SCP-184 The Architect | euclid class | spacetime / metallic scp

SCP-184 The Architect | euclid class | spacetime / metallic scp

Item #: SCP-184 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-184 is
not to be contained in any structure. SCP-184 is to be attached to a high-power electromagnet
at all times. Should the electromagnet fail, agents are to report to SCP-184’s containment
area and prevent access to all unauthorized personnel until the electromagnet is restored
to power. The containment area for SCP-184 is currently configured to resemble a park
with SCP-184 and its containment magnet disguised as statuary. Any and all visitors are to be
monitored. Any structures affected by SCP-184 are to
be demolished after review by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Final demolition approval or inclusion into
SCP will also be determined by this body. No investigation is to be done into affected
structures without approval and a rescue team on standby. Description: SCP-184 is a small, smooth metallic
object, 10 cm (4 in) tall and 10 cm (4 in) wide, in the shape of a dodecahedron. Each
face of the figure has a circular hole in the center, and a small sphere is attached
to each vertex. SCP-184 is made of an unknown, but highly magnetic, alloy about as hard as
brass. When inside an enclosed structure, SCP-184
expands the structure’s inner dimensions without altering its outer dimensions. SCP-184 will
increase the inner dimensions of any enclosed structure by several hundred meters each day,
beginning one hour after entry into the structure. Initially, SCP-184 only extends the walls
out, causing rooms to become much larger without adjusting the height of the room. This expansion
continues until the original dimensions of the room have been tripled. At this point, SCP-184 starts creating wholly
new rooms. SCP-184 is apparently able to copy items from inside the structure, creating
furnished rooms consistent with the rest of the structure. After a period of time, however,
the expansion process appears to break down. For example, items will be made from inappropriate
materials (glass books, a wooden microwave), rooms will be oddly-shaped, doors will open
into blank walls, and hallways will be tiny or twist back around in long mazes. The new
inside structures continue to be more and more odd, while the outside remains unchanged. This behavior is most dramatically illustrated
in homes; however, it has been observed in other instances, including a cardboard box.
The changes do not go away with the removal of SCP-184, but no additional structures are
created. Addendum 184 – 1: Notes from Dr. █████ I don’t think I need to stress the fact
that this thing can NEVER be allowed into Site 19. We may need to look into different
containment at some point, but for the time being, we will keep it in the open, immovable,
and hidden. Addendum 184 – 38RB: Notes on recovery SCP-184 was recovered in the Kowloon Walled
City in June of ████. Reports of the city’s bizarre and explosive growth attracted
Operatives, who soon learned of SCP-184, held in the possession of [DATA EXPUNGED]. After
several police crackdowns, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 was dispatched and recovered SCP-184
with minimal losses. The final effect of exposure to SCP-184 on both the City and inhabitants
may never fully be understood due to the reckless actions of local law enforcement, which destroyed
several affected sections of the city before Operatives could take action to prevent it. Interviews with residents yielded minimal
information, with a communal “wall of silence” being the major response. A few documents
indicated that SCP-184 could be brought into a home and allowed to affect the dwelling
for 50 pounds sterling per half hour. These documents were unconfirmed by residents. Addendum 184 – 38RB-s: Additional Documentation. Personal Log of Gordon Richards — Member
of Mobile Task Force Zeta-9, the Mole Rats Personal Log of: Gordon Richards, member of
Mobile team Zeta-9, the Mole Rats Date: June 3rd, ████ Dispatched to the “Kowloon Walled City”
to recover an object, and document anything affected by it. I have never seen such a horrible
place. The filth is everywhere, whole walls and even structures made of garbage. If you
crack your suit for even a second, you get flooded by the smell of smoke, cooking, sweat,
machine oil and excrement. Henry fell into a pit used as a sewer on the ground level
after breaking through a trash walkway. He was fine, the suit was just filthy, but he
threw up and had to be removed. I’m not sure if he’s going to work out. Everyone here avoids us like the plague, or
darts out to throw trash or insults. They are a tribe, and a territorial one at that.
