Small balcony decorating ideas: LA Balcony Tour

Small balcony decorating ideas: LA Balcony Tour

– Hi, welcome back to Engineer
Your Space I’m Isabelle. Today I’m giving you a quick tour of my LA balcony and all the DIY
projects that I did to make it a beautiful outdoor oasis. I can’t wait to show you
how it all came together so let’s get started. (funky music) Even though my balcony is
only 35 square feet I was determined to make the most
out of it and not only have it be a place where I could lounge, but also a place where I could
eat and have a small garden. The makeover all started
with covering up the walls. I made these wall caps to
fit the top of the walls making that space usable for
plants without having to worry about anything falling to the ground. To spruce up the dingy
walls I used a reed fence to make panels that I
screwed to the wood caps. I also wanted to create some
privacy and have some shade so I built lattice panels using inexpensive 1×2 furring strips. I had them cut at the
hardware store painted them and then attached them
together with decking screws. The front panel isn’t very
heavy at just over 30 pounds but it is easier to handle with a helper. Now the tricky part was figuring
out a way to install them without making any structural
changes to the balcony or making any holes. My solution was to use sisal
rope to attach the front panel to the existing columns
and then use brackets, zip ties, and even getting
creative with cabinet levelers to secure the side panels. The next part of the makeover
were the finishing touches and I really wanted to make my small balcony feel like a cozy outdoor room. For the lounging area I
built a bench with 2x3s and 1×6 Pine boards incorporating
access to the storage space under the bench. Adding some cushions made
it a perfect spot to lounge and it also serves triple duty as seating for the dining area. Here I used the small outdoor
table from Ikea and gave it a makeover with a different
finish on the base and a new top. For the garden I didn’t have
much space so I used the wall to hang an herb garden that I
made with metal planters that attached to the trellis. I added some more plans and
some accessories to make it feel more cozy and for lighting I
installed smart outdoor LED lights that I can turn
on and off with my smartphone and change to any color that I want. It’s just perfect for
entertaining in the evening. Well, that’s it for today’s
episode, I hope you’ve enjoyed my balcony transformation
and you can see more details on all my balcony
projects in these videos here and don’t forget to use hashtag
EYSINSPIRED to share your project and you can also visit to see other projects that
people have done and more DIY ideas and tips. See you next time! (funky music)

37 thoughts on “Small balcony decorating ideas: LA Balcony Tour

  1. Do you have a YOUTUBE VIDEO just showing all of the different tools that you use and their prices? That would be nice. Thanks!

  2. Don't understand. What is the sense of a balcony that has such high walls so that you don't have the feeling of being outside anymore. You balcony is beautiful but more like a small room and not like a balcony. Therefore, I don't like it.

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