18 thoughts on “SHOP WITH ME WEEKEND VLOG and HOME DECOR UPDATES | Amanda John

  1. Love the vlogs… please do more♡
    And about the new taylor song, i just miss the old taylor times when songs were more romantic and soft balads…


  2. I enjoyed watching your vlogs. I watched it till the end. Cute outfits you've tried on. And your new shoes look adorable with the ripples. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  3. Your content is typically so good and helpful. I’ve gone out to purchase items of clothing because of your videos and how thoroughly you review them and how you upscale even the most inexpensive Walmart items. “Hanging out on the floor” not only made me 🙄 and stop watching this video, among other really dull comments, but disappointed me that you’re copying those other uncreative you tubers. Don’t feel like you have to copy trends😉 Stick to being sophisticated. You’re lovely and feminine and you do a good job reminding people of how to be that way 😊

  4. Hey I live in Atlanta as well but never heard of Avalon! What part of town is it in? Also, you HAVE to try Jeni’s I’m addicted lol

  5. I honestly love that strawberry T-shirt I really need to just buy it lol and I feel you on the student loans I’m trying so hard to budget until they are paid off. I try to avoid going into TJ Maxx and home goods, those two get me every time haha

  6. Yes, please do more vlogs! I really enjoy them and I watched til the end. Thanks for sharing what you get up to!

  7. I am new to your channel since watching your Walmart haul and I love watching you . Love your personality !
    Where is the shelves from where your jewelery is on?

  8. Hey Amanda have a great week! 🤗🏳️‍🌈❤️👍🇺🇸
    I get all my food and groceries on Amazon!

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