Sizable 4×4 Converted into Modern Tiny House on Wheels

Sizable 4×4 Converted into Modern Tiny House on Wheels

We just sailed to Ibiza and this video is
sponsored by The Great Courses Plus. The Great Courses Plus is giving you a great
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about travel, culture, histories, and sustainability. Now enjoy today’s episode. Hello, my name is Pedro. I’m Zolo.
And this is Rocky LeBlanc. My family are refugees from Afghanistan so
when they left Afghanistan they kind of spread all over the world and my mom
instilled in me that seeing your family is really important and like saving up
for travel is really important so ever since then I’ve made travel a high
priority. My family’s from Brazil and my dad moved to Hawaii. Me being a surfer, my
dad also being a surfer, it was like you know the best thing ever for a kid to
move to Hawaii living with other people in small spaces. It was great, it was like the
best experience of my life. Then I moved to California and this is where I met
Zolo. We were in Nicaragua and we were at a surf break. There were these two vans
parked there. One of the vans had a California license plate. I looked over
at Pedro and I was like, “did these people drive from California?” he’s like, “yeah
that’s something some surfers do.” Traveling for surfers is like the best
thing ever, you know? Because you always want to surf different waves. We got a 2009 F-350. It’s a 6.4 diesel engine. With proper maintenance these
engines should go for half a million miles. Used to be a Border Patrol truck,
very well maintained, has 68,000 miles. Got rid of the stock tires right away. I
put these 34 inch tires on it. We got an 18 inch rim. We got these sway
bars, which are you know, a lot thicker in diameter than the stock ones. We also got
the shocks and we got airbags in the back.
HID lights so we can see better at night. Forklift tie-downs. You hook up to the
frame of the truck. There’s a lot of tie downs that hook up to the bed right here
and they’re not as solid as the ones that hook up to the frame. They’re spring
loaded, you go over bumps on the road, it kind of it has a little give. We have the
airbags that we got right here. ‘We can control this from the front, pump them up
to about 120 psi. Whenever we are unloading the camper we can lower the bags too,
that brings the height of the truck down a little bit. At our propane tank right
here, this is good for the water heater, the stove,
and the fridge. We got two cameras in the truck. A rear-view camera and a side
looking camera right here. We have these manual jacks right here, you know, they
don’t break as easy and you don’t require any battery power.
I also loaded this hitch cargo rack right here. This thing will hold about
500 pounds and over here we have a little storage for tools. It’s pretty roomy in
here, put some magnetic bars right here. I can just put my tools
right here and it sticks to the wall so they’re just not flying
around everywhere. I have a little LED light right here. I
got some hooks all the way around. There’s a deep pocket right here that I
could put my dive gear. Whatever doesn’t go on top can go either here or on this
huge cargo rack right here. This is a high lift jack right here. When we get a
flat tire or you can use it as a manual winch
so if you’re stuck somewhere you can just hook up a chain to it and you can
winch your way out of it and I mounted it to the bumper to kind of go easy on the
top load. It’s nice and low over here. It doesn’t take up any room.
So this one right here we did it so it hinges up like this. We’ve got
a couple of pins right here. We just put a bungee cord right here and we
also can put both of our bikes right here and this thing is solid. Me and my
buddy we welded this together from scratch. Got our fresh water drain right
here. These are really cool steps right here, these are torklift. They glow in the
dark and they fold in really easy. You just lift them up right here, just push
them in. There’s a little secure hook here and that holds it together. Our black
water and gray water drain. Just open a valve and everything goes out. Have a
furnace right here so there’s a pilot there, just turn it on and you’ve got
hot water. Favorite part about this camper is the outside shower. We’ve got
hot water on demand. I got a 12-volt battery right here
110 power cord freshwater tank. Got a 30 gallon. It lasts us for like a week.
We have the control for the airbags and we also have this Pioneer deck right
here that that’s also hooked up to the backup cameras and the side camera. We got
some auxiliary switches right here that I’m eventually gonna hook up to the LED
light. I’ve also upgraded all the speakers. I got an amp under this middle
seat right here has like a built-in subwoofer. These
seats also right here go up so we can also use this space right here for
storage. You just put all your junk up on the top and then we can fit another
child here in the front so we can have six people in the cab if we
need to. So we’re up here on our custom made roof rack. Took us about six to seven
months to build it so you have plenty of anchor points everywhere. I can just put
bungee cords anywhere I want. We picked up a piece of turf, kind of lay out in
the sun up here, watch the sunset, have a beer. We got plenty of room here so we got two paddle boards right here. We have a yoga
