Setting Up The Lighting & Sound For Our Halloween Display

Setting Up The Lighting & Sound For Our Halloween Display

just underneath the roof edge here on
this train depot unlike all the other facades this year I stuck the RGB sign module lights just hidden under there to kinda shine
down the sides of the building and we chose colors
that were kinda matching the paint schemes on the building so
each one of these little slots has a few lights on them and the wiring just runs on the
inside the wall in the front edge here just have a
couple of them one it shines on the inside against the
sign right here the ticket window sign and
one for the outside shine down on the grave rock gulch sign
inside the train depot in the bottom corner I have these two RGB lights turned on green and that gave some
light to shine all around in this room onto these
bookshelves and the back a skeleton he has a little modified lantern I just got a
flicker Bulb one of those small ones and it worked
fine I don’t really like these things because they tend to stick sometimes you’ve got the LED inside his head the wire runs up is back and then in a little cut a hole in the
back of his head okay in our little pot belly stove in our train
depot I took the two bulbs out of the light fixtures that we
had on our columns for our cemetery last year and I just set them in there real
carefully you know it was gonna be some thing permanent so I didn’t go too much trouble but I just ran the wiring down below again a lot of this stuff is done so
fast but there are the speakers drapped inside the upper corner of the train
depot I’m back behind the barbershop and this is the enclosure there is a bunch of leaves on it
but that’s where all the cables for the train depot come in through this hole and
connect and then all the lights in all the windows of the barbershop up there and up there and then we’ve got
this American DJ strobe light and there’s also one in the
general store but this ones cool cause it has the adjusting knob this one’s actually set
to I think the highest speed and the one on the generals for set to the
lowest speed you can get them online on the barbershop facade since it has
like a red color to it we decided to go with the red light so you’ll see them going across the top
there I have two LED’s mounted with a strain relief down to the window seals on both sides and those are all white
Light that shines up onto the curtains we mounted one of these black lights
thats against the side at the barbershop and
that’s what casts most at the light for the fountain and the cactus
needles over here in the corner I’m back behind the mission and I have
one of the enclosures there’s actually a dimer set up to this one I have several I these I just didn’t use
in this year and I had intentions of hooking them up so that I can control
some of the intensities on some of the other facades
I actually thought they were a little too bright the light for the bell is a a couple modules up above it and I wanted to have like an orange
color so the I did the two different models and then
if you controlled intensity a one or the other it kind of gave you that orange color when
it shines on the bell on the first floor the saloon Jeana made these awesome curtains and shredded the edges
of them and then she dressed it with this gold rope and we
thought that the red light just inside would really kinda
accent that and a help kinda show it a little
bit show you the one over here with a little Davey Crockett inside having a shot
or two those are actually some shot glasses we got from Mike B.
there awesome so looking inside the window the saloon
you see the LED modules right there that give the little window its red light on
the first floor inside here you can see a little
drinking skelton we actually put the pump in and
installed the the clear hose but just ran and the time
before Halloween came and went under the table here was a computer
speaker that we had plugged into another phone and that played our saloon music we had that kind and just down enough to where when you walked up to
the windows you would hear some some music faintly there’s another speaker on the ground
back there wires everywhere
underneath the saloon front porch here I have two LED modules on each side and then two in the center so you’ve got
these two here right in front of the saloon door and then two more over there and what I did is I did the exact
same thing on the top side of the porch so you’ve got two there, two right behind
the full moon saloon sign and then two just below our little bad guy here having a shootout the little saloon girl skeleton
she’s got blue eyes each one is little windows we have a purple light setup just one in each window I actually had intentions of
putting some black duvetine behind those just like there and
we’re actually gonna have a couple heads popping up and down out of each window from
this side to that side so up on the saloon just right behind
the trunks I had the two speakers can hiding behind the trunks here in the back in each one of our facades I
have couple power strips that I just mounted to the wall and I have all this stuff just plugged
in there all the LED lights on that are on the
saloon and some in the mine all run all the
way through here and you know like up from the
window as one light you can see I screwed one of
those little pieces of scrap fence boards and then
just mounted using strain reliefs on a little light on
the top of that and it’s on one over there but all the wires kind of real fast ran through an connected in there and
like I’ve showed you guys before on basically all my yellow wires go on the side and then I can
choose what color I want on this side by just attaching the blue red or green and this is
all low voltage so usually is a lid that goes on here I just
don’t have it on right now but all that is powered by one phone charger which is right there it’s awesome okay so I’m over on side of the mine You can see the cart right there and the
sound that came from the detonator tnt box has actually all from here we had this
BlackBerry phone with the noise or the sound effect
constantly on repeat and that was plugged into a
constant power supply to keep it charged but it was then connected to this
computer speaker that was also connected to the subwoofer
along with several of these speakers inside the
rocks and stuff it pulled something out so you guys could see it but every time the detonator box handle would go down it
would set off a motion sensor that would turn on the
speakers and that gave us a sound I diddn’t like how it just cut off and never faded out but that’s one of those things were some
day we will get a prop controller and that will fix that problem but it works and the
kids loved it there’s a couple LED’s that I
