Sesame. Your key, reinvented.

Sesame. Your key, reinvented.

Open Sesame Sesame is what’s called a smart lock which means you can unlock it using your phone as a key I’ve tried other smart locks, they are way too big their apps are confusing, and take too long to connect. And they are hassle to install… and I’m pretty handy. Sesame is different. You can install in seconds, literally. No one screwing, no replacing Sesame has a patented design that fits any latch anywhere in the world. The app is handsome and intuitive. But you can open your door without it, like this or like this Sesame senses when my phone is nearby, and gets ready for my special knock And I can get the optional WiFi Access Point. It plugs into the wall nearby so Sesame is always on my home network, and it’s linked to the Access Point with Bluetooth which keeps you connected while going easy on the batteries. And with no keys it’s easy to let other people in, too. I can choose who access… and who doesn’t! I get notifications when my lock opens and closes so I can always know what’s going on no matter where I am and it’s got military-grade encryption No one’s hacking this thing. Open Sesame Ta Da !

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  1. Very cool, I guess it won't work so well if the lock is self isn't very smooth like mine aha. Once Apple allows you to lock apps with touchid this will be even better! 

  2. good luck opening this door if your smartphone battery is dead.also the neighbours can see/hear the knock thing

  3. So now when someone steals your phone, they not only have access to your credit cards and bank account but your house as well??

  4. Military grade encription… yeah well everything can get hacked. its a cool thing but i really wouldnt use this. its a cool idea, but im sure 

  5. This seems extremely stupid, considering anyone who gets hacked with this not only has their personal information stolen, but the hacker has access to their house, which in turn gives them access to your car, your belongings.

  6. R.I.P keys, you were known so well… But now this human technology stuff…has given up on you! I'm sorry…

  7. so what if you forgot to charge your phone?

    why are we putting so much reliance on technology. Certain things should stay the way they are…..

  8. whats the point of this product besides for lazy people i mean you need to have your keys with you because if your phone dies you have to use your keys and with smartphones battery these days its just a was't of money

  9. Perfect for when you're having a package delivered! You could install it on a shed or box by your front door or garage and they can put the package in there

  10. lol lets just integrate everything in our houses to the internet!
    military grade encryption?
    like thats stopped hackers lolol

  11. In korea this has already been invented where you do not need to carry home keys because smart locks are already built onto individual doors    
    man,why yall always behind

  12. You're spending like hundreds of dollars for this stupid plastic thing that unlocks you're door from a phone app.  Would a key do the same thing?  – Wow this prevents you losing you're keys…. that's why u give family or friends a spare key… but this thing is used by you're phone. what if your'e phone dies?…

  13. Great for people to use this app and break into your house. This is definitely a "smarter lock" than a regular key. 

  14. Why does nobody notice that at the very begin the doorknob is locked and not moving. He then unlocks the Deadbolt, not the doorknob. Yet the door opens???

    As far as I can tell this system only works on Deadbolts and not Doorknobs.

  15. LOL, dont pretend you guys are not aware of the Lock My iPhone feature which works flawlessly. Apple is lots steps forward than you :3
    Not saying about trash android phones.

  16. People are too dumb and paranoid for this to be a huge success :-p But this would be epic in university dorms (of residences).

  17. Great Promo vid. I'm trying to give you props for this invention but I cannot see it more then a gimmick device. Too many issues to deal with. Battery dieing on the device or my phone, security of my phone, reliability of a plastic electronic device controlling my door lock etc, I would rather just have a set of keys tbh.

  18. When is this actually hitting the market and getting people reviews? I was on board with Doorbot and boy was that one terrible buggy non working piece of tech junk.

  19. Really cool, but the door tech probably doesn't match Sesame's tech, so yeah use this with a good quality door as well

  20. FYI. people (myself included) have been waiting for a year for this product. i ordered via their website, not via kickstarter. this product is fake. they just take your money.

  21. The knob doesn't turn, so he unlocks the deadbolt with his phone and the knob mysteriously now can turn? How'd it unlock the knob?

  22. I got a little bit turn on when he said "I am pretty handy". Anyway, for the "special knock" function, does it require to have the phone on you or you can unlock the door simply by knocking on the door without a phone near by.

  23. I order this product Sesame +Wi-fi Access Point for 149,00$ + Shipping 20,00$ Total: 169,00$  in 10 October 2015 and I have not received my order yet. I decided to cancel and have back my full refund . I send a e-mail many times and I did not have any answers from this company.I contact the USA Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint (IC3) against this company.I live in Japan and I always bought online  from USA and another countries and this never happened to me before.  I fell frustrated with it and I hope other people do not go through the same problem I am going…Do not trust this Company that not even aswer email from a customer.

  24. If you are trying to buy this PLEASE READ THIS :

  25. SCAMMM dont buy it. it will get you 2 year to receive actually i never received it . 🙁 i ask for refund and you know what they give silent treatment 🙁 SCAMMMdont buy this shitty lock

  26. I don't get it! the beginning of the video shows him trying to open the door but the bottom lock was locked.
    But he unlocked the deadbolt and now he's in???

  27. What is the difference with this plug in wifi access point in the video (I don’t see this version on the website store) and the one in the website store that is USB wifi access point that plugs into a USB wall adapter? USB version is newer model?

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