Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plants | Indoor Plants Ideas

Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plants | Indoor Plants Ideas

Hi guys, so today in this video I’m going to show you how to bring the outdoors in with quick DIY’s and a potpourri of plants We’re going to make a small garden in my bedroom. So keep on watching. So this is my room, as you can see it’s quite small but I love it. It’s pretty and cozy and it’s my favorite room in the house. After a lot of thinking I have decided where I’m going to be adding the plants, and now it’s time to figure out what plants I should be getting I visited a plant nursery and it turns out, it isn’t that easy just picking out plants for your room I wanted plants that are low on maintenance, so incase if I forget to water them, they don’t die straight away So these are the plants that I bought This is a Spider Plant, it’s got these really long grass like leaves, it’s supposed to be tough and hard to kill, which is great because I don’t really know much about plants. The second one that I got is this Red Aglaonema Plant. One of the easiest of all houseplants to grow and also the most stylish plant. This stunner shows off dark green leaves elegantly flushed with bright red or pink. Its colorful foliage makes Red Aglaonema a perfect home-decor accent. Approved by NASA for it air purifying qualities, Golden Ferns are easy to grow. They’re favored for their soft, feathery leaves that help get rid the air of pollutants. My mom gifted me this plant when I told her about this project She got me this beautiful Peperomia which is one of the favorite indoor houseplants These plants like warmth, and bright light, but do not need direct sunlight I also got some Money plants and a few succulents for my room as well. As you see the plants come in this pot which is not really attractive. So I went ahead and I bought these coloured pots which match the vibe of my room So I’m going to be transferring these plants with it’s soil into its new pot. The process is going to be really messy, so make sure you lay down a paper and use gloves. I got some extra soil so I’m putting that in first and then i’ll place the plant over it and cover it with some more soil. Much like humans plants enjoy each other’s company so I’m grouping Peperomia and Aglaonema together on the bed side table As for Spider and Golden Fern I will be placing it on a floating shelf below my window As you see I’m done with one part of my room, but I still feel that there should be more plants around. Being tight on space, I’m going to be utilizing the space next to my window by making hanging planters which won’t even take up any extra space. So for that I have a golden money plant which i will be hanging using a cotton rope Measure 1 meter on a cotton rope And cut it Once all the ropes are cut grab them together and tie knot. Place it on a flat surface and divide the ropes into 4 groups of 2 Grab 2 ropes and tie a knot about 5 cm away from the big knot Do this for the remaining ropes as well Split apart the rope you just knotted and take one rope each from the 1st and the 2nd knot and make a new knot. Follow this process for the remaining ropes as well. Now place the pot in between and grab all the strands to tie one big knot. To hang the plant use a stationary ring and put it through the knot. What I really love about this DIY is that it literally cost me nothing, and the end result is so fascinating. My workspace is an important part of my room as I spend a lot of time reading or surfing on the net. So I thought to place small succulent plants as they are super cute and add a pop of greenery. Plus researchers claim that keeping plants around your work space will makes you happy and more productive So I went ahead a got pebbles and a small glass container I’m filling the container with pebbles half way and placing the succulent plant in it with some soil and again covering it with some pebbles. I made 1 more which also acts a perfect bookend. I love how my room looks now, all this green is making me feel very calm and connected to nature. If you feel like your room is missing something this might be an option for you to try. Plants add an elegant touch to your room and fill it with positive vibes and soothing energy. I hope you found this video interesting and helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any favourite plants. Also let me know if you’d like to see more videos on home decor. Thanks for watching Until next time stay tuned stay GLAMRS

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  1. Wow….literally i was searching for indoor plants 🌱 which is good to go…and your video has saved my time…thank you and this is very useful

  2. Hi Riya Jain
    Nature is something that personally make me very happy
    I just love the DIY
    I gonna try this in my room
    Thanks for the lovely and pleasant DIY
    Love it
    Love glamrs 😊😄😘😇☺👍👌

  3. Wow man awesome ideas… u r my ultimate fav Riya 😍 Gonna but some this weekend for sure and btw that rope hack is absolute stunner👌

  4. Very nice video di me aap ki bohut badi fan hu me chahti hu aap giveaway challenge rakhe plss

  5. Amazing 👍🏻I alwyz lyk ua videos @riyajain ☺️n dis is something beautiful n attractive 👌🏻with dis decor vil surely connected to nature 😍lso ua room is sweet n elegant lyk glamrs 😎luv u 😘

  6. ua so cute n beautiful n evn ua room too i jus wanna ua room tour plz n riya ua ring was cute tht frst one plz mke me to gt tht ring pics plz plz hlp me glmrs if u don min o ny link fo tht ring 💋 ty

  7. Good to see this video.
    Hv been Glass industry for last 4 decades.
    Make containers for Terrarium Plants.
    Keep it up

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