– Bicolor adjustable, RGB lights. These things are killer,
they’re super-affordable, can fit ’em in a backpack. Yongnuo Lights, it sounds
like I’m saying josh-yo. Josh-yo, Yongnuo, Yong, Yongnuo, josh-yo? Am I the only one that’s hearing that? (upbeat music) Yo-yo, josh-yo. The other night filming in
Chinatown was an absolute blast. I’m so glad you guys came with me. But I had cheated you guys
because I used artificial lights, lights that weren’t from
the neon sign down there, to accent my face and make it a more interesting contrasty subject. But the dope thing is, the imagery we got, the B-roll shots of me
working and all that stuff, I didn’t color-grade that at all. That was 100% our picture
profile that we created, and these lights that were kickin’ out like super-saturated magenta’s and greens. Let’s talk one-on-one. Do you have lights yet? I hate to say this but the
first of lights I ever bought was like a year ago. And I kinda wish I’d saved my money because now I don’t use
anything else but these lights. So in Chinatown, I had
one light above my head, and then I had one in
front of me a few feet. Our brains thought that
the green was actually from the big neon sign in front of me. But in truth, that neon
sign wasn’t kickin’ out that much light, so I had to
recreate a whole new key light and this light, I chose pink because, when you have complimentary colors, or opposite on the color
wheel, you can add a layer of contrast to your subject, depending on where you add the lights. Like this shot for example, I have a nice incandescent bulb right here. It’s throwing oranges onto my face, and then I got another
blue light right here throwing a little bit of teal on my head. (snaps fingers) It makes a more interesting
subject, so easy. Now we can talk about the lights. So these are $78.00 a pop,
and I would say you wanna start with two so that you
can start mixing colors. See how that’s just so hot. So Yongnuo has a few
versions of these out. The ones I recommend are
the YN316 version one. Version one has external batteries, so you can buy as many
batteries as you want, and charge ’em and swap ’em
and shoot all night long without having to be
plugged into a source. Version two is an internal battery. It’s not swap-able, so once
you use it, you’re outta juice. The dope thing is that the
batteries are super cheap, super powerful, and you probably already have a couple in your kit. These are the batteries I
use to power my atamos shogun inferno, as well as my small HD focus and a couple other LED lights that I have. Alright, so we all know
it’s RGB adjustable, which means you can just
pick any colors you want. But you can also connect to
it via Bluetooth on your phone and color pick whatever
you want on the wheel. So now they say you’re able to connect to multiple lights in the
app, but truth be told, I’ve only been able to
connect to one at a time, so I have no idea if it’s
a glitch in the system or user error. So if someone figures
this out, please let know in the comments and I
will post the work-around in the description. So for regular lighting
conditions like interviews, these things are fire. The best part about
this feature is the CRI, The Color Render Index, is 95,
which is really, really good. So I know that sounds like jargon talk, but CRI is super important, because you want skin tones to look like skin tones. I’m not gonna say any names,
but this is a light cube, and you see what it does to my face? Do you see the color
rendition on the face? CRI95, and then this,
right, it looks unnatural, because this has a CRI
of 85, not good, junk. I have like four of
’em, I used to stick ’em in this big ol’ fireplaces
and I shoot these mansions, just so like the fireplace
would look massive, and just cavernous. And then I would go in to post and I would find out that there was
unnatural green cast all over the place, so
I stopped using ’em. If anyone wants to buy ’em
off me they are for sale. You wanna do a deep dive on CRI and other color rendering indexes, take a look at the guys over at Aputure, their YouTube page, they have
a ton of useful information. They know way more about
this stuff than I do. ♪ Bro Science done. ♪ So out of the box these things are great. Only one problem, they
don’t come with batteries, so you’re gonna make sure wanna grab a set of batteries as well as a charger. And the other thing is it doesn’t come with enough diffusion. You know me, I like to tinker with stuff. Half-inch, polyethylene foam
sheets, this is packaging foam. You’ve probably seen this a million times and thrown it away without even knowing. Cut this to size, a little
double-sided tape, ah diffusion. Now you know the lights,
you know how to use ’em. Now I need a test subject. Up, up (funky music)
Ah, good boy. You wanna treat?
(funky music) (camera clicking)
(funky music) (camera clicking)
Ooh, I love it. (camera clicking)
Ooh, you are fire. (camera clicking)
Aw yeah, that’s amazing. (camera clicking)
(funky music) Alright, now give me something new. Give me, give me dangerous
sexy Oso, dangerous (bleep) Dangerous (bleep), yes, aw yes. (funky music)
(camera clicking) The talent is no longer
cooperating with us. I think he’s getting tired,
he’s giving me a lot of like emaciated, poor,
street-dog kinda looks, you know, and that’s just a different, it’s a different shoot,
and we’re looking for that Coca Cola smile,
all-around American dog. We don’t have the money shot yet. I think it’s time we
bring out the big guns. (upbeat music) (camera clicking)
(upbeat music) Quite, super fun, there’s
millions of combinations of colors and positions that
you could put these lights in to get the desired result. And the only way that
you’re ever gonna learn is by experimenting and
find out what works for you. I could even, Bro this is so (bleep) stupid,
you have five more minutes before (mumbles)
(upbeat music) (grinding music)

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