“Sesame Street” Gets Heavy (feat. Adam Devine) – Lights Out with David Spade

“Sesame Street” Gets Heavy (feat. Adam Devine) – Lights Out with David Spade

Now, you guys are all
in this movie– I don’t know if you know this–
you’re in a movie called Jexi. -We are. We are in that movie
together. -Yeah. -Isn’t that great?
-Mm-hmm. -Nice. -Is that… Are you excited?
-Sure. Yeah. -That’s coming out, uh, Friday.
-Yeah. -Yeah. That’s right.
-Right? -October 11. That’s October 11.
So move over, Joker. -Um… -Yeah. A lot of people
say it’s the new Joker. -It’s the new Joker already?
-Yeah, a lot of people are saying that.
I see a lot of nodding heads. I heard a lot of people buzzing. -Lot of people say that.
-Uh… Sesame Street is tackling
the opioid crisis with a muppet named Karli whose mom is an opioid addict. -(laughter)
-This is a little heavy. ‘Cause it’s on HBO now,
so it’s turned into The Wire. -Yeah. -So, I don’t know
if this is a good idea. I-I would be driven
to drugs, too, if my neighbor were a vampire
and a seven-foot bird. -Yes. That’s true. That’s true.
-I probably would-would go down -that road. -Yeah, and, like, a
dude living in the garbage can, -yelling at me all the time.
-Uh-huh. -I might even try a little.
-Yeah. -That’s most neighborhoods.
-I think this is classic HBO, doing too much. They’re
always doing drugs and sex. Like, next thing you know,
we’re gonna be seeing Big Bird’s flaccid penis
when he comes out. They love flaccid penises
on HBO! -They do. -If we’re lucky.
-I’m not mad at it though. -Yeah. -I’d tune in. Yeah.
-I watch it on your show. I’ve seen penis
on the Gemstones! -That’s true. -I’m waiting
for yours to come out! -Yeah. -Yeah.
I’m waiting for them to ask me. Honestly. I mean, it’s just, like,
when is too young to start talking
about these types of things? And I think, with the opioid
crisis in our country right now, it’s like, is it okay
if I talk to my kid about this? -Is it weird? You know? It’s
just… -Alex, too serious. -But does it, like, open up
a can of worms? -No, I agree. -Like, this is some real stuff.
Like… -I agree. It’s true. Because when they did the,
uh, threesomes with Glizzle, -I thought that was
very informative. -Mm-hmm. -Yeah. Yeah.
-Yeah. I don’t know. If they inch it in
through Sesame Street, I think it’s probably
the best way to do it. Wait, but remember when Bert
and Ernie were just, like, living together?
And, like, we all knew. But, like, it didn’t matter. -You know?
-What are you talking about? -DeVINE: We did not know!
-I didn’t know. They had to make it a thing.
You were seven years old, going, -“They were (bleep)ing”?
-Bro, that… He goes, he goes,
“Mom, you’re not gonna overdose from fentanyl, are you?”
She goes… -“We’ll see.” -“An overdose
is when you take too much.” “Mommy’s gonna take
the right amount.” “Mommy knows what to do.
Don’t you worry.” Well, I think
it’s-it’s about damn time they bring drugs
into Sesame Street, ’cause that’s how the Muppets
were invented -in the first place.
-Oh, honey, that’s hot. -All right,
seven-foot-tall bird. -Totally. That didn’t come…
Uh, Uber announced– changing gears– Uber announced
a, uh, new service that will let you ride
with your pet. So some guy’s gonna try to get
in the back of your Kia with a therapy moose. Um, listen, do we need this or can we keep dogs at home
once in a while? I just don’t want my dog to have
a better rating than I do. -All right. -Be the worst
if your dog could stay. “You– We– You can’t come in. You’ve puked on the carpet
too much.” Yeah, my– You know,
my mom loves her dog so much and she has two and then she
never wants to leave them. So I go,
“You want to go to a movie?” And she goes, “Oh, Davey,
I can’t leave those dogs for two hours.”
I go, “Ah, it’s funny. “You know, when we were kids,
you left us “for eight hours a day
when you would go to work, -and, uh, we’re people.”
-Yeah. -Yeah. JUDITH:
Davey, don’t make up stories. Just do the jokes
they write for you. Mom! -Uh…
-Moms always hear. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Moms can hear everything. Oh, they know
when you’re talking trash. No, they–
Uber Eats does it, too. -Oh, would they let you bring
your pet to Uber Eats? -Yeah. ‘Cause I go, “There’s two
peacock feathers in my panini.” -There wasn’t. I was making it
up. -I hear that they’re doing the same thing for babies. So, like, you can Uber your kid
somewhere but, like, alone.
And I was just like, “I-I don’t know
if I would ever do that.” And, like, if I was
the Uber driver, I’d be like, -“Someone’s a terrible parent.
Like…” -Yeah, for sure. Yeah, you don’t know
you don’t want to do that -’cause you don’t have kids.
-Yeah. -Okay. -Fair. Fair.
-I have a 16-year-old, and they could just take him
wherever. That’s true.

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  1. the only "crises" are those manufactured by the gov-co-press conglomerate. it is called "brain washing", and YOU are it's victim because you CHOOSE to be. If an adult chooses to kill themselves, quickly or slowly, it is THEIR CHOICE. Should we try to help? of course. should we pretend it is the fault of a drug, dr, company or society? NOPE. YOU are responsible for YOU. don't like it? it won't end well for you. freedom is messy. get in and get some.

  2. stop this trend of putting guests together just because they are on the same show or in the same movie…..it never works……

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    She’s also tweeted something like « LMAO no one is getting recast » when Disney and the MCU bought Fox. Yes baby, they are.

  6. She's all kinds of cute, but too self-important and unfunny. Someone who perpetually "doesn't get stuff," who always thinks she has a point but, really, it's mildly informed at best and ultimately, inconsequential. But she cute, though.

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    Bring back Attell and some real comics for the panel, not cutesy teen movie stars.

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