Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas | Interior Design

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas | Interior Design

So shabby chic is a design genre all its own. It’s a little country. It’s a little traditional. There’s a lot of light and white and it’s
worn. The pieces that generally make up a shabby
chic decor are – think farmhouse – mixed with maybe a classic piece. But that the finish has been worn through,
you’re seeing a lot of its natural wood mixed in with painted over pieces, maybe lots of
whites and creams mixed in. Slip covers are really big in shabby chic,
so what’s great about that – and it saves you money – is you can take your sofa that
you’ve had for a very long time, you’re tired of the color. You’re tired of the way it looks. Just get a slip cover, tuck it in really nice,
they make some great ones nowadays. Throw on some new pillows in maybe a needlepoint
or a floral decor, because that’s really big in shabby chic and fantastic. It’s there. Another thing is accessorizing in the shabby
chic decor you want, to make sure that you’re using like a layering effect. It’s kind of like it was there for a very
long time, even though you just added it. So instead of one big piece of art, a lot
of little pieces, that are different sizes that kind of pull together to make one accent
wall. Different sized lamps, furniture that doesn’t
really match, maybe an arm chair with a stool next to it. Then maybe you have something that’s an all-upholstered
chair with stripes, but then next to that you have a tapestry looking chair that has
arms and a high headrest, so it’s a lot of mixing and matching. It’s a lot of floral and needlepoint, slip
covers. You want to make it feel effortless, like
it was there all along.

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  1. I'm all about constructive criticism so I just wanted to say perhaps add images or short video clips of what you are describing. I'm a visual learner and I imagine that most of the people who come to YouTube for knowledge are also. I can see you are excellent at what you do, but if you have decided to share your knowledge, please be as effective as you can be. Kindest regards 🙂

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