whats good guys im here right now with jack in the car whats good, you already know guys so before we do jump into anything we are here at lances house right now tell them where we’re going. We’re about to film a banger at walmart guys im about to shut off the lights in walmart thats not gonna shut the lights off you think so aisle 14 aisle 16 aisle 18 oh my god no way

100 thoughts on “SHUTTING OFF ALL THE LIGHTS IN WALMART! (Feat. Lance Stewart)

  1. Yo jack and mike should work here and then act like they know there way around and fall in front of people and they should quit like if u agree

  2. Lmao Iive in ur area and whenever i go to Walmart I'm always expecting something to happen lmao. And I'm fr. I deadass live in the NJ area u live in

  3. Damn bro I actually work there but be prepared all the managers know about the video and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do some legal action about it

  4. A baby was walking by while you were in the ball cage. Would it have been funny if you and the tower fell on that baby and it was hurt, or worse?

  5. Thank you for provide the evidence Walmart will need to prosecute you. Cameras in the parking lot captured the license plate on the car.

  6. Like deadass man power didn’t come back on til like 1 am or something and it honestly made me have one of the worst shifts at Walmart so thanks I guess

  7. You don’t just catch a charge and it goes away you fucking stupid fuck that shit stays with you for good

  8. Hi im a fellow Walmart worker and u guys can’t be doing this stuff if u do it again u will regret it so please don’t do it again

  9. I have 5 diffenet accounts subbing to this fool…wish. I could UNSUB to him. This kid needs to be kicked off youtube

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