SketchUp and CAD – Importing and Preparations

SketchUp and CAD – Importing and Preparations

Sketchup and CAD Video 1: Import and Preparations There are many strategies for CAD files Tailor these techniques to your workflow For this video tutorial… We assume you have a basic knowledge of Sketchup. Sketchup will import .dwg and .dxf formats. Consider the following tips before importing CAD files. Turn off unnecessary layers, simplify drawing to just walls. If showing doors/windows in Sketchup, leave those layers on. Save a new file to import into Sketchup… Do not use your original CAD files. Be aware of the default units in CAD. Let’s go to Sketchup! File>Import Navigate to the CAD file you wish to import. Open the options dialogue box. Match settings to those shown. Sketchup shows import results. Close import results. Check size of imported drawing for real world scale. Use tape measure tool. Resize a model using the tape measure tool. Measure. Type in new desired distance. Press Enter. First CAD method: Filling in Walls. Next use the push/pull tool to extrude up 10′. Remove unecessary geometry with eraser tool. Problem: Sometimes wall surfaces won’t “close”. Reason: Small gaps between edges. A surface requires a closed loop of coplanar edges… These small gaps are very common in CAD files. They are very difficult to find and cause problems. For this reason we recommend another method. Make the CAD file a group, then use as reference. File>New File>Import Select all, right click on geometry, make group. If there is geometry present in Sketchup model… CAD drawing is grouped automatically. Next let’s align the axes with CAD drawing. Or, rotate drawing to match axes. Now let’s manage our Layers. All layers from the CAD file have been imported. Select all layers and delete. Choose “Move contents to Default layer”. Geometry is not deleted, just moved to Default layer. Create a new layer, “floorplan”. Add group to new “floorplan” layer. Right click on geometry>Entity Info From layer menu choose “floorplan”. Now “floorplan” visibility is controlled by layers. Right click on geometry and choose “lock”. Now our reference layer cannot be modified. Window>Styles Under “Edit” tab, toggle off profiles for easier visibility. Window>Scenes Turn “floorplan” layer visibility off. Add scene and uncheck all but “visible layers”. Add a scene and rename Floorplan Off. Turn “floorplan” layer visibility on. Add another scene and rename it “Floorplan On”. Use Scenes to toggle floorplan visibility on and off. Once you have set up scenes once, it is easier next time. Let’s review the steps… 1. Import CAD file, check options. 2. Check size of imported CAD plan. 3. Make sure plan is grouped. 4. Align plan with axis. 5. Delete extra layers and place group on new layer. 6. Lock the group. 7. Adjust edge styles. 8. Create scenes to toggle layer visibility.

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  1. Where do you get the cad files?
    i have sketch up and want to take the cad blueprint. and make it a house or what ever. i just cant find the dwg. files anywhere!
    please comment back and help thxx(:

  2. When you import from Sketchup, try changing the setting "TYPE OF FILE" in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the import box, from "Sketchup files (*.skp)" to "ACAD files(*.dwg.*dxf)" and your .dwg file should then appear.

  3. Sketchup is a very easy to learn and to use as a modelling tool. AutoCAD is far more complex, especially for rendering and is generally used for high-end 3D work, specifically in mechanical engineering. For architectural use, AutoCAD is very clumsy. AutoCAD is a very good 2D drafting programme and it's usually a good idea to complete your drafting in AutoCAD and then import into Sketchup for modelling. AutoCAD is also ridiculously expensive.

  4. do you have autocad, if you don't you can crack or pay more than $2000 but yeah thats where you get the cad files if i helped glad to help

  5. Yes, what I can not do is to import from a 2010 autocad version to sketchup pro evaluation version. Comes out as an error of some king.

  6. I have AutoCad 2006 and Sketchup 7.1 but when I download the Plugin for windows, for importing dwg/dwn files, Sketchup doesn't see the dwg/dwn files…
    Can someone help me pzl?

  7. Awesome video. I wanted to do this with my students. Do you know where I would be able to get a floor plan like this? Thanks

  8. When you import CAD file into any existing sketching model; we call it "Component". It is crucial because "Component" is different from "Group".

