Hello friends its Allison and I hope you’re
having a super happy day so far today we are going to have the coziest day ever
because we are going fall decor shopping and we’re gonna decorate this apartment
for fall I’m so stinking excited fall is such a sweet time I’m here I love them
the weather cools down in Florida because right now we are just like
boiling and the feet so it’ll be so nice when I can open my windows and let the
crisp fall air flood my apartment but first we really gotta get the move set
here we got to get some cute little pillows candles and all that good stuff
so I’m taking you along on my hunt for cute fall decor I actually made a list
yesterday of everything that I want to look for it
so we’ll probably like hop around a few different shops today and we’re gonna
put a budget on ourselves so that we don’t spend a million dollars on
pumpkins so putting a little budget so my budget is a hundred dollars and I
don’t have any fall decor right now barrel so cuz brand I just got married
and like this is our first home together so we don’t have any fall decorations so
a hundred dollars hopefully it will take us far and I really want to go for like
neutral cozy look I don’t love like Halloween decorations I love just like
the cozy fall vibes so that’s what we’re going for and also still need to get a
basket for my little leaf egg play it so we need to look out for that so we have
a big agenda a big scavenger hunt for a bunch of all things we a super fun day
and let’s get it started little Bert we’re gonna try to find you
a cozy little basket today see you later I’m coming back with a lot Smuts
goodies I’ll stick to the bucket first stop on our journey is to get a little
pumpkin spice latte I’m doing it I’m just going a full-fledged fall
and I honestly don’t even know if I like spice lattes I can’t remember the last
time I have them the only holiday drinks that I really get every year is
peppermint mochas I absolutely love those so stinking much but since we’re
getting in the fall mood I thought a pumpkin spice latte it was kind of
necessary trying to decide if I want iced or hot it’s a very warm day in
Florida but when I’m in stores I always get so cold so it’s really a dilemma
here now that we have our fuel for shopping we are going to head to target
first and I’m really not sure if they have that much stuff out because it’s
still early it’s the end of August when I’m filming this so who knows but I have
to return something there anyways so fingers crossed we have their fall stuff
up happy in the dollar spot they only have
back-to-school stuff still so I’m sorry but it’s but I’m in the home stuff now
and we’re gonna find something okay target has not received the fall
memo I’m so surprised and disappointed but we are headed over to clone goods
now and I’m feeling good about that this is not the vibe that I am going for
okay it’s getting spooky over here oh my goodness Wow Wow this pumpkin is
actually super super super cool and this gold one is adorable as well it’s like a
little poem from Garland I think we’re gonna go and get a cart okay we’re
really getting the jackpot I love these problem Garland’s so
stinking Mike just gonna be her dude decide though cuz we have this candy
corn one which is absolutely precious and then we also have this six-foot
garland just like these all colors this one is $14.99 and this one is 1699 so
like a little price to Vince I think these are really affordable for what
they are they look handmade and super great
quality guys these little foxes and acorns oh my
goodness I am having the time of my life but I’m so indecisive I also really like
this pumpkin garland I think this is so beautiful I love the neutrals of it and
it’s just so cute with the baby pumpkins this would be so cute for a table
centerpiece as well I’m really realizing that $100 is gonna go so quick push me
with the throw pillows because they’re like $25 each these candles can you believe these are
candles so many details but I would never want to burn low you guys I just had the time of my life
shopping for fall decor they had so much kid stuff and it was just making me feel
so happy and cozy I was seriously there for over an hour I think I was there for
so long I just get really indecisive and the throw pillows were driving me crazy
trying to decide what would work for our space and there were so many cute ones
and some were $25 some were sixteen dollars so that was like going into my
decision also and I just could not decide but I’ll show you everything that
I got later so at HomeGoods I spent $90 but I did
buy a basket for my fiddly fig which cost $15 so I still have about $25 to
work with but you know I don’t have to spend it all but I need to refer to my
list but I still want to get I didn’t get soap yet so I would like to get that
and then I mean it’d be nice to get throw pillows if Joanne’s has some
that’s where I am now and I do have a coupon for a join so 40% off so if the
pillow is $25 that’ll be a lot off so multi and sometimes they have a lot of
sales but those are still the things that I’m looking for but I’m really
excited to show you what I got at the first stop
that is what I love to see this is just happiness but even though it’s 50% off
lots of it seems super expensive so you’re kind of key put these precious little spoons and
spatulas so cute I truly should have made a higher budget now this is calling
my name hi – so cute hey I just got home what a fun time I’m gonna do a little
haul soon but I am so hungry Brandon is so sweet and made me this precious snack
it was waiting for me cheese and crackers and then all sigh evil so
stinkin sweet so I’m gonna munch on that little appetizer and then I’m gonna make
our hello fresh meal and I’m so thankful to be partnering with them for this
video you guys know I absolutely love hellofresh their meals are so delicious
and super super simple to make and it just simplifies your life so much so
it’s definitely a great option for people who live a fast-paced lifestyle
or not I mean it’s just super convenient so we’re gonna cook that meal right now
and then I’ll do a challah later look at how happy our fridge looks with our
hello fresh meals just all lined up so this week we have veggie tangent
couscous bowls that sounds absolutely incredible
I might make that for lunch and then we also have yellow squash flat breads
which also sounds incredible and last but not least we have creamiest mushroom
or ravioli and here’s a little sneak peek of the raviolis that they sent they
look so premium what some sleep most yummy mushroom ravioli confuse falls or
flat breads couscous yeah winner winner FATA is better oh my goodness I wish I
love feta cheese and I love the packaging of this so with every recipe
they have this beautiful and easy to follow recipe with seriously the most
stunning picture let’s see if my finished product looks like that
hopefully and it shares all the ingredients and then pictures for your
