how they treat their party members. Raphtalia was one of the more admirable characters in the show initially her circumstances were bait for a generic tragic backstory but it became more than Reluctant hero saves damsel in distress. It turned into Raphtalia saving Naofumi from himself and his well warranted hatred for the world and it's inhabitants. If everyone you met hated you for reasons you don't understand would you be sympathetic to their plight. Naofumi could have spent the whole time fucking around like the other heroes pretending it's a game even though it clearly is real to the world's inhabitants you don't bring medicine to sick villagers and slay monsters for what amounts to chump change if you don't care deep down. An imperfect hero isn't a bad hero it's just a regular person put in an impossible situation it's realistic from a character point of view.
    Sidenote the swordsman appears to be more reasonable because he isn't just blindly following princess and spear hero.
    The show has a subtext regarding responsibility and consequence as shown when other heroes make mistakes that Naofumi has to fix whereas Naofumis mistake is thinking that he can go on not working with the other heroes because he hates them but obviously the consequences of him not living up to his responsibility as shield hero are that the filorial queen will kill all the heroes so their s some irony there.

  42. I couldn't care less about a so called redemption ark of naufomi, i think is actions are not only justified but realistic and anyone in this comment section would do the exact same thing if they had the experience as he did.

    The only think that cannot be justified is the situation he is put in, and the people who things he is unredeemable, it's literally people like you that make the existence for good people so much worse than it ever have to be.

  43. Before I say anything I’m going to come straight out and straight I like the show, not my favorite anime of all time but at least in the top 10 or whatever number list. That being said…

    1. Like GR (I’m going to call him that since there is a character named glass in the show) I like the enemy team more than the hero’s we are supposedly supposed to route for, so much that I wish that at least the gem girl and the scythe guy can have a happy ending.

    2. If anyone, I thought the other “heroes” needed a character ark, sure we do see the sword and bow at least cheek out the church but other than that they still act pretty much the same, it’s like they take one step forward and then two steps back.

    3. In regards to the other “heroes”, these are some of the worst gamers I've ever seen, it’s really insulting, almost to a SAO level. If we are going to take them at their word and say this world looks and functions similar to games they each have played, how can they assume it will function exactly like those game especially since they make that assumption in the FIRST EPISODE when they latterly haven’t been outside the castle yet!

    4. It offends me a bit the logic of the framing of the shield for rape, I know that the king is most likely the only reason she gets away with it but It still bothers me that any bit of common sense could of un-did her plan. For example, If the shield hero was drunk like she claims then should he have a hangover especially if he isn’t a big drinker, and if you go with the “he can’t get drunk because of the shield", then that would be a big hole in her story.

    5. I understand why they were trying to push a "we all need to work together" thing but did they just talk to the shield about this, did the Faloiel queen ever think about trying to contact the other heros as well?

  44. So just because I found this interesting and I'm literally at the point of the video where you've just said okay Naofumi is an a**** so what.

    I found this interesting because through the entire time I watched this show I can recognize why you would think he's an a**** but what I found so fascinating about this show is the why he's an a*****. because he doesn't start out as an a***** he starts out as frankly a pretty nice guy who just wants to go home but also has a pretty positive outlook on life. And he only becomes an a**** after he has everything stripped from him due to the false accusation placed against him by an overly malicious and vile female villain. It's that even during the time where he's an a**** there are constantly moments where it is very clear that he is only acting that way because he cannot allow himself to trust anymore and doesn't want to end up getting hurt again like he did.

    I found this show psychologically enthralling because of the fact that at least in Canada maybe it's different than other Western countries but over here we don't talk much about the fact that false sexual assault or rape claims have a very dramatic effect whether they're proven true or false. and we don't really talk about when they're false claims and how they affect the lives of the men or women depending on the situation that have found themselves victims in these cases of false claims.

    so I adored the fact that Shield hero shoved that right in the front of our faces. and very clearly and to my understanding quite accurately described the effect such things can have on a person's personality and how they go about their lives.

    no I did find the pacing a little fast but I also like things that are a little faster Pace because I tend to pick up pieces of information quicker than other people do and find slower-moving pieces to get boring very quickly.

    now on to the part where you mentioned that we still don't know the history of the shield hero and I partially agree with you we don't know an exact description of the history with the shield hero but I do believe that we have enough information to safely assume that a previous Shield hero had been the cause for the king to lose everything he had. Which yes is only really mentioned once but I found the way that it came up to be very realistic.

