today we’ll be shopping at home good pick up your coffee cup of tea unless the shopping and this is the home goods on Eldridge and Westheimer so let me know what time we watching to be aware you’re watching this video from what you’re eating or drink energy watch this video so far there’s been no flight as you can see and this is not sugar lens a different side of town so so far Lawrence dry and but it was raining booty badly this morning so it’s just I just want it to go away I want this season to go away and regular wafer I mean it’s for we don’t need no more of this flood so yeah let me know what you’re drinking what you’re doing are you and chillin in bed as you watching this video hopefully this would be a really good video and because this home cause has been slacking for a while and I’m Saturday sis mad so if I’m gonna apologize right now if I’m all over the place it’s because it’s Saturday know so many people look at the parking lot doors oh alright let me go because waiting so okay so and they’re like why is she holding a camera so anyway I’ll see you yeah she’ll be drink in that book stress of this blood so yeah dull so my last collection has launched so it will be available on i collection i hand-picked everything and all the lengths and everything in detail for you dolls and this is much that it’s special to my youtube channel and i’m one of my subscribers just to have something glamorous that represents to me because I’ve known wearing lashes and being extra glam and girly so to support me head over to the WWE London calm to get your copy they’re two different styles there’s extra glam which is only one eyelash and it’s glancing eyelashes and then there is the full tray work is which is which is what is always hold in and that is for lashes so head on there now and check out and see what we have thank you so much for supporting me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] don’t I know it’s weird for that long but the silos I wasn’t gonna I wasn’t planning on doing like a talking to her because there’s music in here and there’s quite a lot of people so it’s gonna be hard to talk about I’m gonna try but what organist who probably didn’t expect me to randomly start talking what a shot some people probably still catching their catch in there and cutting their hearts told that with the words I snatched a lot of wigs with that aside look because you thought it was probably a video I’m not talking and yeah this is so pretty wish I had it in pink rose pink and I’ve got so many good values the office sections that you choose the only section where I can look at this I can literally show you stuff without being disturbed like this and it’s all scripted a good intention believe under wife number not that you could be all free dolls you can and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t I love these comment down below which one’s your favorite like this and listen by my look at this that of like a rainbow [Music] okay so I’m gonna leave this section really soon since this location is still dry a week later and triangles and try to find stuff that look here maybe in the bathroom section we’ll have some luck fingers crossed you don’t have to look at my broken nail which I bit down by the way you won’t have to look at it next week so I’m gonna have my final [Music] let’s go to the bathroom possibly maybe Felicity and I was hoping to squeeze two videos out of here I have this already in gold just a quick example to see how ugly and fake these look I’ll be lashes about this is not even cute at all just want to show you so we’ve seen this before not not much new stuff in this location is $29.99 it’s really pretty no one’s bought it already don’t know if it’s the same one just find it interesting or two nights ago dosa I want to answer questions so now we’re here do you like my nails to be long or short why is it I’m not focusing look I know this sucks when the camera doesn’t focus there we go do you like mine has to be normal short I bite my nose by the way so I’m not showing you the broken one well I’m thinking to get a shot this next to this there so she’ll get a short along everyone common in the comment section down below and whatever whoever comments the best like short or long I will do whichever one you do the most of it so go and comment now $16.99 like this don’t know why the cameras not focused then maybe it’s just not by been vibing with this fungus today I’m not vibing with this we’ll get the latest nothing care $29 my camera’s not having it [Music] it one of these these are back look I want to take it down but these are gorgeous and they’re back I think this was $29 [Music] [Music] heavy I don’t want to Oh gorgeous cheese course I look at the price I took it out Phenom determined to find the price stay stay stay Wow all that just to see no price wow it’s really gorgeous but you just have to have it somewhere where you know it’s not going to break like this what a nerd see looks gorgeous together look at this and come to nine I just wanted to show you and then look at this little color nothing well nice for barbecue it’s a nice own gift for a man oh my god I love this mirror look $59 of a gorgeous setup protect never with this chair the music’s kind of loud on SSI if I stop talking you know why I don’t want to get a copyright sure it is gorgeous [Music] what is the Messiah to love her stories mmm all those benches are cute what’s all this sighs literally nothing oh look at this this is beautiful it’s fifty night $100 if you can see this in the bus and I’m gonna get this out look at this gorgeous I’m actually finding it heart of London acres there’s so many people and it’s like I get shy talking sometimes people say this is how people just oh my god be the best I’ve got pearls on that spot and sometimes I don’t get an F what today is just what I says what I do say that’s why I keep stopping talking because I’m actually extremely shy that people stay oh my god over this cuz people just stare like you’re insane this is nice too I’m loving like non-traditional fall colors like this very spring but it works people just stare like why she told the dough camera in fact people don’t know what a phone is or no water cameras found a gorgeous pillar on that side if I know I can get to it that’s another issue traveling around here on Saturdays like hell oh look at this okay I’m obsessed I’m officially obsessed I’m gonna have to show you dogs [Music] I actually wonder their future home balls look future home bedroom cause 1999 it could be for live around here that’s gorgeous and then this I found in the baby section this is a baby pillow so adorable they put in the adults certain books at sea for kids there’s only talk now tonight she looks nice in a nursery it’s 120 dollars now hundred two hundred dollars what Michael about but there’s how about yes it’s just hidden sister love it that’s this really like one of might and it has a nice unit as well so this is one of my favorite four pillars and I think this will go gorgeous with this these two together so I know this video has been very hostile words not gonna lie very mediocre because I don’t look good with this – very mediocre because I can’t almost done in look at that I made for each other very mediocre because I cannot get around the store the curse is just practically wait these two mood look these to go nicely in the same living room so I try and just kind of side when I can’t get a good a good video it bit much right a bit much kind of sad when I can’t get a decent video because people are just everywhere but I guess I sort of stories and it’s a talent so I did what I could and we’ve got what we covered and I hope you enjoyed it for that reason I tried I love this I’m still trying to squeeze out no one comes in the pillow sections that’s why I’m part of the reason I’m here but they do have good pillows so no I did what I could I’m sorry I feel like a failure dolls when I can’t get a good full video but it means I should stop slogging on the weekend possibly of what that means so if you enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up if you lose too much and subscribe down below let me know what you enjoyed most about this really rushed out of face uncomfortable video I love this color look I love this color it’s gorge in person it’s darker and person nice color I love it so let me know what you like about this video and it looks good with this kind of like an olive greenish line lish phone anyway let me know what you liked most about this video and I’m tried I tried I tried it was impossible can barely go in the aisles that I want here so I think we’re done so I love you so much doors I’ll see you in my next video this feels really fun so yeah a single minutes video bye dolls Olivia dolls though my last collection has launched so it will be available on I’m going to have some limited lashes so get them white right now why it’s hot I’m so proud of my collection i hand-picked everything and all the lengths and everything in detail for you dolls and this is much that is special to my youtube channel and I wanted my subscribers just to have something glamorous that represents to me because I’ve known for wearing lashes and being extra glam and girly so to support me head over to extra clamping eyelashes and then there the for trade work is which is which is what comes always hold in and that is all ashes so head on there now and check out and see what we have thank you so much for supporting me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


  1. Watching from North Carolina at 6:38. Eating a salad & drinking lemon water. So glad you're okay & still praying for Houston. I like the mirror nightstand.๐Ÿค—โค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

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  3. Its 8:24pm and I'm watching you while relaxing in my livingrm. My favorite snow globe(s) were the " wife, mom, boss" & the "pineapple". And as for your nails being long or short I don't think it matters because you have beautiful youthful hands, so they will look great either way in my opinionโ˜บ. I loved that gold sculpture & leopard box decor๐Ÿ‘. Oh WOW!! that was a beautiful lamp!! And the pillows "Gorgeous" ๐Ÿ‘Œ. "Oh yeah" to that glass dresser/stand๐Ÿ’•. "Yay" you were able to talk! I enjoyed the video sweetie, I always do!! And you're not a failure to us! So don't feel that way, you did a great job given the substances of the store being busy( and its a Saturday) "you made it work"girl๐Ÿ‘. You just naturally "rock" at what you do๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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