  9. @RomeBoarderr Kindly check this steps:
    1. Ctrl+Shift+E to zoom all the model your imported
    2. Make sure all layer is turn on
    3. Certain computer graphic doesn't suit with sketchup 7, simply go to WINDOW, PREFERENCES, OPENGL, unselect the USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION
    4. Make sure while importing check the options, either your drawing in metric or etc.

  10. ok please tell me how to get floor plans cuz i used smart draw but it dont work cuz when i save a floor flan i cant put it in GSU (google sketch up) please tell me why and where to get floor plans like the ones in the video thanks XD

  11. @viciousna make a rectangle on the same plane as the CAD file, then intersect the two. delete unwanted surfaces and group accordingly

  12. @chekeredheartfelt you have to download AND install the plugin. i think it's called dwg import. if you can't find it online you can msg me and i could e-mail it to you. i couldn't get it to work in sUP 8 though, i still use 7.

  13. @151tdawg first, do you have AutoCAD? you need to select Import from File and choose the CAD file you want to import. be sure the file type is ACAD Files like in 1:14.

  14. @SchimFortressRemakes ty very much i will find out

    I was really angry when i discovered that Sketchup8 had no cad support

  15. hello everybody! i already have sketchup 8, and i can't import a dwg into sketchup. Could someone give me an advise?

  16. When I import my .dwg file, the drawing isn't in 1:1 scale. Why does SketchUp doesn't respect my previous measures? And how can I fix this?

  17. Google should consider to integrate a IFC import and export. At least this would be very helpful for users from the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industries!

  18. why i cant import dwg file into sketchup =(
    when i press the import button, it doesnt support .dwg, but it have jpg, png, and skp.
    anyone please help me =(

  19. hi. how can i import an autocad drawing to skechup coz ones i try to import the autocad files the files was not found?can someone help me?it for my final year project.

  20. I think you need the Pro version for CAD files. You can use the 7.1 version for the CAD files. I works for me.

  21. Hello, great video; i wish i could go on to the next one but im a little stuck here; i need a little help. I am working on a MAC OS X(i'm not sure if that matters) and i just downloaded the new Sketch pro 8, i am trying to import my AutoCAD file(dwg) but a small window pops up that says"error opening AutoCAD File:invalid Dwg Version- This does not appear to be a valid AutoCad DWG ot DXF file. or the file is write protected"?? i do have the new AutoCAD 2013 does that matter?

  22. I am useing Sketch up pro 8 and its not supporting DWG files even there is an option of 3Ds files . I try to import that as well but Its still not working 馃檨 :/

  23. There's no option to import .dwg in Sketchup 8. Or .eps, or .ai, or dxf, or anything else Illustrator exports as. Any solutions?

  24. at 2:19 you select a line on a wall section with your pencil tool, and then suddenly it's possible to pull the object. How did you do that? I'm trying to pull objects imported from autocad in SketchUp Make 13. Thanks!

  25. Try saving the DWG file into lower versions. Like saving your Autocad 2013 DWG file into Autocad 2004 DWG file.

  26. Whats the point of using scenes? Why don't we just turn off the floor plan layer directly from the layers tab?

  27. there is t he possibility for autocad plans with solid or solid export them in Sketchup modelle without trace solids?

  28. Hello Sir 聽 聽I am unable to import cad file to sketchup ,in the files type list there is no dwg or cad file options pl. guide 聽Thanks, 聽Harish

  29. Keep your copy of SketchUp 7.聽 Or download a copy of 7.聽 It WILL import the .dwg files.聽 After importing and saving the file, then re-open it with SU 8 or your current program.

  30. I am very frustrated with this program.
    Tell me what do you draw first site plan or sketchup buildings – plans and then import etc.
    I am confused with all my contour lines, existing buildings, axes, how to place the nu building.
    Can you give me sequence/procedures of best practice what comes first plan – so difficult to place items because the toggle jumps everywhere
    Simple buildings to draw and its taken me 2days – what a waste of time!!!

  31. Can someone tell me if we are suppose to draw one building per one SketchUp file?
    And draw contours on another file and existing structures and trees/landscape on another? And assemble them聽on聽Layout?

  32. So, create a line in your new empty file, THEN import the CAD file to let SketchUp do the grouping for you, then erase your created line. Avoids user error in grouping.

  33. attempting to use Sketchup on a trial – won't even allow me to import basic AutoCad file – not even a floor plan with no layers very frustrating

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