100 thoughts on ““Self Introduction at Interviews” Tips in English

  1. madam 1 yr gap vachindi adhi yela cheppalo English lo cheppara give me one gap topic yedi cheppadam best

  2. madam i have a one question, why don't you use I AM MAHESH instead of myself mahesh OR my name is mahesh

  3. thank you mam what was amazing presentaion.. what i expect from you tubers regarding this subject…..this is the final simple informtion…thanks alot

  4. hai mam thank you for this wonderful vedio. i am Finishing MA English but still also i cant speake English it my biggest drawback to my carrier . i attend some Interviews but i dont know how to present but still i get idea. Thankyou mam

  5. mam can u plz tell me about work expirence ….if we don't have work expirence then what we will do?

  6. Spr m
    Mam l want to go to nda
    So how to improve my intrview skills mam give some following tips mam plz

  7. Useful vedio Madam

    Thanks a lot.

    I need one more information always interviewers will ask why you left currently working company.

    Can you help how can I ans for this question.

  8. thanku mam good information actually mam i want to go in teaching line but i cant understand how i give interview in a school pls make vidio in about this

  9. Mam interview cannot be given in English instead of marathi plz reply mam would be thankful if u ans my question

  10. Inspiring mam…love to c your videos..can u explain what is meant by activity sheet…j was called for interview they told me to bring activity sheet for mathematics subject..

  11. Actually i like very much speak in English but i cant mam….. I wish speak in English fluently like u ….. Thank u so much…

  12. Thanks you so much… Mam like u.. Speach like… Normally I understand. .. easy English for your Speach tq… So much ….

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