    Because other than that the Queen's perspective on the shield hero always seemed to be rather positive which would suggest that there's nothing in the kingdom's history itself that caused the people to have a distaste for the shield hero. And the general populace is distaste for him seems to be directly in correlation to that b**** behaviour and actions.

    I also think that the shield hero did a very good job of making me hate the main female antagonist. And then going back to Naofumi being an a**** he wanted that b** debt wholeheartedly without a doubt and he showed her mercy anyway. which is home most of his actions were they were two sided they appeared like he was being an a**** but they always had this side to them where he was acting more like a hero than anyone else and I absolutely adored that.

  45. I enjoyed the anime alot but I will admit he was an asshole at times when he shouldn't have been but for the most part it was totally understandable and I did get disappointed that the history wasn't explained I highly doubt whatever happened would justify falsely accusing him for sexual assult cause something extremely bad had to happen to justify that but maybe it could make her and the king's actions somewhat understandable and the other hero's annoyed me alot too I think my favorite character was raphtalia and also gotta remember the sword art online light novel skipped time alot I wasn't a fan of the time skips but I don't hold that against sword art online because the light novel skipped the Author isn't a fan of those skips either

  46. Shield Hero was very enjoyable so whatever with people's opinions. Especially this guy who openly has serious SJW issues. Seriously, Japan isn't stupid enough to care about your 3rd wave feminists sensitivities.

  47. I do agree with the wasted potential of the first arc. However I do have a few problems with your other points.
    1) Myne's schemes DID need naofumi to be demonized as she was working for the church of the three heroes. All of her plans were focused on killing the current heir to the church and pinning it on naofumi. Was she cartoonist evil? Yes, 100%. There was, however, motive and an explanation behind her actions.
    2) I personally liked naofumi's spiteful actions. It was a nice break from the "friendship is magic" usual anime has. I will highly disagree with the conclusion he would be the same, as you just have to watch episode one and how he originally interacts everyone before he immediately gets bashed. Literally approaching the world with a up beat attitude and wonder, until learning that he was surrounded by enemies. That being said, he did start off as a neet who was riding off one good act, so yea, he was definitely not an angle, but in the end it is demonstrated constantly that he puts people before himself. Remember how he tells raphtalia to leave when he is about to die, simply because he doesn't want her to die, instead of screaming at her to stab it, or using, you know, his unstoppable command to force her to do it? I feel like you are wayyyy over blowing his 'evil factor'. He is practically a tsudere.

  48. I never even knew there were standards like that. There are plenty MCs in plenty other shows who don't take the high road or redeem themselves. I don't get your point of having a problem with Naofumi cos of that. At the end of the day it's just another opinion.

  49. I am no fan of the isekai-genre in gernal, but i found Shield Hero quite enjoyable.. No masterpiece by any means, but enjoyable. On the other hand I found Made in Abyss straight up boring and didn't know what all the fuzz was about.. Everyone was talking like it was the next best thing since sliced bread. I still don't get it.

  50. it's from naofumi's POV. after bitch did the thing naofumi's stop caring about the world that's why he didn't really question anything or try to find out anything about the world. beside every shield that he prominantly use is shown how he gets it. just like you said pasing is a problem in this season but it only feels that way after the 13th episode, cause the studio tries to force the carmilla island arc. besides that i don't really have any problem with the series. sorry that your just salty about this show glass cause of your hate with isekai animes

  51. I was interested in this anime till I saw that it was basically a semi harem, Like can we just have an anime without some form of incest?

  52. As the video says it all feels forced which is my main problem. I disagree with some of it like the main character being as low as the other idiots are. It actually annoyed me greatly that without spoilers, he always just gave trash talk to people who try to ruin his life when they deserve so much more. All the other things he said in the video are pretty accurate. It's all just a bad prologue for season two.

  53. I admit this is not a class A classic, but I enjoyed watching it the first time. This puts it into Class B in my classification system. I must admit the first half is better than the 2nd, but overall its most certainly a Class B. The key differentiator is the hero is a bit of a jerk. Perhaps he had a reason to be a jerk because he was victimised, but a jerk he was. He finally pulled his finger out and became a more lovable character, but he always retained a bit of stubborn jerkiness to the end. You get the same occurring in Zero: Starting Life in Another World, but at least that rather unpleasant character learns his lesions by the end.

    Apart from that I agree with this video, the pacing and production is not very good or not very even. This is what stops it from becoming a Class A. But I still enjoyed watching it and I may even try for a 2nd watch.