directions because I personally find not so helpful to have the visual image with
the directions because I’m definitely a visual learner and cooker I’ve had quite
a variety of hellofresh meals by now and each one has been so incredibly
delicious they actually have more five-star recipes than any other meal
kit so you know you’re gonna get something it’s so tasty there is a life led to make pita chips
and I’m so excited because we love pita chips and this is my first time making
them at home that’s what I love about hellofresh it helps us to try new things
that we’ve never tried to make at home before and a little kitchen hack if you
use olive oil a lot I recommend putting it in a spray bottle because it’s so
easy to just spray it on whatever you need to add it to instead of just
pouring it over cuz that leaves my olive oil bottle will come out super fast
sometimes so it makes a mess nopony is Hollow fresh so delicious but they
always include vegetarian recipes that you can choose from and they also are
super flexible with your lifestyle so you’re able to order yummy sides like
garlic bread or desserts like cookie dough which I definitely need to do next
time and hellofresh is now from $6.99 per serving hey here
is the finished product it looks so stinkin yummy I think this
may just be my favorite hello fresh meal ever I’m such a sucker for Mediterranean
food but it’s time to have a taste test ten out of ten for me I’m so excited to
try the other meals if you’re interested in trying hellofresh pour it yourself
you can get your first eight meals for free that’s $80 off your first month of
hellofresh seriously such a great deal just use my
code Allison as Edie and you can check it all out in the link in the
description time for our fall so I know I showed you
bits and pieces of things I was liking but you haven’t really seen everything I
ended up buying so we’ll start with Joanne’s because I only bought a couple
things from there and I spent 871 so I bought these cute little pumpkins
these are really cute they were 50% off and they were only $4.99 to begin with
and I’m either gonna put these in the cute little vase or I’m going to take
the pumpkin off the little stick and just use them to pop around the house
because I was looking for just inexpensive mini pumpkins like this but
none of the places I went really had them so I thought that was cute and then
I got these adorable little floral pieces I don’t know exactly how to
describe them but I’ll show you where I’m gonna put these later as well but
they’re fake so the lasts forever and they were $2.99
with 50% off so they were 149 I was I don’t want to do the math cuz they
handed off my receipt and then when I was walking out from the cash register I
noticed that they have this pumpkin harvest hand soap so I thought this was
really cute and I can refill it and I just like the little texture of the
pumpkin so I can use this for years and years and years but the scent that’s
inside is really yummy it’s pumpkin harvest scented so I don’t get our
little hand washing in the fall mood so that’s all I got from Joanne’s pretty
simple like I said all of their stuff was on sale which was great but it was
all really expensive so it wasn’t really that good of a deal so now we’re moving
onto home goods my new happy place I’m in love with some good so first things
first we got this old dish towel it says autumn skies and
getting pies it just made me feel so cute I almost bought a little apron that
matched this it said the same exact thing and then the whole skirt was like
little pumpkin pies it was precious but I decided against it that was a really
home decor and that’s not what I was shopping for but it really took some
self-control I just thought that so cute so there’s two towels and I can put
those on our little oven I got these cuties so it’s just stacked pumpkin and
this was 14.99 oh I forgot to tell you the price of this this was $5.99 too
shabby and I’m excited because I can use these for years and years years and
since this is our first year of marriage like we really don’t have any
decorations so I’ll have to do this again for Christmas so excited um but
these like I said are 14.99 and I love the texture it’s like yarn and I like
the neutral aspect of it because I love little pops of orange as well which
you’ll see but you know our our apartment has like blue paintings and
stuff so I didn’t want all the colors to clash but this one will go with anything
and then when I was walking to check out there were so many cute fall things and
the line while you’re waiting and this little one was there and it’s so cute
it’s one of those like no it’s I don’t it’s like knitted almost
I’m not sure how to explain it the texture of it but it’s just super cute
and it was 399 and I thought I can pop this on her fireplace or who knows we’ll
find a home for it soon gary has this incredible little teapot
mug set so I’m just gonna keep this on display it’s like a decoration but you
can also use it as you know a cheap high-end mug so I’m super excited about
this it is so stinkin cute and I am going to
you’ll feel so cozy in the morning pouring my pumpkin into my bucket only
two more things well actually three because I have little Burt’s new home
but in here I ended up going with this Garland
it’s so cute it was really hard to decide because they were there were so
many adorable Garland’s but I really liked the simple cream color in orange
puffs and I loved the little candy corn details as well with the yellow I just
really liked the color palette because one of them had red in it which I don’t
love the color red it’s kind of like really harsh of course for Christmas
I’ll probably bring out some red but for Halloween I think that would have been
our only red because we’re kind of just sticking to like the creams and grays
and orange colors so that’s how I justified this garland over the others
black only thing oh and I told you guys earlier but this was 1699 yeah 1699 it’s
this shiny clear pumpkin but you can see it has some really pretty brass brush
details which I love and the best part about it is it has twinkle lights in it
so I just need to add some batteries but I’ll show you when I light it up that’s
gonna look so cute and it’s such good quality and it was only $14.99 which i
think is a really great price so that’s it those are all the fall things I
bought now I’m gonna spend a little Phil over in his new home and then let’s
start decorating here he is happy in his new little basket it is a little big but
I’m hoping he’ll start growing soon and then he can kind of grow into it a bit
what’s your favorite decoration babe so you just like stuff that stimulates
your senses that is the end of today’s vlog but I
hope it was as fun for you as it was for me and mu G bill very cozy and excited
for fall but thank you guys for watching be sure to check out hellofresh
and I will see you soon bye you

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