Savlonic : Hi-Lights (Neon Album)

Savlonic : Hi-Lights (Neon Album)

You and I should head down town Just driving around See all the faces the beautiful faces The beautiful faces The beautiful faces The beautiful faces The beautiful faces The beautiful faces It’s midnight in LA my hi-lights look better than OK I see the Neon glow Down, down below I’m in the city that doesn’t sleep I want to stop but I’m in too deep The city lights shimmer by I must be high Beautiful faces The beautiful faces The beautiful faces The burnt out faces Beautiful faces The beautiful faces The beautiful faces The burnt out faces I’m in LA My hi-lights look OK TO BE CONTINUED SUBSCRIBE WEEBL’S STUFF

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  1. I'm trying to understand at the end , do the flying black head things with green eyes represent cops or something coming after her for speeding? and the bright white at the end means she got in a wreck cause she's high?? then I have no idea why shes tied up at the end…

  2. It's too bad the majority of the odd songs completely wash out the perceived quality of Savlonic. Really drags it down. I think it really needs its own dedicated channel.

  3. After listening to the soundtrack and seeing the art on the website, I think I've got a pretty good idea of how the story is gonna play out through the songs:
    1. Broken: Roscoe and Evangeline's relationship has suffered as a result of the events of "Computer Guy" and somehow their relationship has degraded to the point where they are literally attacking each other. Kandi is tired of being caught in the crossfire, and steals Roscoe's car to escape the confrontation. They both realise too late that they have driven Kandi away and the video ends there.
    2. Hi-Lights: This follows the immediate aftermath of "Broken", with Kandi reflecting on going to other places to escape the confrontation between her friends. She is then stalked by a mysterious green presence as she enters the city, where she is then abducted by a green UFO, and passes out before awaking to see her captors beginning to experiment on her.
    3. Epoch: This (likely) follows the aftermath of the events in "Broken", and follows Roscoe trying to find and talk to Evangeline, explaining that despite what appears to be the future in "Computer Guy", their future is what they make of it and although mistakes have been made in the past, they can still work it out (I'm led to believe that with the inclusion of her voice at the end that he does find her). They are presumably unaware of Kandi's abduction.
    4. Wires: This follows on from Kandi's abduction in "Hi-Lights". Judging by the art on the website and the lyrics in the song, this presumably details the "alien's" experimentation on her, implanting her with wires and devices across her body. This likely results in her breaking free and attempting to warn her friends about a trap the aliens set for them. Then the second verse kicks in and we see her trapped again with the aliens now completely assimilating her, presumably locking away her conscience.
    5. All Smiles: This likely follows on from both "Epoch" and "Wires", with Roscoe and Evangeline discussing their relationship in the past and trying to come to agreement in how they should proceed. The video will presumably end in them receiving the message sent by Kandi in "Wires".
    6. Release: We now see Kandi after the aliens have completed their experiments on her. She has been completely assimilated after the events of "Wires" and is begging to be released. It is possible that she could be broadcasting to her friends to free her, but it is likely that this song/video will be to emphasise the dire situation Kandi is in. The video will likely end in some sort of scene either showing Kandi suspended in a tank (art from the website), or of the alien's ship above the city.
    7. Grinder: This will follow on from "All Smiles" and will once again show Roscoe and Evangeline fighting, although this time it is over Kandi and how they forced her to end up trapped and experimented on by the aliens. This will ultimately end in them resolving their differences and beginning their search for Kandi.
    8. Searchers: This video will show Roscoe and Evangeline in a car (possibly Evangeline's from "The Driver"), searching for the aliens so they can find Kandi and rescue her. They finally reconcile their differences and focus on preparing to fight to free Kandi. This will likely end with them either driving into the city or arriving below the alien ship, as well as possibly showing Kandi trapped aboard the ship.
    9. The Roll: This is the song partially played in the credits of some Savlonic Neon videos. If this one is indeed made into a video, this will show them proceeding into the ship to free Kandi (I honestly don't think this will be made as part if the animation series and will stay as a post-video song). If it is made into a video then it is likely this will show them sneaking aboard and releasing Kandi, before we see the head or "boss" alien, and the video ends there (I also suspect that they might be planning to have robot versions of the Savlonic band in this).
    10. Angles: This is the final fight, the climax of a conflict years in the making. If this doesn't show them fighting the aliens, it will show them fighting robotic versions of themselves (This is where the "angles" and "sides" bit comes into it. They're taunting the real Savlonic and threatening to reveal secrets within them). The video ends with them leaving the destroyed remains of the robots aboard the ship, and driving away in the car. I think that if Kandi is not released in an earlier video, this will revolve around them fighting the robots, controlled by the brainwashed Kandi. If this is the case, this will be the video where they finally rescue Kandi and take her from the ship.

