Hey guys it is Angela Jean and welcome to
my channel runway done my way today’s episode we’re going to be doing a master
bedroom, bathroom makeover and my budget is only a hundred dollars this is the
top floor to a house that is for sale and it hasn’t had any offers so I
offered to do a little walkthrough and just take a peek and I suggested to the
owner that we probably try to revamp this room a little bit because when you
got upstairs as you can see I’m going to show you the before and after pictures
in just a second it has a bit of a dead energy I think they kind of just threw
in the towel when they were done remodeling and decorating I think they
were just done by the time they got to the top floor and you can kind of tell
so I’m like let me just go in he’s like I don’t spend the money I said okay let
me just go in and see if I could just rearrange a few things let me spend
about a hundred dollars on some plants and stuff just get some color in there
and we’ll see if it makes a difference so as you can see I’m gonna go ahead
like I said and flash the before and after pictures right now you can see what a huge difference the
before-and-after pictures show so I just want to go ahead and share with you the
tips and tricks that I use to give this room a little mini makeover so the first
thing I noticed when I walked into this room is that was very dark yes he does
not have a view a lot of the beach properties your stacked right on top
of each other but that doesn’t mean you can’t open the window coverings a little
bit so as you can see I open them up just a little bit to let the light in
not enough to see that you’re looking at your neighbor’s roof but just enough to
let the light in and that makes a huge difference so don’t be afraid to let
some light in whether you have a view or not the second thing I wanted to work on
was the bed as you can see he has a dark wicker headboard and then he had a dark
duvet cover I’m not a fan of putting dark on dark and when you’re working
with smaller rooms it’s all about light light light light all I did was switch
the duvet covers as you can see he had the navy blue one as the main and
then the white duvet on the end so I flipped those and you can see what a
huge difference that made moving on to the pillows if you are
like me you are obsessed with pillows so what I did I took a few pillows off his
couch and then I actually had a few pillows that I lent him and I threw
those onto the bed as well moving on to this very sad reading nook as you can
see I took the striped pillow that was on the bed and threw it on in the
reading nook but if I picture any reading nook I picked your coziness I
picture more pillows so that is what I did I added a bunch more pillows
just to cozy up this little corner you can see I move the taller nightstand over to
the right and again pulled a different nightstand from somewhere else in the
house and put it on the left it is a little bit too short the one on the left
but either way I just wanted to fill up the space and then on the right side
just to bring some attention to that window
I used a wine decanter that he had from his cupboard downstairs again just
cut off some leaves from some bushes downstairs and put them in the wine
decanter again just to add a pop of green and to bring some life to that
corner so when I was adding the pillows to this
little reading nook over here I saw the he had a planter outside of his window
and I’m like oh my god this is so cute so this is where I could spend a little
bit of money and I’ve got six faux plants just because we’re not gonna be
there to water them and I want to make sure they’re not going to die but I also
want to show the people that are going to be seeing the house and possibly
buying it but there’s a cute little garden planter outside the window so as
you can see I put five little plants outside just again to draw the eye
outside of the window all right you guys so as you can see I’m just moving a few
things around adding some pillows and some plants makes a huge difference
now we’re gonna pivot around to the bathroom this rug of choice kind of
overpowers the whole space we have this gorgeous floors we have these stunning
pedestal sinks I didn’t really want to add any type of cupboards because like I
said the pedestal sinks I like how light and airy they make the space feel all I
did was pull up the rug I did buy a ladder shelf for $48 on Amazon it’s
actually where I got it and then I threw a few of those accent towels and
once again a punch of color with the plant the basket that you see in the
corner was also pulled from a downstairs bathroom and that is all I did I spent
about $48-$50 dollars on fake plants from Ross and then I did spend money on the
ladder shelf and that is it so as you can see you can fully makeover a room when you
look at things with a fresh eye as you can see you don’t have to spend a lot of
money to get a lot of bang for your buck I will show you one more thing I did to
the house he built a rooftop deck again did not really take the time to stage it
all I did was a high-top table a few pillows a few champagne glasses just to
set the vibe for how it would be to live in that house and get to experience this
beautiful rooftop deck let me know what you guys thought of today’s tips leave
any of yours down below don’t forget to follow me and
subscribe to my channel again I’m Angela Jean and I’ll see you guys next week


  1. Stunning!$100 squeeze the hell out of a bill๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘I'm loving the second name sweet

  2. โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ The RunwayDiva does it again with style & function…. Abrazos

  3. Great job! little touches can make a HUGE difference! Shop your home sometime for some change. That costs NOTHING! TFS Angela

  4. Never had $100 been better spent. Great results. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  5. I love this!!! Itโ€™s beautiful! Itโ€™s amazing how much you can do with a limited budget!!!

  6. Its a whole different room and bathroom! The deck came out fantastic as well, I bet more people will be drawn to the house now!

  7. You have a great eye for interior design…not only were you frugal, but you added an element of luxury..great job

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