Shooting events with changing lighting, concert photography

Shooting events with changing lighting, concert photography

When photographing
live performances in small venues where
the lighting changes continuously, try using Manual Exposure
and Auto ISO Sensitivity Control. Auto ISO Sensitivity Control allows the camera to adjust
ISO sensitivity automatically if optimal exposure
cannot be achieved at the value
currently selected by the user. To use
Auto ISO Sensitivity Control, go to the Photo shooting menu and select
Auto ISO sensitivity control in ISO sensitivity settings.
Highlight On and press Ok. Choose the maximum sensitivity.
Let’s try ISO 12800. This lets the camera
raise ISO sensitivity as high as 12800 if required. Next, adjust
shutter speed and aperture. You’ll probably
want to set shutter speed fast enough
to help avoid motion blur. Here, we shot
in Manual Exposure mode, at a shutter speed
of 1/160 of a second and an aperture of F4. This feature,
which takes advantage of the high ISO sensitivities
offered by digital SLRs, will help you get shots that perfectly capture
your creative intent.

22 thoughts on “Shooting events with changing lighting, concert photography

  1. I've found that Shutter Speed of 1/250 is best for stopping motion. just a thought. I get no motion blur.

  2. Why on earth would you use f4 in low light like that? That’s a 2.8 lens, use f2.8 on aperture priority mode! Then you won’t have to use too high ISO

  3. Hello all,my dream is to shoot live concert photographs. Is this demonstration a good example to follow.

  4. Well done, informative and clear. Easy to understand. I have had stunning success with a full frame SonyA7S in low light. I have the ISO normally set at auto with the max at 12000.

  5. Much good in this but still can't get the settings on my D500 many get great results with. Don't know why this is killing me with shooting clean 4k video (lots of multiple angles to choose in post. Luxury I know! ) with Sony cams. I love this camera. I have beatiful results in natural light. But it's the venues I need…. Where to go to pick my game up? In Australia, complimenting a video production project. Not out to complete with the pros. But hey we all want to shoot our beat always!

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