Small and Colorful Beauty Room Makeover with PatrickStarrr

Small and Colorful Beauty Room Makeover with PatrickStarrr

Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG, we’re coming over! Open up. We’re here. Okay. You’re yelling like so loud OMG OMG. OMG Oh oh My God we’re coming over. Oh my God. We’re coming over guys. Yes! Hi everyone my name is Patrick Starr I’m a makeup artist and beachy influencer This is like glam episode. This is glam beauty he has so much personality it is a huge honor to be doing his beauty room today, and he needs it It’s where he’s gonna store all his beauty products Which it’s a mountain range. Why does he have so many beauty products? Because he’s a beauty guru and he gets sent packages every day So we’re gonna store all those things and we’re gonna give him some much-needed Style and color and an area to shoot all his beautiful fun fun fun videos. Great can’t wait You know what else can’t wait for you to do? Is subscribe to our channel Oh yes, if you are new and you came from Patrick, hello welcome and please subscribe We would love to have you this part of our creative weirdo family. We are creative weirdos creating all kinds of fun videos So you’re about to see the awesomeness that we do and we’re also going to bring that? awesomeness to you guys if we get 2 million subscribers in the year one person’s winning a $10,000 room transformation donation. Yup we will be picking from our subscribers and hit that subscribe button alright let’s go do it Yay It’s such a small room So I saw Maya got her room done, and I was like girl I need her number come through please and thanks How do you have so much makeup? That’s crazy? It’s insane It gets delivered like daily organization is key here. So obviously this setup is what for your tutorials? Yeah for my tutorials, but I want a place that looks more homey, and I want it to be functional I want like a little seating area I want like a studio space, but most of all I want a lot of storage a lot of stuff I know I’m not being judgmental of the room. It’s not that. It’s a challeng, that’s why I called you We need to be smart in this room So not only do we need to bring in that much needed style But also, we’ve got to give him the functionality in that room I also love that you love color like you’re such a colorful personality. I mean you’re wearing all black, but There we go. Yeah, okay, but I need your body for something It’s a lot of body Are we gonna paint yeah Joey get over here with your body too- okay hold it right there Beautiful Is this the photo shoot? Alright ready? So we got this really cool laser level which basically is a self-leveling laser that you can point at the wall What are you doing right now? I’m just seeing how lined up your contour is. Slow down, stay in your lane. I feel like we’re in like a music video. I’m ready to like have my Lady Gaga on my Beyonce my Britney Spears Moment. I know that most of his videos are done at seating height Why not stop the color around that area that might land somewhere behind his head when he’s sitting down because that’ll just add Dimension okay, go up like this level area looks good. Oh this shows where we’re painting. Yes See me just even walking on the floor is making it shake. Oh I feel like I’m robbing a bank What are we doing? Okay, so We’re gonna tape this Yes! Take it all the way to the doorframe. All the way Oh my god my jeans are too tight Just stand just stand Okay, color reveal get ready Oh my god its red! Look at that color That needs to be stirred but Yes
Its like my highlight color. I picked this peachy salmon color because one of the colors that Patrick really wants to bring into the room is Orange I wanted to keep it a little more in the pastel range giving us a beautiful Backdrop for then some brighter colors to stand off of it So now that we’ve taped everything off right we have our line around the room our horizontal line We need to get a nice cut a nice straight cut. You need a little roller, I’ll do the white. Can you dump that? Let’s reposition you This is so much work Have you ever painted before? My face I’ve never painted before just my face, so I’m happy Joey’s here like I said. Oh on the other side I’m trying. Back and forth back and forth vigorously. Why does that audio sound so aggressive? Faster slower round up Get on the top yeah, baby Yeah, now fill it in yup yup yup Let me see the wall real quick. So this was my plan I thought if I was really annoying to Joey that he would just end up taking over creating a diversion of Twerking, and I guess it worked. We don’t got all day Patrick you got to paint a little bit I’m gonna paint the rest Patrick And I are