Sembelih ayam: NGO mahu Majlis Fatwa beri kenyataan

to me this group who has come and said these things I’m not so sure whether the understand what they was doing or where they provoked I’m not going to be I feel sorry because they are my friends also now when they say insulting melees leadership and Islam to me national Fatah council is there they came with a fatwa versus Haram Mufti para que min se o to rule is what we call you know you can actually slaughter people if they come for the Turan so what I’ve done is I’ll distribute this I’ll return to the National fatwa Council I’ve spoken to Allah mas out of this country already in three different countries I send them the information and I got confirmation that this is one of the most an Islamic X ever can be committed so I hope just like national photo Council came out with a very quick photo op but say is Haram and ferric 50 camera and said to rule you know you can actually kill the people and all those things I hope National fatwa council will come up and give come are openly and say look whether what they have done is within this because I’m taking it from the religious viewpoint because they are talking about religion and I said it very clearly as an Islamic NGO i we feel very offended why they did it what they’re doing now I don’t want to go into the politics of it because I think the politicians have already spoken generally when I spoke to a lot of the Malloy friends of mine they feel that this is politically motivated they want to just suppress all other unhappiness among the right you

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