    NB: I might have completely nerded out and read into the subtext of the songs a little too much. I just got bored of waiting for the next Savlonic video so I thought I might try and guess what's gonna happen. If you made it this far, why not drop an opinion? Cheers πŸ˜€

  4. You could make a religion out of these vocals.
    You could make a religion out of this aesthetic.
    You could make a religion out of this album.
    You could make a religion out of this artist.

  5. I'd definitely recommend watching this one and Broken on VR with over-ear headphones. It very much intensifies the dramatic lighting and shifts where you focus throughout the video, while simultaneously immersing you more in the music.

  6. I honestly thought the first time she sang would be about how she's tired of being stuck in the middle between them and their constant fighting is tearing her apart. or maybe that's what the song is already about I'm not sure. hard to listen to the lyrics with so much auto tune.

  7. If this was a normal Weebl song:

    Hey, I'm driving in a car
    going fast and far
    The road is so 80s
    so wireframe 80s
    so wireframe 80s
    so wireframe 80s
    so wireframe 80s
    so wireframe 80s
    so wireframe 80s

    Hey, this tunnel's neat
    the archs are synched up with this songs' beat
    They're flashing by design
    Ow! Ow! I'm blind!
    I might as well close my eyes and pray
    that no-one else are in here today
    Slow down? You are mad!
    This ride's too rad!

    Don't scratch the paint job
    My beautiful paint job
    My beautiful paint job
    You E.T. nutjob!
    Don't scratch the paint job
    My beautiful paint job
    My beautiful paint job
    You E.T. nutjob!

    Well, that was fun
    My 80's sports car run

  8. I love how Red had good sound, but the lyrics were still ridiculous and were very much Mr. Weebl, yet Neon is much more serious.

  9. Wow. This girl has a beautiful voice. I'm glad she's got her own song to show it off.

  10. I can't be the only one the feels if they had tons of money they would fund everything weebl and savlonic want to do. If i had the funds i would make it so every song could have a video. Or even a full length savlonic animated film

  11. I really like it man I remember the first time I heard electro Gypsy I thought it was funny at first but it's catchy awesome to see hope more is coming I'm looking forward to it

  12. Does anyone know if we're ever going to get a continuation of this story arc with the music videos? It says to be continued, but we've still not gotten any sign of a continuation.

  13. Is it me or her and D'isco sound like a sadder and jaded version of Helen Marnie?

    My favorite virtual band so far, thank you Jonti!

  14. I was in LA last November, driving through the city at midnight in a new Lexus LC500, playing this on endless repeat. Amazing moment, you have no idea.

  15. I can only dream how this video would've looked animated by peabo like the Red videos. so saddened that you couldn't get him on board.

  16. am i the only one that would pay actual money to watch like a movie thats just an hour long music video from this band? lol

  17. I love this song so much, but I’m just wondering what Kandi is mad about. I never understand from the song Broken.

  18. i really cant decide which girl i like more, Kandi or Evangeline. but i know who the sexiest band member is so far… Rosco πŸ˜‰

    also, it took me longer than id like to admit to realize that she gets abducted by aliens at the end there… seems obvious now.

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