gonna do some art together which I’m really excited about. I was just playing around to see how like the pigments actually lasted on paper I want to do a collage wall for you So I got all these vintage frames and so we can cut out the backs of these or just take out you know the existing thing And then use the matt that’s already in here But put our new art. When I was talking to Patrick about the inspiration for the room he expressed that he didn’t want any photographs of faces to affect his creativity because he goes in there to brainstorm new different ideas. You just used this paper, cut out a shape and glued it on So let’s play with some of these So with the colored paper art I’m inspired by those face shapes that makeup artist use to kind of plan out where they’re putting the makeup. I was like okay, I should get a whole bunch of skin tones got a represent. I can put on a bunch of different lipstick. Oh my god. I love that we need to do that whoo Wow, you got them big layouts. You should do it too, so I can have yours in the room. I’m so honored I feel like extra pressure putting on lipstick around you. Oh my God It’s so small. It’s tiny Joey What? Your turn. Okay uh Patrick wants me to put on lipstick? Not sure why. Yeah, Joey you have to it team effort. Can I do it with paint? That’s not cosmetic. As the top Filipino beauty blogger you should wear this I just knew deep down inside Joey wants to try one on. I see you Joey, I see you. Ew why are your lips shaking it? It actually tastes good. Ew don’t eat it. Hey Joey. Hey wanna try this lipstick? Sure No Kinda. I knew it Joey. Yeah, don’t tell Kate Stop Okay. Now keep going. Alright YAYYYYY. Cute, It’s so cute Oh Joey. I really appreciate you playing along. That’s very sweet I love that!! What’s your name? This is a good time actually for you to gtfo. Even though I’m gonna miss you You’re asking me to leave? I am getting kicked out, and I can just twerk and just do some tutorials and editing. Thank you guys. Thank you Patrick! Now that Patrick’s out of here. We gotta get down to business We’re Gonna Hang a three roll psych paper mount Alright you ready for the rolls of paper? Yeah, well, I’m psyched. Take my gun. These are psychs. Cyclorama, that’s what it’s called. Oh. I’ll be like I’m an OBGYN. Oh God! Joey! Thats what this kind of reminds me of. Ew what OBGYN have you been to? It’s natural, it’s nothing to be ashamed of Okay, can you stop holding that and telling me what I should or should not be ashamed of You just put that in Stop it! With this contraption He’s gonna be able to have three different color backgrounds to shoot on he’s gonna be able to lower them and raise them So he can shoot whatever color whatever mood, he’s feeling that day. Wait let me put that. I wanted to put that on. You can put it on You have the nails for that? You can convert any straight Rod into a bent Rod Storage the closet in this room is just not functional for Patrick as is, so we need to change that I think that those doors are just not functional because I really want to give Patrick drawer storage What we did with this closet is we painted it a solid bright pink in the background Because we really want to make a pop and then we put in this custom organization system, which fits perfectly, it looks great It’s alot of drawers yeah, well he needs a lot of storage. It’s beauty products Joey Skin, nails hair. Are you obsessed with this pink color? Is that a yes? Wait. I just have to touch something up. Just right Kate, I don’t want that on me. Joey but pink is your favorite color, can I paint one nail.? I’m gonna get it all over the closet. Well, don’t do that Well, if I do, it’s your fault. No, it’s your fault because you’re not an experienced drag queen. Can you hand me another drawer? This almost went in my eyeball Kate. Oh my god, it all landed in that drawer. That was amazing it was like a magic trick. That was like some Mary Poppins sh*t right there You dropped the screws they landed in the drawer. Congrats So with this new organization system. We are gonna add some custom knobs and some custom labels. We’re just gonna drill some holes Much better than storing stuff in cardboard boxes on the floor. A lot of Ikea furniture comes pretty plain and you know I love an Ikea hack, the hack is really where we’re establishing the style and the way that we’re doing that is using these really cool brass poles They’re brass poles with labels built in and they’re small so those are perfect for the small side drawers But I didn’t want to give Patrick a center pull tab for the long drawers. On longer drawers It’s way easier to have two handles on either side to pull the drawer in and out So