The sheer crush of humanity is intimidating, and I’m glad I have the suit between me
and them. The object is supposed to be somewhere in the core of this mass, but getting there
is going to be tricky. Date: June 4th, ████ Local law enforcement led by Agents did a
bunch of raids last night. Cleared people out of some of the areas we need to go in,
but there are so many people here it’s hard to notice any difference. Yesterdays recon
helped uncover a couple “homes” affected by this thing. They don’t look like much,
the same squalid homes as everyone else, but they are too big inside. It’s an odd feeling,
standing with your hand on the wall, and knowing that by all rights you should be six feet
outside the structure, in mid-air. Henry is better today, but seems really jumpy. Lev
took him aside and talked to him last night, and I hope it’s helped. I’m getting worried
about him. Caught him muttering to himself over the radio today. Told him to knock it
off, but didn’t report it, maybe I should have. I think I’m going to ask for him to
be put on a different unit after this. Deep recon this evening, we’re splitting
up to try and hunt down where they are storing this thing. Lev and I pulled the short stick
and have to hike it around the sewer system. Honestly, it can’t be any worse then topside;
at least I won’t have to keep seeing the blank, empty faces of these people. Date: June 6th, ████ Henry is dead. We didn’t get back until
early this morning; we’d been off the radio for several hours because of all the interference.
It seems areas affected by this thing screw with radio waves pretty bad. The sewer was
a nightmare, but no sign of alteration by the item. When we came back up, Paul gave
me the news. Henry and Paul were exploring near the center of the city, when they got
attacked. A mob of people swarmed them and dragged Henry off. Paul was hurt and his suit
was badly damaged, and he had to leave for medical attention. Henry was screaming over
the radio for a while, and then it cut off. Paul and a couple other Mole Rats charged
in with some agents to recover Henry, but after a few minutes, Henry came back on the
radio. His receiver was broken, but he could still
broadcast. One of the Agents was recording, and he played it back to Lev and I, to see
if any of it made sense to us. It didn’t. He was rambling, and sounded like he was hurt.
Kept talking about the endless heart of the city, the hell of glass, just crazy stuff.
Paul and the rescue team kept trying to find him, but suddenly his radio cut out again. Henry came tearing down one of those tiny
halls, helmet off and screaming like a mad man. He ran right by Paul and smashed an Agent
into a wall on his way by. He slammed into a dead end and just exploded through it, right
out of the building. He fell six stories onto some metal junk. It took an hour to get his
body untangled. We’re done screwing around here. Agent Parks, Lev and me are rounding
up what amounts to the city elders, and we’re getting to the damn bottom of this. Date: June 7th, ████ Interrogation went well. Agent Parks asked
the questions, we provided what he called “negative consequences for non-cooperation”.
The first guy, some Triad punk, didn’t want to talk. Two broken legs later, and he was
a lot more open. Said the thing was called “The Builder”, and nobody knew when it
first came to the city. He never had anything to do with it, just helped stand guard outside
rooms where it was working. He said that was all he knew, and that we had to talk to one
of the elders, Long-Wen, if we wanted it. He apologized for Henry’s death, said it
was just the way of things. I broke his jaw in three places. Long-Wen may be the oldest-looking man I’ve
ever seen, and with a will like iron. He just took everything we dished out, and didn’t
say a word. Parks said that the next stop was his wife and grandkids, and that got him
talking. Told us it was kept in one of the oldest parts of the city, some old temple.
It had grown, and made wonderful things, but only the worthy could look upon it and not
be overwhelmed by it. He said Henry was shown the wonders, in the hopes that he would be
able to convince us to not take The Builder, but that he was not worthy, and was broken. We made him show us where they keep it. Long-Wen
said it wouldn’t do any good, that it was buried too deep. They moved it deep inside
when they first caught wind of the Agents; he said we’d never get it back. We’re
doing Deep Work tomorrow, and we’re not coming out without it. Date: June 10th, ████ Been out for a while. This place is amazing.
