25 thoughts on “Science Confirms Great Pyramid Secret Main Entrance | Ancient Architects

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  2. the people that build the pyramids are long gone… why do these people think they own this pyramid? so much to learn if we can get trustworthy people inside that won’t take anything out of it except for knowledge

  3. Iam.sorry for stating the obvious…but hasn't anyone in the past thought " that looks like a door" I mean c'mon look at it…its a door why did we need to detect a space..when there's clearly a entrance shape on one side of a massive pyramid…..but fair play on the tech that went into it

  4. There are no hieroglyphs inside the Great Pyramid because in the time when it was built the hieroglyphs didn't exist! The hieroglyphs were innovated much much later #

  5. Definitely NOT a tomb. Khufu worked on restoring the pyramid, but it was definitely not his tomb. The builders were far earlier than Khufu’s existence.

  6. Built by the fallen angels and their demi-god sons way before the Egyptians existed. Their civilization was highly advanced. And these pyramids likely generated wireless electricity for miles and miles away. Just like Tesla did on the mountains of Colorado

  7. That sabo stone looks like a gear. Could it be part of a mechanism to open the door? The whole thing looks melted to me apart from the chevrons and surrounding stones, but maybe that’s because I can only see it through a screen. I agree drilling a small hole for a camera would be the least intrusive and quickest method to get some answers.

  8. My opinion, ancient power plants harnessing electric conductivity, directing the energy up to ionosphere distributing free energy across the globe.

  9. You mean, I was lied to in school? That this is not load sheding to support the kings burial vault? Oh my! Lied to by academia, what is for ever next?

  10. Outrageous that this is hidden history purposely held away from the people of the world. But for what reason I wonder…

  11. Thx fir the video its really great and wonderful and i love you

    But stop talking like that

    Its really bad you talk really weird its great material

    But it sounds lame

  12. What’s this trend with narrators using a down tone at the end of sentences? It’s very hard to listen to

  13. So why the f-ing hell are those entrances not being uncovered so that people with cameras, etc., can go inside through them? Answer that!

  14. Under the cover of science, this still remains grave digging. No matter how ancien they are, people should be allowed to rest in peace.

  15. It's first time I'm on your channel but I've really enjoyed this video…I like videos like this, I was really in to history in high school I wish that the pyramids were an ancient electric factory or something like that, I think that it would be awesome … sometimes you sound like bot but… I have found somethink I'm gonna watch… I mean your channel xD

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