Signal booster lights what do they mean? | weBoost

Signal booster lights what do they mean? | weBoost

hi guys my name is Jake Kleiner, I’m the
Technical Support Manager here weBoost today I’m going to show you what the lights on
our boosters mean and how to correct them I’m holding the Home 4G in my hands
but the lights mean the same on any booster you own Some of our boosters have four lights
some have two and some have one each of these lights represents
a frequency band if you see that one of these lights has a color other than green that means
the problem exists only on that one frequency band a solid red
light on your booster means that the booster has shut down due to some feedback
your inside and outside antennas are probably a little too close
to each other you need to separate them a little bit
further to avoid this feedback loop A blinking green and red light means that
there is still some feedback but the booster is still working possibly with reduced coverage
the best thing to do is to test your coverage area to see how much you’re actually
losing or gaining if you find that the booster providing you with enough coverage for your needs then it’s ok to leave the blinking pattern the way it is a solid orange light means that the booster is overloaded and has shut off
a common cause of this would be a cell phone tower too close to your
location or cell phone provider sending out a very strong signal to your area the blinking green and orange light
means that you booster is still overloading a little bit but the
Boosters still working this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve lost any
signal or coverage area so the best thing to do would be to check your
signal area to see what you have if you find that the Boosters providing you
with enough coverage area for your needs then it’s ok to leave the booster with
the blinking pattern that you see if no lights appear in your booster that means
that it’s not getting power double check your power cord to make sure that it’s
plugged into the wall and also plugged into the booster as well
if you see solid green lights on your booster that’s great that means that your
booster is functioning properly and now it’s time to test your signal to make
sure you’re getting the coverage you need now that you know what the lights
mean here’s how to fix them if you see asolid red light or blinking green and
red light on your booster best thing to do is to check your inside and outside
antennas to make sure that you have enough separation between the two of them for building installations we typically
recommend at least 30 to 40 feet of separation between the two antennas for
a vehicle make sure you’re outside antenna is at least a foot away from any windows
if you see a solid orange light or blinking green and orange light
try aiming your antenna away from the source of the overload and check your
inside signal to see if it’s improved and see if the Boosters turned green again
if you see no lights on your booster again, double check to make sure
it’s receiving the power it needs to start up check the wall and your booster
to make sure your power cord is connected securely you can find this and
more information on our website at, by going to the website
scrolling to the bottom of the page clicking on Support Center and viewing
our helpful articles that can help you with any questions you may have thank you for watching today if you’ve
tried my suggestions and are still experiencing some problems please call
us or leave a comment below and we’re happy to help you also please subscribe
to our channel has we will be coming out with videos every week thank you and
have a wonderful day

14 thoughts on “Signal booster lights what do they mean? | weBoost

  1. Is there a better explanation of the frequency bands represented by the bars? For instance going from top to bottom 1 & 4 are blinking red, 2 & 3 are solid green. So does that mean I'm good on certain carriers and not the other?

  2. I have green and orange blinking…there is absolutely no way I am too close to a cell tower…. could it be feedback?………is there another message that alternating green and orange could mean?

  3. Mine has dim lights and I compared it directly with a new one I bought for my shop in another location. I swapped the boxes here and the new one has bright green vs very dim green on the one that I've been using for about a year. Same power supply, antennas, only the box being swapped. The old one on speedtest has U/L speed of 1/2, D/L speed of 2/3 of the new one. That indicates something not right with the old one, especially since the lights use to be bright. Coincidentally, the new one will NOT pull in a 4G signal with its flat/box antenna, pointed toward the same tower the old one is pointed at. The old one does have a directional/yagi antenna but the poor 3G vs 4-bar LTE of one antenna vs the other is troubling. I have another flat antenna (new) that gives the same result. Bad cables from new? Kinda disappointed – both locations are in a fringe Verizon area. [edit] new power supply, no change. Also, the top connector to the roof antenna is very hot. FYI, I use this system to connect a Verizon jetpack for internet.

  4. Please HELP!
    My weBoost is blinking with orange color. Customer support said it's due to overloading signal.
    I LITERALLY tried everything I could do! I wrapped the antenna with aluminum foil, placed a metal sheet wall against it, turned the antenna angle but nothing works!
    Every time I call the customer service, they just repeat to make an angle adjustment, wrap it up with foil or put a metal pan against it which I've already tried!!
    Please help me to get this problem fixed.

  5. 3 of my lights are green the other is red. What does that tell me? And, my iphone shows numbers instead of bars after I used it to help locate the closest tower. How do I change it back?

  6. My lights are all blinking, not solid, green and I have no signal??? You never described just blinking green lights. What does that mean? I cant find it on your website either? Thanks!

  7. Just purchased my first unit. i have two questions, First; if i need a little more length of co-x cable to put the antenna in my desired place ( in the attic) do i need a special co-x or will any do? Second: because i want to put the inside antenna in the attic, will the hot and cold temperatures of the summer/winter months hurt the Antenna? I'm planning on putting he booster unit on the main floor so it is accessible to power. Just the inside antenna in the attic.


  8. I have a question. I have purchased and connected the WeBoost Connect 4G. My cellular signal went from 1 to 3-4 bars. My phone shows I have 4G internet, however, the internet doesn't work. I tried a speed test and the download will show between 3-7 Mbps while the upload is non existent. Is there something to do with the booster that could affect this, or would this be an issue with my carrier?

  9. Seems like the overload issue is a big problem with these boosters. I'd like to make a suggestion. The company needs to make an in-line cable signal reduction device, that will lower the signal gain to "80 percent". Please present that idea to the Weboost electronics engineers, and reach back out to me so I can take advantage of the royalties for the idea. I am an electronics engineer, myself.

  10. I have the RV65 with the Yagi Antenna. I have rotated the antenna in every direction and eliminated some of the Green to Red blinking lights. The direction I have the Yagi Antenna facing now causes all lights on the WeBoost to be solid Green except for number four. Number 4 Blinks Green to Red 7 times. My signal is boosted on all devices. However, my Verizon HotSpot is NOT boosted. I wish there was a data port so I can watch what connects and its strength. I have NO insight into what is going on and that is bad. Also, I wish I had a connections to the Yagi Antenna so I could see how to direct my antenna in order to maximize my signal. Your manual mentions something about an External Antenna Adapter but no information was provided on your website. I NEED HELP. I am 900 bucks invested and I am about to return this thing for a full refund. I am frustrated and need help.

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