At first, it was just a temple that was too big inside, neat but nothing new. Then we
went in deeper. Whole rooms, altars, everything re-created and rearrange by this thing. It’s
like someone built twelve whole temples inside this one tiny structure. Agent Parks set up
a recall point in the main hall with some other Agents to make sure nobody sneaks up
on us. We suited up and went to work. It started getting odd after hour six. Lots of hallways,
not as many rooms. then, eighty-three rooms all connected by those sliding doors, each
with a tiny Buddha in the center of the floor, and nothing else. Lev grabbed a few for samples.
We knew things were getting odd when we came to a perfect reproduction of the first altar
room, but appearing to be made of one solid mass of wood. Thing was beautiful and totally seamless,
and not a single tool mark on anything. Paul found some documents, and we scanned them
back to Parks. He said they were about the object; apparently they’re calling it SCP-184
now. Parks said it talks about how they moved 184 deeper each time it made a new area. They
thought it was some gift from God or something. Used it to expand rooms, if people would donate
to the temple, or at least to the gangs that controlled it at the time. I’ve never been in a place like this. It’s
getting harder to maneuver. The halls are starting to get strange, they go up at funny
angles, and the last few rooms have been tiny. By Lev’s count, we should be twenty feet
above the roof of this whole city by now. Date: June 12th(?), ████ I’m getting sick of this place. Came to
a branch yesterday, had to split the team. I drew the “up” hallway, and set out.
Not sure how long I’ve been climbing. The halls aren’t regular anymore; they wave
in and out, like a frozen earthquake. Everything seems to be made of stone here. Managed to
squeeze into a side room to catch my breath, once I looked around, I saw everything was
made of jade. It was all colored right, and had the right texture, but it was jade. Bed,
chairs, table, books, everything. I sat on the bed for two hours and didn’t think.
I got up and smashed the jade lamp that was probably worth more than my life, and left. I’m not feeling well. I feel really disconnected
here, like an astronaut or something. It’s not like other areas I’ve been in. Never
felt so alone. I’m fine, I know that. It’s Henry dying, the whole rotten city outside,
and me being alone and able to think too much. Rats are tested for mental stability, and
I passed with flying colors. It’s just my nerves. I’m sitting on a chair made of thousands
of tiny dragon statues, writing on a table made of super-dense paper, and I am fine. Date: June (?) I’ve been out too long. Food low. Water
low. Not out yet, but getting there. Hearing things. Keep thinking I hear voices. Been
climbing for days. Saw light today. At the end of a side-hall, bright yellow light. I
climbed into the hall and ran. Smashed through the door, and it was a room. Millions of candles,
all lit, but just another room. Pulled off my helmet, smashed the candles with it. Broke
my lenses, neck seal, radio. Didn’t care. Sat and cried for hours. Dropped a pick down
the shaft today, never heard it hit bottom. Almost jumped to go get it, but stopped. Got
to find this thing. Going to smash it to bits. Stomp it. Crush it. Date: June (?) Food out. Suit can’t make any more water.
Saw a hall with ten thousand doors. Ran down it, smashed a bunch, then kept climbing. Lost
my boots. Floor looked like carpet. Made of super-sharp stone. Cut suit to ribbons. Feet
too. Blood all over the shaft. Hope it appreciates it. Going to crush this thing. Feel it shatter
in my hand. Hate this place. Keep hearing Henry. Keep telling him he’s dead. Won’t
listen. Date: (?) Top of shaft. Hall to forever. Lights everywhere.
Going to kill the heart. Date: (?) Hell is Heaven
Heaven is Hell Life is Wonderful Notes: Gordon Richards went missing during
the recovery of SCP-184, presumed KIA. SCP-184 recovered by Team Zeta-9. Journal recovered
in rubble left from destruction of SCP-184 affected temple.

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