Small Indian Livinig Room Decorating Ideas | DIY | Cheap makeover PART 1

48 thoughts on “Small Indian Livinig Room Decorating Ideas | DIY | Cheap makeover PART 1

  1. omg u r so talented…. even my family members has subscribed you….
    you are improving with every single video…..
    love love love
    and so much best wishes…..

  2. That sofa cum bed is still available in market!? Liked those cushion covers. U should have painted those ugly looking door too. Just one coat of white paint would have made the entire room look fresh and new. After all the efforts u put in, that door is really soar to the eyes. Congrats for good effort! 👍

  3. hii ruchi, can you please share the GUy WHO MADE SOFA + BED 6 IN ONE FOR YOU. I NEED IT VERY URGENTLY.

  4. You planned out really well. Center table discount was like just bang-on. It feels really good when you save some from your actual budget. And most importantly the house feels home when you have your own personal touch. It feels special. Re-innovating those frames was a very good idea. It gave that quirky touch. Gonna see your next video on this. I have just seen ur 2 videos and i m like already a fan. 😍

  5. I m watching ur vdo for 1st time. I like d idea of making d list of things req for makover. 😙 Nice vdo👍

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