I thought haha, perfect opportunity for some beautiful handles So I got the labels on Amazon and I hit up Anthropology for some beautiful knobs and I love the ones that move like these poles They have a mechanism a hinge mechanism on them which just really looks vintage. So let’s bring out a big rug to anchor this space. We’re pulling off the plastic wrap and revealing gorgeous yellow This is a statement sofa Got something for you Are those the legs? Yeah I found this amazing glass top adjustable coffee. Table. You press on this button, and it raises up the table height Another great convertible option is this rolling bar cart that’s kind of acting as a side table. I’m placing some more beautiful storage containers And then I’m also styling with some very select items These are just elements to establish the tone I got these different shapes glass vases from Amazon and I also got colorful beads In the wider center area of the closet we’re specifically positioning the shelves so that we have a nice gap He has a line of nail polish and he had these awesome images nail polish bottles so we had those custom framed. A mirror on the wall is essential of course He’s a beauty guru after all he may just want to check himself out fix his turban or his wig whatever he’s wearing that day Oh my gosh, so the time has come. Don’t peak. Okay oh my gosh I’m so excited. One….Two….Three OH…..MY…….GOSH This is so good! I’m so light headed right now Oh my Gosh And look! Shut up! Look at those huge background. Oh my gosh. You guys kill me, this is so good. This is amazing! Oh my gosh. Look how cool this rug is. This is amazing. There’s every color in here. This yellow is perfect. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh And these chairs swivel these are authentic chairs from the 60s the tulip chairs, so you can move these around and sit in them for your tutorials. You actually did a really good job with that art. Yeah! We have to go, we have to sit down over here on the couch. We have sit? Would you rather stand? Step on that peddal So you just step and then you lift. In case you wanted to do a standing tutorial. You can use one of those chairs because they’re table height. And this is functional? Yeah, this is functional and colorful. I can’t even take it all It’s so cute I was like omg, this is a Patrick impression doll These are so cute. I know but this like. There’s three? Yeah. It’s me Peter and Paul my brothers. You gotta just hang out here – oh yeah, and film I can film a ton. What in God’s name is going on here Oh, hey, Brenda This is Joey and Kate they’re professional Huh? Joey Patrick, I thought I was decorating your room It’s very colorful and um textured Yeah, I painted that I dunno, she’s crazy Well, it’s a lot of storage. I think I like that Hmm smells a little bit off in here, but I’ll take it Hey, Joey Kate Mmm-Hmm much better Okay, well Brenda. She’s quite opinionated. I didn’t get the whole Brenda thing. What do you mean? I don’t know what just happened Let’s talk about the room though that room was Incredible. Well Brenda really liked you. She thought you were quite a hunk. Yeah, the room is amazing that like the whole color story in there is just serious goals, and I love our artwork. I just love everything in there. So colorful I’m so happy Patrick loves it. Patrick was great, make sure you guys subscribe to Patrick’s channel. Yes, if you aren’t already obviously he is so much fun So you won’t want to miss any of his videos and also go check out my collab video with him where he does my makeup Like hello honored. How come he didn’t do my makeup? Well he put lipstick on In this episode. I mean, I’m sure if you want him to do your makeup Brenda will be happy to do it I’m all set. So make sure you subscribe because you want to enter to win that $10,000 room transformation And we will be bringing you more OMG W.A.C.O episodes so comment with who you think we should. OMG We’re coming over. OMG W.A.C.O is what we call it you’re saying that like they’re gonna know what it is. I mean, they can figure it out they’re smart. Hashtag OMG W.A.C.O. So subscribe and comment and thumbs up. We love you guys so much seriously. Thank you so much for being part of this it’s been so fun. See you next time yeah Love you all! You included. Just don’t make em so sloppy cuz then you take off my bronzer! Ya Bronza? Yeah. Where ya think your from? I dunno We did a beautiful colorful pinup retro ponytail snatch no snatched lip snatch cheek snatch We just snatched all together. We hope you guys enjoy both our videos subscribe to both our channels and let’s get right into the tutorial

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