SketchUp Free vs. SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Free vs. SketchUp Pro

Here are the differences between SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro. All of the “Large Tool Set” tools… … and the modeling environment are identical between Free and Pro. Pro has additional 3D export options… … such as numerous CAD formats… … 3D Studio, and Object. I’m going to grab a Dynamic Component from the Components browser. All SketchUp users can use Dynamic Components… … but only Pro users can author them. This is done with the Component Attributes dialog. This button is greyed out, or absent in the Free version of SketchUp. The Pro version of SketchUp also comes with Layout 2… … a presentation package tightly integrated with SketchUp models… … as well as Style Builder, an application to create your own unique styles to use in SketchUp.

21 thoughts on “SketchUp Free vs. SketchUp Pro

  1. i use sketchup pro and i didn't really notice any difference.

    i'd use the free one but i have bittorrent. i'll leave it at that.

  2. Nicely done, but I still think sketchup pro is incredibly overpriced. I hope others agree with me. They should knock off about $200 and it would be worth the buy.

    Plus, when you make your product cheaper that makes it easier for more people to buy it which ironically means more profit.

  3. this video is lying lol. dont try to tell us that there are only 2 differences between free and expensive on 600$ version. i know that Section Plane tool is also unavailble in free SketchUp and im sure that many more options aint allowed too

  4. Hi,
    I've been using Sketchup for a few basic drawings and have found it quite useful. lately, basically since Sketchup have made a few changes to their programme I've found it impossible to use the push – pull icon. I can't get the finite detail for movement anymore, it only extends or reduces in large steps.
    My IT manager (My son) has had a look and can't fix it. 
    I've changed the batteries in the mouse and looked at it's controls.

    Does anyone have any idea's?


  5. Sketchup is so severely lacking in tools, that I couldn't imagine anyone paying the outrageous price google wants for it.

  6. everything can be done in sketchup and its somewhat easier to learn program compared to other, its also very intuitive and fast. Nowadays nothing is free and i,m sure everybody knows it. If you dont want sketchup, simply stop patronizing the product. thats simple.

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