Room Tour of the Sunset Idea House in Beverly Hills – Highlights – Lamps Plus

Room Tour of the Sunset Idea House in Beverly Hills – Highlights – Lamps Plus

Hi, I’m Angela Hsu. We are proud to be the
official lighting sponsor of the Beverly Hills Idea House. As you can see, our
lighting makes a statement in every room. From the kitchen, to the outdoors. I think lighting is what sets the mood of the entire space. I’m a huge lamps
plus fan. I love sites with vast inventories and I can carve out whatever
look I choose. We’re here in the master bedroom and this is really my kind of
space, it’s monochromatic, it’s got really rich materials, but it’s done very simply.
The thing that was most exciting to me was to see these sconces in person
because I’ve been eyeing them online. They feel so good, they look good. One of my favorite things i saw today was the pendants in the kitchen, those are really
fabulous. We’re here in the hallway, and this is my
favorite light fixture in the home. It mixes everything that’s going on
nowadays, we’ve got the matte black mixed with this beautiful warm bronze and the
mirror marquina base here. It’s amazing and all the finishes are on point. When you are using something like an Edison bulb, you really want to use it
sparingly. They mix something that’s sort of like a retro office, almost a “Mad Men” kind of feel with something as semi-industrial like the Edison bulb
over here. Well they nailed it in the master
bathroom. It’s an indoor outdoor shower and whoever designed this house knows my
trick, you got to put those sconces at eye level so they illuminate your face and
you don’t get any shadows. And this is an interesting idea as well. Whereas the
table lamp you would have just thrown light everywhere, this instead is going to
really focus a lot, allow you to concentrate on the outward and really
gives you a modern drama. This is the first Sunset Idea House they’ve done and
they’ve done a really good job with it. (music)

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  2. do this people have no hearts ,no human touch seems like they live in a ufo or like in the orguel 1980 book ,very empty lives ,all is so ugly cookie cutter ,no art no beauty ,just plain emotionless …for sure they spiritually dead ….

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