See Through Model Rocket Engine – FULL ENGINE in Slow Motion 4K – Rockets (S1 • E2)

See Through Model Rocket Engine – FULL ENGINE in Slow Motion 4K – Rockets (S1 • E2)

Great I got it. Welcome back. And I’m back on set today. Building another version. Of a see-through model rocket engine. That I built for a previous episode. Where I just cut the model rocket engine in
half. I mounted to a piece of high temperature acrylic. Film it’s in slow motion. And the idea behind that was. To show you how the model rocket engine works
internally. I realized halfway in that episode. That I should probably make a proper engine. So this time I’m going to go with my original
plan. And I’m going to make an entirely see-through
model rocket engine. Properly. And our main components are going to be. This c67 rocket engine. And a piece of laboratory grade glass tubing. The idea is that simple. Get this model rocket engine inside this tube. So what’s the difficult part?. Well that’s another story. I now machined the cardboard casing on a rocket. Perfect right there. .495″. Now that I have the core component of my see-through
model rocket engine done. I am left with one problem. And that is this mess. Of powdered model rocket fuel Leftover. I have to figure out a way to clean this up. And I think I’m going to burn it. Yeah let’s burn it. Here we go. I only have one shot at this. Let’s clean up this lathe. Oh that was cool. Man that smells good. I want to interrupt the programming. To talk about something really quickly. I saw a few YouTube videos on how to cut glass
tubing. And I was perplexed by the whole thing. These guys are setting up all these crazy
rigs period and spending all this money. Especially when they’re building a. They cut glass tubing a lot. When they are building PC water cooling systems. I just want to show you really quickly. If you ever want to cut glass tubing really
easy and simple. You just get one of these cheap tile saws
right here. You buy one of these. They are really cheap. They cut the tube and no problem. So back to our programming. That’s how it leaves it right there. And here is the fuel. It was quite a lot of work. To make this fit perfectly. Right inside that tube. And it doesn’t even leak air. Check this out. It’s perfectly sealed in there. Now I have my fully functional. Fully transparent. See-through model rocket engine done. And in my opinion I think it came out pretty
awesome. You can clearly see the nozzle. The main stage. And the ejection stage Of the rocket. And I think this thing is going to look just
awesome. Now I just have to get it set up. And ready to fire. Godspeed see-through model rocket engine. I’m really happy that my see-through model
rocket engine was a success. The footage looks phenomenal. The thing worked great. Better than I expected. And let’s take a look at what we have left
over. We got the casing. The nozzle is still kind of intact. And it was really cool. Because we were able to see it burn through
all the stages. And one thing I did notice. Is that right when it got two about this portion
of the stage. It started burning more violently. And producing more thrust. You can even see the stand. Kind of get pushed over. then it hit the ejection stage. And made a lot of smoke. And some other stuff. This was really a fun project for me. It was definitely challenging from an engineering
standpoint. To figure out how I was going to make this
whole thing transparent. And I thought it was going to blow up. But if I actually held together. So that being said. I appreciate everybody suggestions. For this episode. That I’ve Incorporated. And yeah keep them coming. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe. Check out our other videos. And tell us what you think in the comments
below. see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “See Through Model Rocket Engine – FULL ENGINE in Slow Motion 4K – Rockets (S1 • E2)

  1. Love the Supra. Love the videos. Where are you from and how did you lose that finger? I’m sure this isn’t the first time you have been asked. Much love

  2. dam see thru Rocket 🚀 think that's a 1st for Me 👍👨‍💻 NASA think we found an idea to Educate explosive schools 👍💹 +🚀
    Got a few old packets of sparklers in a draw & a bit powder what if i made a mix ? and sent a missle into a pond or ? 🙂

  3. ¿Do you know you can make your own rocket, right? It's made from a formula like black powder. You can put super small iron or titanium pieces so it throws sparkles. Search "Corda Paterna" and look what i'm talking about.

  4. If you're still interested in ideas for this, consider developing a transparent nozzle portion as well. That's where the magic happens, really.

  5. That was hands down one of the most unique projects I've seen on the platform. I used to be pretty balls deep into amateur rocketry, you could get composite reloads that you don't need to machine the jacket off of… They're fuel only.

  6. There is a Very Easy way to take a Engine Apart, Unroll the Tubing, Ive found that in the past to work,
    You may need to put it in water(this will not effect the engine if you do it correctly)

  7. Cool video, I'm glad there wasn't a bunch of aluminum dust around your lathe, could have made a very large flash fire. Aluminum dust/powder is very explosive. I saw your other video where you mention the comments you received from the un-informed. I can't believe that in this day and age there are people that believe that the earth is flat! Humans figured out almost 700 years ago that the earth is a spheroid. Also telling you a rocket won't work in a vacuum, that blows my mind, and scares me as well. In an age where information about anything is a mouse click away there are a number of humans that are actually less intelligent that the ancients. Anyhow keep up the cool science vids.

  8. Че за долбоеб и хуйню какую-то такую же долбоебскую изобретает, это типо американский кулибин? 🤣

  9. Дуже цікаве відео. Вже можно уявити , як побудувати ракетних твердотопливний двигун з богатьох порохових шашок.

  10. I've done stuff no-one's gonna believe here, but turning rocketfuel never occurred to me. Well they weren't compressed billets back then and much more dangerous, but i could barely watch, maby bc of my own experience.👍

  11. Don't get pulled over with that glass tube after the rocket was used in it in your car.

    Officer: "Sir, is this a meth pipe?"
    Warped Perception Guy: "Officer, it's an estes rocket."
    Officer: "Step out of the car, you're under arrest.."

  12. If a model rocket gets stuck on the launch rail, it’ll literally burn straight through the steel launch plate

  13. Hell yeah..I'm the 80s I use to play with lots of these days can't. Not even the local park…

  14. Oof… i use to shoot off rockets with my dad. Makes me wanna get a cnc milling machine and design my own engines and fuel em and stuff.

  15. i know you're far from the only one to do this but… FFS stop trying to do sound design!! either play it silently or with some soft music, or record your audio at a high sample rate (if you can afford expensive high speed cameras you can afford a 192kHz audio interface) and play the actual slowed down sound. throwing some shitty stock explosion noises just totally undermines the value of the clip.

  16. Warped perception: lights patch of gunpowder, creating bigass explosion that’s super epic

    Warped perception: That’s cool, smell good

    Me: excuse what the f u c k

  17. 1:56 my eyes filled with excitement….then……………..what the fuck is that????!!!!! -_-

  18. Aerospace propulsion engineer here, never ever drill or shock damage the solid propellant, which will cause cracking!!! Cracked propellant is dangerous resulting explosion in the end…

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