Small Apartments, Decorating Ideas and Furniture Placement

Small Apartments, Decorating Ideas and Furniture Placement

Decorating and furniture arrangement ideas
for small size apartments. I want to show you in this video that even
a small or tiny apartment can be beautifully decorated and functional. You can have a stylish home even if your apartment
is short on space. Simple and light furniture pieces; Keep the
middle of the room empty and use the room sides for furniture placement. You need to create distinct areas for living,
dining and kitchen. A small couch can divide the dining area from
the living area without obstructing the line of sight. For a compact space it is indicated to place
your dining area into a corner near the kitchenette and for living area only a small sofa and
an ottoman complement perfectly the overall décor. One of the most important things for a small
living space is the light. Light can make any space to look bigger. Use more light fixtures if you don’t have
enough natural light. Painting in light and bright colors can help
your home to look more spacious. I hope this short video will inspire you. Thank so much for watching.

7 thoughts on “Small Apartments, Decorating Ideas and Furniture Placement

  1. Thank you so much I am transitioning from a apartment to a house your ideals helped me not stress so much over a smaller living room

  2. Beautiful layout design and colour scheme! Wonderful job as usual Grig Stamate! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ‘

  3. So many beautiful design idea's packed into one beautiful video. One of your best. Over here in the UK that's the size of most apartments (or flats as we call them) x

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