Skoda Octavia 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Skoda Octavia 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone here is the award-winning new Skoda Octavia facelift a couple of changes are made in this video I will show every detail of this facelift thanks for watching the exterior changes on the Octavia are focused on front end where the car gets revised split headlights that are now closer to the latest family look pioneered by the Skoda Kodiak and the neater lower bumper section with crisp horizontal line lines designed to emphasize the cause of it the right the petrol engines available or the 1 liter with 115 horsepower and the 1.4 liter turbocharged engines at 150 horsepower the diesel engines are the 1.6 liter and the 2 liter engines turbocharged there will be also an RS model be available in the later months the range-topping Columbus display is now nine point two inches big this is the largest screen ever seen on in Octavia it offers a wireless hotspot that cat can be ordered with a SIM card module to share high-speed broadband across the car’s occupants later in the couple of months coming the car will be also available with a digital cockpit like the folks wagon go you can see the new Golf GTI on my channel a lot and 61 like that one is this Octavia will get the virtual cockpit like out this Audi virtual cockpit there will be a couple of options you can get on this new Octavia some of them are the customized key that can store multiple driver professor of preferences a heated steering wheel folding tables in the back of the front seat and in the estate are removable torch and boot ambient lighting is also available on the top trim levels new cupholders are molded to the shape of bottles allowing them to be opened at one end the safety systems include a trainer assistant just like the folks on Cola that will take over the steering when the car is reversing slowly slowly while towing and upgrades to the octavius parking systems so they can now warn of oncoming traffic when reversing out of a space the trunk space of the Octavia hatchback is 590 liters when you fold area sits down a thousand five hundred and eighty liters the estate has six hundred and ten liters when you fold the rear seats down its thousand seven hundred and forty liters biggest and it’s cloth SCOTUS best-selling model receives a new more angular grille in the style of the recently launched co Diaz SUV it gets new split headlights which are now LED units and divided into two sections and redesigned taillights the bonnet meanwhile gets a more streamlined appearance and a range of newly designed 16 17 18 inch wheels are available the biggest change to the options list is a black and brown color scheme on the ambient ambition spec Octavia new textures new textures have been applied to the interiors of the other spec levels updated upholstery and optional ambient lighting standard for the lower and clément specs you can fight this find the Skoda Superb a superb video on my channel adaptive 6-1 search alertness 61 superb to eight 2070 for the video the biggest change in the interior are the new colors available for the seats and the new infotainment system and the infotainment system will be a digital screen in the coming months when you buy the optional infotainment system [Music] [Music] Oh

24 thoughts on “Skoda Octavia 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. Horrible front headlights. Skoda what have you done? You killed the look
    of your best car. I was looking forward to getting a new Skoda but this
    car is off the shopping list now. Horrible just horrible.

  2. Alaattin61 kardeş senin bilgin vardır kesin skoda fabia ve rapid spaceback bu sene içinde makyajlanacak mı cevap verirsen memnun olurum başarılar kardeşim seni takip etmeye devam edeceğiz

  3. Some may call it a facelift, I´ll call it a facedown. No design boldness, no thrilling surprise, no nothing! My reaction; oh! crap!
    I´m the owner of a second version Octavia, much better design still.

  4. How does this car compare to oktavija 2016, 2015. If i were thinking of buying a newer car, which should i go for? This new one or older versions of octavia. Tnx

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