Simple Saree draping for Varamahalakshmi by Mamatha | ವರಮಹಾಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಿ ದೇವಿಗೆ ಸೀರೆ ಉಡಿಸುವ ವಿಧಾನ  1

Simple Saree draping for Varamahalakshmi by Mamatha | ವರಮಹಾಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಿ ದೇವಿಗೆ ಸೀರೆ ಉಡಿಸುವ ವಿಧಾನ 1

Ensure smaller pleats with equal size Stow the pleats & secure
it with a safety pin Pleats should be of same
numbers; both at top & bottom Stow the pleats & secure
it with a safety pin Fold the pleats as shown Secure the top portion with a safety pin Now take the pallu portion Ensure smaller pleats at the border Secure it with a safety pin
at a meter’s length Let’s fold the blouse material as shown Place the newspapers (not at the
centre) and start rolling the cloth Secure it with safety/ball pins Let’s use a hanger to
create support for Kalasa Remove the lock & straighten the hanger Cut it into 3 pieces Use a pot’s neck for bending
the hanger in U shape Don’t try this method with
any of the silver utensils Take 2 pots; kalasa pot
should be of smaller size Use a wire to tie the
hanger piece around the pot Pour rice into the bigger pot Place Kalasa pot on the top &
use cello tape for fixation Keep the saree (after pinning pleats)
ready before you start draping Tie portion of the saree with a
thread after measuring its length Start draping the saree from behind Take the blouse from the
centre & place it as shown Place the blouse on the hanger piece Place the pallu as shown Place the pallu in ‘V’ shape Bend the hand portion at
shoulder level & pin it Now, arrange the pleats as shown Let’s decorate with ornaments You can pin the cloth
after placing the bangles Let’s pour the water into the
top pot and then place the mask You are free to follow your traditions but I
am using a clay mask created on a coconut Now, I will show you how to
create the padmasana position Place the crumpled newspapers as shown Place 2 lotus flowers as shown Many prefer to garland it but I would
suggest placing it from behind Place “hasta ” as shown Place the “paada” as shown
in the saree & pin it Hasta and paada are available at shops

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  1. fantastic madam. i like to offer more pooja to godess laksmi.tq u for uploading pleasr still show decorating with fruits and flowers


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  3. I am looking padam, hastham (including 4 hands) in Bangalore surrounding. Please let me know where can I get it.

  4. how to do mam Lakshmi decoration without kalsha because we will not keep kalsha only Lakshmi will keep so please say how to do without kalasa decoration

  5. Namaste mam, your videos are inspirational, thanks for sharing, where can i get hasta / paad for devi?

  6. We are manufacture of best sarees to drape… 9036490280 watsup or search in YouTube just type this number in search column.. we will make according to your requirements.. tq

  7. I'm from Andhra Pradesh,so is there any online facility or online website to buy these? please tell me

  8. Madam please upload big idal varalakshmi Amman alankaram and hands and legs long size. How to fit hands and legs please upload new alankaram

  9. It's really fantastic mam… I just loved it… in this varamahalaxmi pooja I will do this… thanks a lot to mam ….

  10. Hi mam last year I tried works and very helpful to me. Pls put navarathri setup and food items🌹

  11. Triple stop sarees hudisodhu thorisikodi mam mathe back side arch decoration maduhudhu thorisikodi mam please please please

  12. Mad ega ready made devara moorthi sigutte, Bt naavu Adukke mukhada iduttivi, adunna use madabahuda

  13. Super mam…I tried and it came out really good….mam can u please tell us where to buy hands and legs?? Address plzzzz

  14. Hi
    Loved the way you have draped and decorated Goddess Laxmi. Just like Vara lakshmi in shravan we have Ganesh Gauri festival in bhadrapad. Will like to decorate the deities in same way as yours. So please let me know where n how can I order for the holy charan of devi. Please help
    Thank you in advance

  15. Hello Mam, very nice i love your creation…thank you for sharing all the videos, and
    please share the background lakshmi songs… her voice is very nice…like to hear her songs…
    Thank you

  16. Hello , E narada. I am Vidula Pandit. I am your follower. I like your all videos. I have tried this Saree draping method last year. I want to know how draping different way. I share picture. If you share your mail ID. Thank you . I am waiting for your reply.

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  20. Super madam but what kind of software you use to edit.i have inspired by your video and create and start as passion to make such video.

  21. Hi mam, thanks alot for it video, really very beautiful. I want to try this. I like it video s. I am one of your subscriber.

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