  54. I love the show and manga but I couldn’t rewatch or read the series cause the characters infuriated me to an unbelievable extent

  55. i disagree that the main character cant be empathized or related to. he just isnt relatable or empathized with by GOOD people. instead the sort of people who relate to him are the so called "nice guys" of society. The dude who thinks a girl MUST like him and want to sleep with him if she gives him the time of day. This is a fantasy for them where when the worst happens and the woman doesn't give in to his ideas of entitlement, its because she is a total bitch, and this show encourages and vindicates that way of thinking, because thats what ends up happening.

    I WOULD applaud this shows risky move of trying to depict what its like for a guy who is falsely accused of sexual crimes and not given any leeway to defend himself, but that earlier bit i discussed just spoils the whole thing. it takes a perfectly good plot point and channels it into the "tragedy" that is the "nice guy" mentality that when everyone turns on them, most because they are not in fact a nice guy but a complete asshole, its everyone else's fault and the world is just against them for no reason, when in fact it has a reason, and its the asshole "nice guy"!

    Ive seen some likeable asshole MC's. Kazuma from Konosuba for example. But this show is clearly pandering to the dregs of otaku society. not any all otakus are like this, but i see a LOT of them in anonymous comment threads online and they all seem to just HATE women for not bowing down and being sex objects for them.

  56. i feel the anime gets how gloomy current modern society is right now

    assertiveness (assholeness) gets respect
    false rape culture
    dta=dont trust anyone
    belief in accusations first without hearing both sides


    i feel i relate to naofumi as i'm always dealing with a screwed up filipino culture in the Philippines where being shrewd prevails and those who take the high road are pulled down and those who go low are praised.

  57. A lot of your personal gripes with Shield Hero have to do with one of, what comes off to me as, your biggest pet peeves when reviewing anime: the "read the source material" element.

    They did the show a bit if a disservice to Shield Hero on that regard and require a bit of source material to understand certain things. Which infuriates me to no end.

  58. Here's the answer to both your problems with the series: read the source material, and you never suffered in a manner similar to the shield hero, where you had to always keep your walls up even with those closest to you and always believing that someone is out to get you for their own petty reasons.

  59. I'll say this: Find and read the light novel. The manga is alright, but cuts out some of the good stuff, while the anime just chopped its balls off.
    Not even getting into how Arifureta is one of my favourite books right now but both the manga and anime just, suck.

  60. I kinda wonder if you even watch the whole anime cause it dose answer a lot what you sed it didn't and this review is bad cause u give the wrong information I understand if u dont like it but I feel as if u were a bit lazy on this review caused of u not liking it

  61. Naofumi being an asshole who helps the innocent is why I fucking loooove this show, man. He is everything that I could never be. I was raised too kind, too soft. This nigga fucks.

  62. The pacing was the main issue. It should have ended after the spirit turtle arc, but it didn't even get there. Why? And they had a couple pointless filler episodes. My six year old could have followed the manga better. Loved the show still. Read the web novel. Super twisted.

  63. "Naofumi was an asshole and I couldnt get behind him, I cant relate"

    Arkada my boi, if you cant get bias behind for a review why make a review in the first place?

    Not every character has to be a paragon and thats basic storytelling 101. The show aint perfect by any mean but seriously he felt so oblivious to many of the obvious ways of making Naofumi relatable by just rebelling agaisnt the people that threat him wrong with no justified reason, real life is filled with this type of people. Honestly the show was such a breath of fresh air of the many copy paste isekais in the market that actually deserves this type of spite against in their reviews.

  64. Naofumi being spiteful it exactly what the writers did correctly and executed so well. Your idea of what he should be would be horrible and would have completely ruined an otherwise great and interesting character.

    It's difficult to see you describe something so good (his character, not necessarily the show as a whole) and actually prefer the the unrealistic and unrelated Ghindi like shlock that infects so many other anime protagonists over it.

    I know it's rude to say someone's opinion is wrong, but your opinion is wrong.

  65. I have to totally disagree with your opinion with Naofumi. A character that is unfairly beat by life and by people that objectively are A__holes is what inspires the desire of see him grow and even be an A__hole against the world. What sold me the serie was his early attitude of F this world. I'm going to be the A__hole you think I am. That's why this serie hit audience emotion and feelings. Naofumi is the representation of what people's frustration desire. What makes him a hero is the change he had at the end, honestly making him a better person that I might be because I would have loved him keep his rampage against the kingdom

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