have mounted to the back side a the water tower and I also have two of the same color on the backside
of the saloon and those are the lights that shine up
onto the rocks around the mine our little guy in the mine cart has one LED inside his head we have it
on yellow here’s the back side of our little corpse you can’t really see it but a cable runs down goes back here to where the peek-a-boo
prop is and these are the two LED is that shine behind him which cast a shadow on
the wall I don’t have an enclosure for these
wires I just mounted the two terminals to the back side of this timber here and I was in a hurry you know how that goes so I’m up looking at the little water
tower of skulls and you can see I’ve got a
couple speakers up hear and basically I’ve got two sets of
speakers one for the lightning and one for our music I also wanted to show you the two LED
modules that I have up here I also have a third one right behind here and if you follow these troughs down here
I’ve got the blue LED light in each tier and then I’ve got the red ones
underneath going just underneath each sluice
box and of course all the red lighting I did
have another orange light that was right over here think the Bulb went out but that kinda
shined up on our wall tools and stuff inside the general store again I had the two sets of speakers
one for lightning and one for sound and I kinda tried to make them less flashy
with put in a little the camo netting in front
of them there mounted and it was kinda nice cuz the
noise and music resonated off all the walls here in general store here’s Jeana jars big mess of cords and stuff so I have my two LED’s mounted just
under the side of the metal roofing inside the general store
there is very quickly just hung the strobe light for the general
store I’ve got it on the slow setting opposite of what’s in the barbershop
and this is the four channel chase that I
have hooked to the hangman and basically once
the motion sensor turns this on it gives this power it then shoots power off and on to the hang man you can see right there
just went off you can see those lights changed to shut off there goes again someone must be walking
outside it’s just a nice real crude way of doing
it without a peek-a-boo controller I made two of these light poles this year one to go on each side at the jail and
Undertaker facade and they are a couple of the
lanterns the cheap lanterns that I drilled holes and
converted there are four bright LED’s inside their
hook to I believe it’s called a beta Tronix
circuit board I’ll attach more information on that
description of the video but that’s what lets it Flickr on off from the four lights It barely fit in
there but it works really nice and all those work lights that you
see back behind undertaker facade
they go to the lightning machine and then there’s another skeleton
with some LED’s in his eyes but that’s what all
those halogens are and the two black lights are four
foot work lights I had behind the columns last year it
kind of was just fun for the kids and made
their costumes bright and also eliminated things like
the fountain and the hangman some that stuff and of
course the pumpkins all have little lights in them this is the room in between the jail and behind
Undertaker and you can see the two purple lights hanging that was to shine
some light through the Undertaker Windows into
jeana’s white curtains that she has see a little bugs flying around cuz they are attracted to this black light for the Lightning on each side I
had one to these halogens and one of these pointing at the building there’s also a big one there that
kinda shine light center on the saloon and I also have the two sets a speaker’s right behind here and there’s another
set on that and as well you can see these pipes that we ran across
the top of these walls and that’s what we
draped this burlap over to give like a nice little ceiling over
the jail see a little cable running from behind
skeleton i strained relief that all the way down this
wall then it drapes down there’s where the enclosure is for
all the lights for the jail and the Undertaker there’s where I mounted
the air valve that runs our little town drunk just screwed it
to the back side at this Undertaker facade all right inside the
jail I had originally put several lights
up here and it was just way too bright in here
so I just have one of the RGB LED modules and I just have
the white light which is all three colors on and that gives it enough light in here for
people to see and still be dark enough to where it’s
not so scary there is also another one just right in front this little guys head
there and I have that on a yellow both wires lead back through this wall on just the
backside the Undertaker facade I also had a speaker just mounted to the underside of the roof
of our house and again I just kinda tried to hide it
with a little bit of burlap you can see the lightning lights and I have a have a couple of them
one right there and one right there and knows shine up into all the leaves up in this tree here it
really gives a nice effect most of the lightning that I set up if I don’t bounce them off of the houses or
facades I tried to shine them up into these big
trees here and to do this idea is I have ’em aimed you know from the Undertaker pointing
up and then I also put a bunch on the roof of the house just behind
all these shining up at the trees so I’m up on the roof and I just want to show you guys the
lights the halogen lights that I have up here for the Lightning machine I’ve got two over there in that tree that I showed
you and then I’ve got this one over here what I do that is run the cords and can a
wrap it around a couple places so doesn’t fall and then I have it shoot down the side
of the house go under the carport and then around front of our house by the
front door into our bedroom and you can see the town from here looks kinda ugly nothin painted on the the flats that
face the house just cause we ran out of time and
stuff but to yeah you can see the two lights there
that I just have clamped to the tree branches and stuff
and then I just wrap the cord around to kinda act as a strain relief someday
I’m gonna get some LED spotlights that are you know bright and
stuff but for now this works good enough and what I did as I hid
the light down from the peak of the roof just
enough where you can see from the front street and what I’ve got it aimed at is I’ve got it aimed at these trees right
here and what would happen is this light would
light up these trees and it was real nice because basically what you can see it from a few streets over and it was kanda nice to have people go, what’s going
on over there they must be given away some candy

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