paddleboard, a surf paddleboard, have this huge cargo rack right here, which is made
out of fiberglass. Painted it with plastic dip, lift it up, it’s not even
halfway full. We can come up here instead of taking the ladder, we can just stand
right up on the bed and we can cruise out here and get some sun. Under these
paddle boards we have a skylight that comes out of the bathroom. We made
it out of like acrylic so you can walk on it. This cargo box right here we
replaced the plastic with this wooden box so we can sit on it. We can put
some tools up here, put a couple beers you know, I put a couple vents in here. AC unit is over here so yeah, this is it. This is our rooftop. Hey guys, welcome to
Rocky LeBlanc. So this is our tiny bathroom. It has this really cool banana
leaf wallpaper. We also did this teak wood floor to the bathroom. It’s like
a marble contact paper. A crystal quartz knob that I love. We kind of finagled this
into what it is now. 110 volt lighting fixture but we put a 12 volt bulb inside. This is the toilet paper. It
has really hot water. Our door broke, but we decided that we liked this IKEA
blind. When it’s open it kind of like opens up the space and then if you need
to use the restroom you can pull it down and it really works well for us. This is
probably my favorite part. We have these really cool copper pipe holes that we
made. We redid the backsplash and tick-tack tiles. They’re this sticker, but
they’re kind of thick. They’re substantial and they’re glossy so
they’re really easy to wipe off. We have this magnetic knife holder, but it looks
like wood, and up here we have magnets from places we’ve been. We like to
collect magnets when we travel. This is a blackboard. We took the sheet metal and
cut it to fit perfectly in here and then we got these magnetic spice jars and food back here. We have mint, rosemary, parsley and basil. Our stove top. It’s a three burner. It’s more than we need for cooking. It came with the camper. This tiny little oven
works really well too and here we have a hidden trashcan under the sink. The
little extra seating over here. Hop up into our bedroom. This bed cover is hand
embroidered from India. I got it a few months ago when I was there and over
here is kind of my crystal area. I have my singing bowl, some Palo Santo, sage and
I have an incense holder that I got from India. We got these from IKEA, these
blinds, and then I added these little tassels to them just to jazz them up a
little. Hooks for our hats and this I really like because it goes anywhere you
just press it to turn the light on. We also have the other light which makes it
really pretty in here especially at night. Over here is Pedro’s side. He has
some hats. Same thing going on. This is a little
scape hatch we have. This is our Dometic fridge. I covered it in this white marble
contact paper and it works really well. It’s super cold in here. Dometic makes amazing fridges
for campers and then we have a little bit more storage just some tools. This is
our sink. It’s powered by this pump right here and we just turn it on. So this is
our living room slash office. This table can come off of this pole and go down
and we bring the cushions over to make another bed like a guest bed. These
cushions came with the camper but they were blue and we just reupholstered them.
This pillow is from Afghanistan. My uncle brought the cushions for me and this is
from Turkey. A little book holder. We took out the old flooring in the camper and
we put in this full plank wood. It’s just vinyl then I got this rug from ebay,
it’s originally from Afghanistan. This is a little poof I got from Morocco from
Marrakesh. We use it to like put our feet up or I also sit on it to meditate. We
also spray painted this copper to match all of accents throughout the camper. A
cool little storage we have, it is a lot of room, and if we had kids or a really
light friend they could actually use this as a bunk bed and we could sleep yet
another person in here. Just do it. Make the plan and just start
doing things. You’re not gonna be ready to go the next day, but we’ve taken a
year now to slowly get the camper up to par with what we want to do with it so
it just takes time, but if you do a little bit every day you’ll get there.
You have to really look at what you want to do with your vehicle. We took into
account our hobbies and the things that we want to be doing, but that’s why we
decided on the truck camper that’s four by four and has a big roof rack on top.
And you also got to make some sacrifices too financially. We moved out
of our house, we were staying with her mom for about a year, but that’s allowed us to save up some money. Most newlyweds don’t decide to move in
with one of their parents as soon as they get married. We kind of went in a
different route, but this route fits what we want right now so that’s what we’re
chasing. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. I just finished a lecture on
sustainability from one of over 10,000 video lectures on The Great Courses Plus.
I downloaded it straight to my mobile and I learned that the traditional
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100 thoughts on “Sizable 4×4 Converted into Modern Tiny House on Wheels

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