1. 🤗🤗Hi! I had someone on my last shop with me say they preferred no music, just silence and talking in these types of videos. Do you prefer music or no music? I want to put videos up that you guys enjoy watching. Thanks so much💖

  2. I think you should talk in your videos and like other people have said tell prices please. The music is pretty but a bit distracting.

  3. Prefer no music, as when you intermittently speak the music is very loud in contrast. You have a pleasant voice!

  4. That enjoy the little things in life sign is so nice. Hobby lobby has some nice lanterns and great deal with 40% off when they have it. Fyi
    Smart to only get what you absolutely love that is my motto with food too. Otherwise it is wasted money calories etc. ☕💖
    Love the peonies too! I have to also trade out donate or sell things in order to get other things I like better … less can be more and more can be too much!
    Those crates at Walmart were nice too. Oh love the love lives here picture calage and family sign.
    Have a good day!🐥

  5. Nice video. I agree that showing/stating the prices would be greatly appreciated. Would you mind sharing what kind of countertops you have? It’s beautiful….reminds me of cookies in cream ice cream…

  6. Heyyy girl!!! New subbie here!! I'd love for you to check out my channel so we can support each other! 💝

  7. You did a really nice job on this video. I love seeing all the decor, but lack at decorating skills.

  8. New Subbie here! I love Kohl’s! They always have really nice items they’re just a bit pricey but if you catch a sale and use their bucks you can get really good prices right? I love that Renpure brand! TFS beautiful!💕✨

  9. These are some incredible finds…so many people are turning to natural products…that's good because the companies will have to clean up their act👍🏻

  10. New to your channel. But your videos seem nice and music is one thing that adds mood to any video. I really hope we had some of these stores like Kohl's here in Finland

  11. I like how you walk through the store and allow us to view everything. You don't speed through….that is so helpful. One suggestion would be to state prices for things. Example, the lantern. It was gorgeous! It would have been helpful to in know how much it was.

  12. Hello! I always forget about Kohls. I think these kind of videos need music, to answer your question. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I always wait to get stuff I really like from Kohl’s until I have a 30% off coupon, it’s on sale and/or have Kohl’s cash 💵😀

  14. Really loving your content! So much pretty stuff to choose from but definitely thinking of getting that small chalkboard from Walmart!

  15. You’re finding so many amazing items! ♥️ I was shocked with kohl’s decor! I don’t feel like they had nearly that much out at Xmas time!

  16. I love Kohls, but I also love how Walmart has been stepping up their game lately! Really starting to notice their products more. Great video! 🙂

  17. Hey! I like chatting personally, bc I feel like I get your personality more that way. Also, I super want those lanterns for my kitchen table. They have some similar at Homegoods, and I wanted them so much at Christmastime. I had to keep telling myself to stop trying to buy myself gifts instead of others!

  18. NICE! come here to support your channel hope you can visit my channel too ..sub, like comment! let's support each other! success for more videos!

  19. Kohls has nice decor but they mark up their home decor like crazy! I usually wait until it goes on clearance

  20. Video moved a little too fast for me to focus, but saw some pretty things. Love all the yellow since it's my favorite color.

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